Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Read--- Mi Familia to begin 2/25

I'm pleased to announced my latest story that I'll be featuring on the blog as a free read. The tale is from a published short story I did called Different Kind of Family Portrait in side the XOXO Tattoo Anthology Volume II.

This is the full tale, only exclusive to Tabooindeed and it will start Friday February 25th as a regular Friday feature.

Here is a blurb, I'm renaming them for the full story.

Young Diante, a Puerto Rican black male has know since he was in high school that he was gay since women never excited him. His good friends, Jared and Vince are aware and chastise him for his decision, though they are very supportive, standing by him when he is taunted by fellow classmates.

Now that they are older and attitudes have changed, their friendship has crossed over into different territory. Are they ready to face it?

The muses just wouldn't leave me alone so every Friday, I'll have an episode ready for you.

The three guys are my models only. Hope you enjoy it.

To give you a feel, here is an excerpt and blurb from XOXO publishing's Tattoo Anthology.

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Blurb: Three men who find a common bond and become closer have a unique family portrait to symbolize their love.

Excerpt - PG

Once more, Joe groaned repeating the same motion on Gregory’s arm to add color to our family portrait: the addition of mocha brown to shade my figure in.

Years back when I fantasized about having two lovers, never did I think it would actually come true. Especially not with the two men, I called my best friends.

Much to our parent’s dismay, we did admit to them we were gay and happy to be so. More importantly, we informed them we would be together because this was comfortable for all of us. Even though it relaxed them knowing we would take care of one another, they still did not approve. Truthfully, what parent would?

That did not matter to us; all we cared about was our union. Of course, both David and Gregory’s parents blamed me; the one they always knew was “different” in the words of my father.

In fact, ever since I was fourteen, I was aware that I did not like girls. Nothing about them excited me. When I told my two friends about this, they laughed thinking like my folks that it was a phase. However, just as I know now this was not a growing pain but an aching desire to be with a man.

Looking forward to 2.25 to reveal the first chapter...

It's my way of saying thanks to all the wonderful readers out there and quiet my muses...


She said...

OK, you've teased and tempted me. Come through for me next week. I'll be waiting.

Rawiya said...

LOL Thanks Sheila.

It should be a good one. The characters would not leave me be and when your muses attack you, you must answer them!

Anonymous said...

The way he described the feelings, it's just excellent.
That you wanted to know, what will happens next


Rawiya said...

Thank you!

I hope that it meets the expectations. :)