Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminder: Any blog entry is eligible


Wanted to add that any one of the blog entries is eligible, meaning you can comment on anyone of my entries here and win, not just the first one.


Thank you for all the lovely comments so far. Can't wait to pick the winners next Friday!


Pia Veleno said...

I'm behind on blog reading, so I don't know what I'm eligible for, but that's a great picture to distract me, so I may not get to the other posts for a while.... ;-)

Fallen One: Deviant Sidney said...

I'll agree with Pia on that one, but it's all good.

Rawiya said...

LOL Pia. The contest that I have going on for 7 books. Look at the post right after you read, Mi Familia.

Fallen One. It is a great pic. TY both for visiting!