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Free Read Mi Familia Part II

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In the prologue, we met the three characters, Jared, Vince, and Diante in their present life. In Chapter one, we start with flashing back on Vince and his troubled home life. Now, we move to Jared and Diante, bringing them into the limelight as young people who have similar problems as Vince.

(WARNING: Hints of underage sex and child abuse.)

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“Diante, Vamanos…” Diante Morillo heard his mom’s call from down the hall.

“Okay…” he answered, pulling his black locks into a ponytail. He tried to keep it neat since both his folks threatened they would drag him to a barber.

When he finished, he brushed off his black slacks. Diante loved to dress well even going to Juarez. He felt his outfits were essential to his image. “There we go…” Diante uttered, bending down wiping the dust of his patented leather shoes. “Hmph, these cost money, they need to stay clean.”

Diante reached for the satchel on the back of his door, putting it around his neck. Once he was ready, he slammed the door behind him, speeding down the corridor. “Bye mamacita…”

“Adios, Diante. Be careful, okay? Don’t stop off anywhere, you hear.”

“Si, mama…” he kissed her on the cheek before making his way out the front to walk to Juarez. It wasn’t that far away, only about 3 blocks.

As he reached the corner, he saw his father’s car. The moment they locked eyes, Diante took off in the opposite direction. Him and his dad weren't on speaking terms since he made the crack about Diante’s sexuality.

“Mi hijo, Diante! Do not walk away, huh? I’ll drive you.”

Diante glared at his father. “No thanks, I’ll walk.”

“C’mon hijo, you little faggot. We need to talk, hmm? Maybe if I speak to you a little more about the benefits of pussy, you will change your mind.”

Diante sped up until he got to the crosswalk, the sounds of Juan Morillo from his car now fading. He was afraid of what this next conversation would entail; more of the “lovingly” beatings, his so called driving the word of God into his head by smacking him with it. Diante was still suffering from headaches on and off because of this abuse. He didn’t have the strength to stand up to his father who outweighed him. Not to mention, he was six foot three in comparison to Diante who was five nine. Juan was a Blaxican, which is black-Mexican. His height came from the basketball player Juan’s mother had a one night stand with. Diante was half black, half Puerto Rican, since his mom, Daniella was just that.

Diante reached the second corner, stopping to look at the light. He thought about the last confrontation he had with his father that ended with Diante needing stitches. Mom was too scared to interfere since she was so much shorter. Diante had no one to turn to when it came to this. He didn’t have many friends, he pretty much kept to himself. Being a young half-breed in a minority school was hard but Diante had gotten used to the mistreatment.

He only had mom in his corner and this was good enough for him.

* * * * *

As Diante and Vince were going to school, Jared was just now rolling out of bed. He’d been out drinking with friends the night prior and had a hangover from hell. Jared was a popular man at Juarez; he had no parents to worry about since he was seventeen and moved away from them just this year, getting a cheap apartment close to school. He had his own jobs; a pizza man as well as an up and coming model. Jared had ladies his own age and older taking care of him. His handsome face and irresistible charm made him a hot commodity.

Jared didn’t enjoy school all that much but didn’t want to drop out because he felt a high school diploma was important, even in the business he wanted to get into; porn.

Yes, Jared McKnight wanted to be a star of the nudie screen. He’d been working out, measuring his penis forever so he could be ready to join the ranks once he turned appropriate age.

He rolled off the mattress, onto the floor before popping up, shaking his blond, brownish hair out of his eyes. “Shit…” he muttered while walking to the calendar he kept on the wall, counting down the days until his eighteenth birthday. He grabbed the sharpie. “Five months, twenty one days, till the big day.” Just so happens he would turn the highly anticipated age several days after graduation from Juarez. This excited him since it was all he really looked forward to was getting paid well just to have sex.

Jared picked up some clothing off the chair in his room, smelling them. After deciding they would not do, he went to his closet which was half full. Most of the garments had been bought by someone, namely his good friend Tessa who was an older woman, a photographer, wanting to take care of the seventeen year old, and was waiting patiently for him to be legal so she could, in her words, “fuck his brains out.”

“Yep…” he pulled a pair of jeans out and a dress shirt, tossing them on the bed just as his phone rang. “Oh fuck, who is this?”

He made his way to the table, picking up the receiver. “Yeah, oh hi Patricia,” he smiled, listening to just one of his “girlfriends.” “Oh yes, we can see each other tonight. Just make sure you bring plenty of whipped cream, yep, okay then, bye…”

He hung it up, grinning as he made his way to his small bathroom. “Well, looks like I have a date tonight…no work for me…” he said quietly. Jared would be skipping the pizza job to spend time with Patricia a senior at local college. The woman was his tutor, in and out of bed but she only taught him half of what he knew. Jared was just that experienced. He’d been active since the age of fourteen.

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