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Free Read Mi Familia Part VIII

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Recap: The three young men we've met are at Jared's apartment. (far right) However, the other two are sharing a private moment. What will happen next?

Diante’ rubbed his eyes with one hand while wiping the saliva from his mouth. Vince rubbed his head lightly while looking into his light brown orbs. “Mi amigo…” Diante’ smiled at Vince.

Vince returned the grin. “More than, mi amigo…” He leaned forward, pressing his lips against Diante’s.

The shorter Diante’ pulled away. “What?” He was shocked by Vince’s admission. “Look, Vince, you don’t have to do this. I don’t need your mercy…”

“Shut up, will ya’? This is not something I’m doing because I pity you, okay? I want you, fool.”

Diante’s eyes bulged. “Vince, really?”

“Yeah, but…don’t get all excited. I still like pussy but…I am curious. I don’t think I’m one hundred percent gay because I’m only really attracted to you and erm…”

Diante grinned, taking Vince’s hand into his. “Who, my amigo?”

Vince sighed, “That germ down there at the foot of the bed but don’t tell ‘em or I’ll kick your ass myself.”

Diante’ put his freehand up. “Got it!”

Vince continued to allow the smaller Diante’ to grasp his palm. He turned his mean expression back into a smile. “I care for you, Diante’. I want you to help me find myself, man. My true self to see what I really am.”

Diante’ looked away then back at his friend. He began to recall all the times they had talked about things, one on one without Jared. No one knew him better than Vince, not even his own parents.

However, Vince was asking to help him find himself. How would Diante’ do this? Could they explore together in secret? Is that what Vince wanted? He had to find out.

Diante’ moved, hovering over Vince. His pants were unbuttoned but he was still covered. The same with Vince; pants undone but still up over his waist. Their eyes locked for a moment.

“How do you want me to help you, Vince?” Diante’ pressed Vince’s hands onto the bed. He sat on Vince’s midsection with his legs on either side.

The taller man leaned upward, pursing his lips in Diante’s direction. “I want you to show me more about…this…”

Diante’s grinned, covering Vince’s lips with his own. The fervor in which he kissed him sent sparks all through his body. The tightness in his groin was uncomfortable. He felt as if he would explode. “Vince!”

Diante’ let go of the stronger boy’s arms. Vince grabbed onto Diante’s waist, gripping his sides, massaging the skin underneath his shirt. “Ohh shit…Diante’.”

The two of them were breathless. Diante’ was rubbing his body against his friend’s, crushing him with his own hardness. “I want you, so badly…but…we can’t, Jared will wake up.”

Vince brought Diante’ in for another embrace. They were so into one another, they did not notice…

“What the fuck are you two doing?!”

* * * * *

Jared could not believe his eyes. His two best friends, on top of one another. He knew Diante’ was gay but not Vince. “What the hell man, no secrets between us right?”

Diante’ jumped off Vince. Vince sat up. “Listen Jared, I have curiosities too. I…”

“Okay, okay, but did you tell me about this? And Diante’, you didn’t even tell me you were a fag.”

Diante’ shook his head. “Look man, I didn’t know how you’d react!”

“Fuck that! I am friends with the both of you, okay. You’re like my brothers. I’m not gonna say shit! I love the two of you, I will protect both of you and I will not have any more of these fuckin’ secrets between us, got it?”

Both nodded in his direction. He got out of the bed, staring at the two of them in disgust, not believing that they kept their preferences away from him. Jared believed in all for one and one for all. The three musketeers. How could he trust them if that did not trust him back?

“Look, I’m gonna leave now. Why don’t you two finish whatever the hell you were doin’ and come out to talk to me. I need to get some water anyway.”

Jared stumbled in the other direction away from Vince and Diante’ into the next room. His head pounding, his stomach was in knots. It was quite a shock to see his two friends in an embrace but he accepted it as part of development. Jared was no homophobe. He loved the both of them as he said, like brothers. He’d protect the two of them if he needed to, especially since he himself had the same feelings that they had.

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