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Free Read Mi Familia Part III

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Recap: In the last two parts we met the three young men and learned a little about their troubled lives. Now they get together and we discover a bit more.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter Two

At Juarez, Vince and Diante were sitting down on the bench outside waiting on Jared. The three of them had known each other since freshman year, hanging out, going to arcades, sometimes getting in trouble, together. This made Diante’ very nervous but Jared and Vince convinced him to do pretty much anything. He just wanted to be liked by someone.

“Where is he?” Diante’ checked his cellphone.

Vince blew a cloud of smoke above his head. “Ah, you know Vince. Don’t get your thong up in a bunch.”

“Fuck, you…I…don’t wear that!” Diante’ snapped.

“Vince laughed, “Yeah you do. I was being nice by sayin’ thong instead of panties.” Vince tossed the cancer stick on the ground stepping on it.

Diante rolled his eyes. “I’ll have you know, I…I don’t wear panties or thongs. I wear boxers.”

“You do not…pfft…you told me you like the string up your ass. You said that when we had that sleep over at Jared’s.”

“Uh uh…” Diante’ got up from his seat, looking down the sidewalk. He knew Vince was speaking the truth but he hated to be teased, even by his best friends. He got enough of that when he was at home from his dad. “Look, I’m goin’ to class. Jared must’ve got him some ass this mornin’.

Vince laughed, looking at his watch. “Damn. C’mon dude, class doesn’t start for another five minutes. Plus, it’s only Mr. Winkledorf. He’ll understand.”

Diante’ sighed. He hated being late but because he wanted to be liked by Jared and Vince, he let the two of them talk him into everything, especially since Diante’ knew he was gay.

He hadn’t told the two of them yet. Diante’ was afraid they would reject him. It was clear. The two of them were as straight as they came. There was no way they’d like him after he told them his revelation. This bothered Diante’ because he really needed Vince and Jared in his corner. Not only because they were friends but also, being around two of the most popular misfits gave him some “cred” and hid the fact he was homosexual.

Diante sat back on the bench, shaking his head. “Whatever, I really don’t wanna go to class anyway.”

* * * * *

Vince chuckled, “Well this is new. When did you become like me and Jared?”

“I didn’t, I…I had another run in with my father this mornin’.”

Vince spit about ten feet to his right. “I told you man, let us rough up pops a little for ya.’ What was it about this time?”

“Um, the same o…he was drunk again, driving’ down the block. He wanted to bring me to school.”

Vince looked at Diante’ pitifully. He knew that he and Diante’ had very similar situations; fathers that gave them all kinds of shit for no reason. The difference was Vince stood up to his Dad. Diante’ was too weak and timid to say anything mean to his father. “I’m sick of hearin’ how you don’t man up, Diante’. You ain’t no pussy, act like you got balls.”

Deep down, Vince felt sorry for his good friend. He wished that Diante’ would give him and Jared the go ahead to attack his useless, piece of shit, father.

The man deserves a beatdown, that’s a fact.

* * * * *

Jared was rushing out his little apartment to meet with his two pals. In the group, the three amigos, as dubbed by Diante’, he was the oldest. Jared started school later because his parents moved from the south to Los Angeles after he’d graduated grammar school. He didn’t mind, he liked being the boys’ mentor.

He was also the toughest. All the young men were tall but Jared had a body better than men two or three years older. He worked out constantly, drawing women like flies. Jared even tried to teach his friends some of his tricks but Diante’ wasn’t interested and Vince claimed he could get his own.

Truthfully, Jared wished his place were a little bigger so the three of them could live together. He hated that Vince and Diante’ were going through so much at their homes. Constantly he would tell them to start looking so they could accomplish this but both young men were afraid to make that move. In Jared’s mind, they were still happy with being under their parents roofs, which didn’t sit well with him. Both friends lived under strict rules and Jared thought this was totally unnecessary.

He sprinted across the street to the school grounds. When he made it, he spotted the two of them on the bench as they always were, waitin’ for him so they could go to class.

“Where the fuck, were you? Why are you late?” Diante’ yelled. He stood with his arms folded.

“Sorry, I got an important call I had to take, man. I had to clean up a little afterwards, if you know what I mean.” Jared slapped hands with Vince.

“Eww, let’s just go.” Diante’ picked up his bag.

Jared was left there looking dumbfounded when Diante’ didn’t accept his handshake. “What the fuck man? I swear you need you loosen up a little.”

Diante’ kept walking.

“Don’t worry about him, Jared. He had another run in with his dad this mornin’. That’s why he’s in another pissy mood.”

“Really? You know what, fuck this. I say we go after the bastard ourselves. Diante’ is too scared to do anything on his own. “

“Naw man, we can’t do that until he gives us the okay.”

“Fuck that, alright? Diante’ is gettin’ his ass beat way too much for my taste. Remember the last time he needed like five stitches because that mother fucker slapped him with a bible. This can’t go on anymore, Vince. We gotta take matters into our own hands.”

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Konrad Deire said...

hmm, nice plot and immagination, I guess Vince and Diante will turn out lovers ...
the dislogue is really nice, very real, therfore I suppose it is a bit auto-biographical

Rawiya said...

Thank you.

no, not really.

Its just my characters talking to me. I thank you for reading. :)