Friday, March 11, 2011

Introducing - ITS RAINING MEN

Its Raining Men

It's the new blog that I am working on with a lovely bunch of great m/m authors that I adore.

Our intention is to break barriers with this page, giving the m/m community more of a voice. We want to do this in a fun, informative, and entertaining way to be enjoyed by the masses.

Books, movies, social issues, rants, guest posts, contest, etc are coming your way.

As we move along, we so intend to have more of a presence on the world wide web but for now, we will use the blog as well as our own Facebook, Twitters, Goodreads, and the like to promote.

Our official launch will be April 1st. Please join us!


Avril Ashton said...

An awesone new venture. Oh best believe I'll be there with nothing but bells on ;0)

Rawiya said...

TY Avril. It will be fun. Dont forget to follow us! ;)

Liz Velez said...

I love me some man love. I'll be there. One of your co-contributors/conspirators was telling me about this in an email. I'm looking forward to it!