Saturday, March 12, 2011

The True Meaning of Love on AMAZON

I'm very excited to see my first book, The True Meaning of Love on Amazon. It really was thrill to see it and I wasn't expecting it at all. I knew it may make it on there but i had no idea when.

I cried tears, put if on Facebook, Twitter, and got many well wishes, which I thank everyone for.

Now, I wait with excitement and nervousness to see if it gets reviewed. LOL Hopefully, it will be well received. I'm very proud of the story and actually, the characters would like more.

I hope to get back to them in the new future.

In the meantime, here is a snippet, the blurb, and trailer. ENJOY

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Brandon McFerry and London Davies are a couple that has been together six years. After

having an argument over the importance of Brandon's event at his art gallery versus London's

party at his club, London is involved in a serious car accident that makes him

temporarily incapacitated. During his rehabilitation, Brandon and London will learn the true meaning of love thus bringing them closer together.


This particular morning, the couple was having an argument because London had business that needed his attention at the bar. Brandon was having an exclusive opening for his latest works of art and he wanted his lover to be there at his side.

“What, what did you just say?” Brandon yelled at London Davies from the kitchen, while pouring himself a glass of orange juice.

London was in the bathroom rinsing his mouth. “I said; I need to work early. I won’t be able to attend your party tonight. There’s some high profile celebrities coming in after a movie premiere, and I need to be there to make sure things are perfect.”

Brandon shook his head, rolling his eyes. “Baby, c’mon. I told you about this way in advance. I mean, why don’t you have James take care of everything while you come to the gallery.” In disgust, Brandon slammed the door to the stainless steel fridge.

London looked in the mirror, checking his laugh lines. “Honey, I’m sorry. As much as I like James, I would feel more comfortable being there, overseeing instead of leaving him to do everything.”

After switching off the light, he walked approximately another twenty feet before coming upon the Italian style kitchen. It was state of the art with updated appliances to go along with the one of a kind, murals on the walls depicting the valleys of Sicily. London’s mom was Sicilian, and was a great cook as he was; such was the reason it was decorated that way.

London trotted behind, his younger lover kissing him on the cheek. “Baby…please, understand, I just can’t leave James to do this alone. If the people coming to my place tonight aren’t happy, it could ruin my reputation.”

Brandon stepped away from London’s embrace; he did not turn around; after finishing the contents of his glass, he said, “London, your rep is more important than your love for me, your partner.”

London reached out for Brandon’s shoulders, “Hon, don’t say that. You know whatever you do is more important to me than anything I do at the club…”

“Then why not entrust James with the party and come to the gallery…”

“Love, I just explained to you that I can’t. If these big time famous people weren’t coming this evening, then I would be more than happy to be at your show tonight. Besides hon, you have gotten nothing but good reviews for your work; I know it will be a success.”

Hope you enjoyed the book excerpt. Let me know what you think of the book!

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