Thursday, March 24, 2011


Greetings everyone!

This is Michael, once again, hosting Erotique for Rawiya who is hosting the lovely authors from the Everything Erotic Series.

So, because she'll be having the last two contributors at her place, I've taken over the reigns to have Erotique here today, on Thursday. Why? Well, tomorrow is my free read day for one, and two, the post is a perfect follow-up from my post last week about the all male menage' into this week where we insert a lovely female.

Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with the terminology, the word, menage' implies household or family. When we speak of menage a trois, we're talking of three people in the same "house" who are in sexual relations. (For more info, look on WikiPedia)

So, me'nages can basically be any combination. There's of course my favorite, the one with the three guys and the other which is found a lot in erotica, the MFM where the woman is the center of all the sexual activity.

However, there's one that's on the rise, thank goodness, and that's the MMF. I mean, pardon me ladies, but must it always be about you????

*laughs* What's the difference? Those are the same letters right? Yes, but there's a distinct trait about the MMF as opposed to the MFM.

In an MFM, the sexual activity is only for the lady. That means, they are only into her and not one another.

In an MMF, there's sex between the men and the woman. BIG DIFFERENCE! For all those men who are complete "phobes" you wouldn't have this happen during your threesome.

Me'nages of the MMF variety are in abundance. Publishers seem to be totally infatuated with stories of two men who are in love with one another, inviting a girl along for the ride.

The triad have been fortunate to have a couple of the best at this on their blogs. Tara Lain with her book Genetic Attraction and Berengaria Brown, who was here plugging her book Changing Cherry and will be up next on Rawiya's spotlight.

As far as we are concerned, Rawiya wrote a spinoff from her novel series, Masquerade, called With Menage Comes Insecurities which appears in the Cocktails, Fiction, and Gossip Mag this month. She has also written a story that hasn't been published, Sweetest Taboo.

One of BL's first stories was a free read called, All in the Cards which appears on

I myself haven't done one, yet, but I'm sure the bug of this latest erotic phenomenon will hit me.

Are you turned on yet? I'm sure. Three healthy bodies together in one bed? That much lovin' in just one room is more than I myself can handle. Is the menage' only for erotica books? Nope, people have menage everyday, with or without the liquor. *grins*

So, audience, what have we learned? That menage' a trois can come in different forms, there's a big difference just by switching the letters and there are two books I highly recommend to read.

What's that Rawiya? I forgot one? Oh yeah! This one...

The FMF, otherwise known as every man's dream... *rolls eyes*

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. Have fun finding more erotica menage books, and remember, the more love the better!


Please make sure you visit, MK Elliott over at Rawiya's and go see me at Deanna Wadsworth's blog for a hilarious interview. It's by far the loosest I've been in a long time. Well, what can I say, she was passing drinks.

I'll be back here tomorrow with the fifth installment of my much heralded all male menage, Mi Familia. (aptly titled) And on Saturday, BLMorticia will be at Blak Rayne's with another interesting post.

Until then, my erotic friends...


Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Great pictures and I loved what you had to say about menages. I like MMM the most, MMF too, but I hate MFM. If you're in a menage, I think everyone should be just as important and love eachother. I think if we take this way of writing, every man's dream is FFM :P I still have to find a man that doesn't find two woman together exciting, can't really blame them, because I have the same thing when I look at men.

Rawiya said...

Thank you Lucia! I love the all male manage too. I'm a big fan... laughs. 3 meen, loving one another, hot stuff. Thank you for stopping in today.

Tara Lain said...

Hi Michael and Rawiya-- Thank you so much for the mention of Genetic Attraction and thank you for the great post. When i started writing erotic romance i had no idea i was about to become a menagaholic!So many of my stories end up having three lovers. In fact, i've only written one story with two lovers--The Scientist and the Supermodel --coming out May 31 and it's M/M. But the book after that is M/M/M and my current WIP is too. I do seem to love the dynamic of three equal partners.I look forward to future visits to my blog from all of you! LOL. All the best-- Tara

Rawiya said...

You're very welcome, Tara. Yep, you will be back on very soon and the appearance on ITM is coming up.

We love your work and cant wait to read the book.