Monday, March 7, 2011

Manlove Monday - The First Time

Good morning readers and welcome to a new week edition of Manlove Monday. Today we're going to speak about the first time. What makes it so special.

Just like a hetero relationship, that first kiss, that first touch are big moments between two men.

Now as you know, I'm not a gay man, I'm female. OOps, the secret is out! However, I have experienced this moment through my characters and how they react when their bodies somehow, intertwine.

Does anyone else feel something when their main guys in a story finally get together? You make think this is TMI but I do. A certain little flutter is the best way to describe it, especially after they've been through tension or have made each other wait after the two of them couldn't make up their minds.

That first initial lock of the lips are a sense of relief, it means they finally accept this moment as something real and needs to be explored.

There may be even more emotion when they make love. The display of affection provides the first signs of how they care for one another. The KISS could be the most important. Tongues tangling, hands gripping, bodies crushing together when two strong men make the decision that the only thing that satisfies them is one another.

In my story, Sorry Man, My Bad, that first time between Taj and D'Andre is definitely a hot moment. The two men have been avoiding the sexual issue for weeks because neither of them knows what the other wants. When they finally find out, it's a moment of bliss. I enjoyed writing this scene probably more than any other because when Taj and D do talk it out, their moment of passion is filled with an emotion that men rarely show: tears of joy.

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"Look D’Andre, when we met on the train, it was real awkward. What started out kind of bad turned out good, but I…”

D’Andre looked at Taj intently; he knew it was coming. Taj would tell him he thought they were getting too close; that he liked girls and wanted to be just friends. D’Andre looked down at his hands, because his eyes couldn’t look into Taj’s beautiful ones without showing emotion.

“D’, why aren’t you looking at me?”

D’Andre looked at Taj again, breathed in deeply, then exhaled. “I’m sorry, Taj, I knew I was wrong to feel something for you. It’s cool if you just want to be friends.” Suddenly sadness crept into D’Andre as he pondered on what he thought Taj was trying to tell him.

Taj put his hand on D’Andre’s knee. “D’ what are you sayin’? I don’t what to be just friends anymore.”

D’Andre gazed back at Taj, then at Taj’s hand on his knee. “Taj did you just say…”

“Yeah D’, I like you man. That first day when I bumped you with my bag I liked you. Actually, I did it on purpose to get your attention. I been seein’ you walk from your car to the train for about a week or so, before I finally decided to make a move. It’s been hard playin’ the game your way, dude. A brotha been hurtin’, especially since sex gets thrown at me from all directions.”

D’Andre could not believe what he was hearing. Wryly, he smiled, putting his hand on top of Taj’s.

Taj continued, “when you looked me up and down givin that weak ass excuse about my outfit, I had to use that and Jill (Scott) as an opportunity to talk with ya’. Plus, you know us brotha’s can’t talk game to each anotha without brotha’s and sistah’s gettin’ all up in tha business. So, I had to give ya’ a hard time. Now though, it’s all good, D’. You’re here, where I want you to be.”

D’Andre felt relieved and peered into Taj’s gorgeous hazels some more. “Wow, here I was wonderin’ if I was barkin’ up the wrong tree,” he chuckled.

“No D’, I’ve been curious for a long time. And over the last month I‘ve done nothin’ but think of you so, I know I’m more than interested. That first day after you bought me coffee I couldn’t wait to call you and now every time we talk, I feel that somethin’. You know that mushy giddy shit when you’re fallin’ for someone. That’s what I feel for you D’ and I’m pretty sure you feel it for me, too.” Taj took D’Andre’s hand into his own kissing it.

Immediately, that sent a shock to D’Andre’s groin. He hadn’t had sex with anyone since that guy he picked up at the club after his divorce. He felt so cheap and empty after that he decided he would not have sex until he found the right man. Now that Taj was practically throwing himself at him, he didn’t know how to react.

“D’, what’s wrong, baby? Talk to me.”

D’Andre smiled at Taj with a tear in his eye. “I do feel that somethin’ for ya’ Taj, and I’m so happy you feel the same. I’ve been so lonely lately that I neva saw you tryin’ to spit game my way, man. I want you so bad, Taj. I’ve done nothin’ but think about you, too, I’ve been drivin’ my friends mad.”

Taj laughed, “Same here man. D’…” he paused taking both D’Andre’s hands kissing them again. Taj put them on D’Andre’s face reaching over to wipe the tears. Within moments, Taj leaned over to plant kisses on D’Andre’s forehead, nose, eyes, and mouth. He parted his lips with his tongue. D’Andre stretched out pulling Taj into him. Taj gently pushed D’Andre back on the couch cushions laying his body on top of him.

They locked lips for a while before D’Andre stopped to look at his phone. He smiled, glancing into Taj’s eyes.

“Taj, our reservation was for eight-thirty, it’s almost eight. We won’t make it at this rate, baby. Ciao Bello is always busy, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.”

"For Real? My Bad," Taj chuckled.

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Booksrforever123 said...

I like reading m/m love stories-there is just something about the emotion in the stories that most men just don't allow to show, but trying to read botha' talk takes me away from the action while my brain tries to wrap around the lingo.