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The Vertigo WIP...The Novel

(Thx for the Picture by Paulina B on Livejournal)

Good morning readers! I know today is Wild Wednesday but my Michael muse is so excited about the current Vertigo WIP, he wants to share it with you.
Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo is featured in Sizzler/Intoxications anthology, Riding the Rocket. The story in a long form was also featured in the Original Big bang on Livejournal and given that lovely picture as well as a brilliant soundtrack.

I have since had that post removed from the closed community because of it's release. Now, after much more writing and effort, there are two books to the series no titled Vertigo with three books included:

Longing for the Normal State of, Things Are Not What They Seem, and With the Truth There Will be Light. The collection of tales is set on the love life of Doctor Hayden Curry and his new companion, David.

As everyone knows, this is my inspiration for David, David Taylor. Who is my model for Doctor Curry?

The man I thought of is John Taylor, bassist for Duran Duran. One of my fave musicians and the man of my muse for many years.

So, imagine my two characters, in historical England, early 1900's. In truth, it started as a steampunk tale but ended up being a paranormal.

Here is an excerpt from the story.

When I awoke, I felt a pounding in my head as well as a stinging on my brow. Instead of being on the floor where I was the night prior, I felt the cottony material of my mattress beneath me. I had gathered that David had probably brought me here after we concluded our moment of passion. “Oooh,” I winced, barely able to open my eyes from the discomfort.

What happened?

As I tried to rise, lifting my lids, slowly, I heard the sound of the door opening. When it was fully ajar, I saw David, well dressed, in my trousers, though the shirt looked as if it belonged to Berrows. I had not owned anything of darker variety, for this was black, of longer sleeves.

“Good morning, my dear Doctor Curry. Libertina has made you some breakfast,” he said setting the tray on my legs.

Wryly, I smiled, glancing at this creature that I had discovered in the street that what now serving me a meal. More so than inquiring more about what had happened last evening, I wanted to know exactly what he had told my two helpers. “David, when you went searching for clothing and food, did you share with my two faithful servants who you are?”

David took my hand, grinning, “I did indeed my lord, I told Berrows that I was the being he carried in from the square. Once we had concluded that I was indeed a man, he lent me these garments. You recall that Berrows did not look underneath the cloth, he just lifted it and began carrying it.”

While listening to him complete his statement, I attempted to search my brain for the vision of Berrows picking up the body. David could have been right but due to my ailing head, I could not be sure.

I closed my eyes, rubbing my temples with my index and thumb. “Alright, what of Libertina?”

Still massaging my forehead, I felt David take my freehand into his, rubbing a space on the back of my hand. “Well doctor, I just told the young lady that I was a friend of yours, that you had offered me a place to stay, which is partially true is it not?”

Beginning to feel some comfort from his caressing, I just nodded. “Fair enough. I’m not sure…I…oohhh…” Just when I was about to reply that I needed to lie down, I no longer seemed to have a headache.

Fully, I opened my eyes, looking into the beautiful blue orbs of this young creature, who seemed to have the power to heal as well as the ability to morph into a half-man, half-animal. Still gazing at me, he lifted my moist palm to his lips, kissing it lightly. “Ahhh, doctor, you feel better, yes?”

With a look of confusion, I just tilted my head forward once.

What is this being?

David raised an eyebrow, “That is what you are going to help me find out, Doctor Curry. What I am, who I am, and how did I become this creature. Now, you need your strength; I will need to take some fluids from you later on and in order to do so, you should be alert. Please, enjoy the meal that your lovely servant has given you. I shall return in a bit…”

At the close of his statement, he devoured my lips before getting up from the bed, walking out, shutting the door behind him. Stunned, I could not even touch my food. I could not understand how he was able to heal my pain, read my thoughts, change from part wolf to full human; what on earth, had I been summoned to pick up from Trafalgar?

Nervous, I managed to grab on to one of Libertina’s pieces of baked bread with the butter, which I simply could not resist. While chewing some, I tried pondering what kind of thing that David was.

Seemingly, there was no scientific explanation for what he was and how he became that …or was there?

Hope you enjoyed. I hope for the story to be done in a couple of weeks to pass on to my editor.

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Until then...

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