Sunday, February 20, 2011

Riding the Rocket Antho RELEASED

On Friday, Sizzler released the Riding the Rocket anthology edited by Sascha Illyvich. Among the great talents in the book are, Cecilia Tan, M. Christian, Nix Winter writing as Sebastian Blade, Kiernan Kelly, Charity Thornton, and Sascha himself.

Also featured, is my story, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo which is my first paranormal, historical tale.

Doctor Hayden Curry is a scientist in the early twentieth century looking for something new and different once his lover, Lawrence is committed in a mental clinic. While on a call from the policeman's ward, he discovers a half man half beast that appears to be deceased.

However, this newfound discovery is something more than just a shifter, and forces his way into the doctor's life.

I'm very proud of the tale and due to the love of it, the characters want more. "Longing" will have its own 2-3 part series coming sometime ton summer of 2011.

Here now is a snippet. Its available on Amazon and at the Sizzler/Intoxications website.

Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo

When he walked away, I placed my cane onto the seat in the carriage. Seconds later, I heard the steps then a voice. “Ah Doctor Curry, I am so glad you could come on such short notice. Never seen anything like it,” said Captain Tiddle, the head of the London Police approaching me with an outstretched hand. “Inspector Fine is scared to bits; he did not even want to touch it.”

Firmly, I shook his gloved palm with my own. “Good evening to you as well, Captain,” I smirked.

Hearing what he had said, I rolled my eyes. Every time the city morgue had something they did not want to bother with, they called me. All because I had made the mistake of announcing to everyone how bored I was with regular coroner work. Sometimes I wish I had taken the suggestion of an old friend who said I should go to America to start anew.

Nonetheless, I did not because I was so in love with Lawrence at the time. I knew he wanted nothing to do with leaving London, so I stayed here for him.

Although I had gained some popularity with some of my latest discoveries, such as my attempt to develop a medicine to stop the aging process, I did not appreciate the second job that the department had thrust upon me as inspector of unexplained objects.

“Captain Tiddle, Fine needs to grow thicker skin. What on earth is he an examiner for if he cannot handle…” The stench stopped me from continuing my statement. “What on God’s green earth…” my nose twitched as the hairs tickled my nostrils.

The closer I came to the covered body, I felt slightly nauseous. I grabbed my handkerchief from my coat, placing it over my nose and mouth.

The wind blew swifter as it continued drizzling. That did not deter the crowd that was held back by constables on horses who were eager to see what was under the sheet.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here…” Slowly, I uncovered what looked to be wolf-like man.

With the cloth still on my face, I traced its features with my other hand. The skin felt rough, hard as if it were decaying. As much as I wanted to take off the whole sheet, I decided to leave that until I returned to my laboratory.

I put the covering back over it before getting up. The smell was not as strong when I knelt down to it so I put my rag back in my pocket.

“Well Doctor, what do you think? Is it human, is it…” Captain Tiddle said.

“Not sure Captain. I will just have to dissect it and see what happens. I have not seen anything like it either, though I have heard of some sightings out in the country. Well, I will phone you once I have something to discuss. Berrows!”

Immediately he came with our wooden box ready to take our new project home. Burrows, not intimidated by anything, picked up the body and lowered it into the coffin, shutting it tight.

Tiddle looked with eyes bulged, seemingly amazed at how my driver was not scared of what was under the sheet.

“Uh Tiddle, can your men give Berrows a hand to put it on my carriage.” I said while drinking a little scotch from my flask.

“Oh, of course Doctor, sorry…” Tiddle motioned for four men to help Burrows with the box.

“I shall give you a ring when I find out what this thing is. Good night Captain.” I tipped my hat and walked in the direction of my transportation.

“Night Doctor…” I heard him say as I trotted out of sight.

“Alright people, you can go home now. Nothing more to see here…” One of the policemen started to usher the throngs away from the square as I hopped back in my buggy.

As soon as Berrows cracked the whip, the people separated, giving us room to ride away.

I settled back in my seat thinking of the thing I had just put on the back of my carriage. What could that be? Seemingly, only things like that were figments of a horror scribes imagination.

While pondering, I took my hat off tousling my long brown hair. Thankfully, I would get home in time to have Libertina’s dinner waiting on me before it got cold.

“As soon as I have my meal, I’ll have a look at the wolf man…” I whispered before closing my eyes.

Since I was interrupted from slumber earlier, I decided to take a small nap, especially because I was up late last night reading after looking over my samples.

While the buggy continued to move, something caused me to awaken. I opened my eyes searching around, wondering what was happening. It felt like a hand touched my back although no one was with me on the carriage.

Once I had exhausted all rationale as to what it could have been, I shut my eyelids again.

Hope you enjoyed the small excerpt and are looking forward to the longer version.

Thank you for reading.

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