Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome Winona Wilder!

Hello Readers!

Lets welcome, Winona Wilder to the blog. Hope you enjoy her post.

Characters Controlling the Author

I wanted to try my hand at writing m/m erotic romance. Once I started, I was hooked—the emotion, characters, and sex scenes were larger than life. Since ménage romance is my forte, I started with a m/m/m romance. I loved writing it and it came together as planned.

When I began writing the second book in the Coming Out series, I wanted to focus on one of Waylon's brothers who made a brief appearance in the first book. He still lived at home on the family ranch, so I knew I'd be writing a western.

The wrench was thrown into my writing when I started writing a m/m/m and the first two characters wanted no part in it. I tried different scenarios to bring in the third man, but my cowboy was too darn possessive and didn’t want to share. So the book turned into a m/m erotic romance. The left out man, Tyler, demands his own book, so he'll be the star of Coming Out #3.

This is not uncommon. There's a point when writing when the characters take over. No matter what you have in mind, or plotted on paper, they may choose another path. A smart writer will follow their lead because it's usually the best course.


[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, sex toys]

Cal has hidden his true feelings from Waylon for years, not willing to jeopardize their friendship. After a night of drunken passion, the truth finally comes out. While Cal learns to accept his true nature, Waylon is afraid to risk alienating his family. Will he live in denial or choose love?

With the help of their sexy history teacher, Evan, the three men learn that love has no boundaries. But are evenings filled with hot sex enough to forge a lasting ménage?

Lordy, I can definitely relate to that. All my muses take control of me. I know they are right like 98 percent of the time though, so I keep following. What an awesome post! ;)

Thanks so much for stopping in.


Winona Wilder said...

Thanks for having me :) Very cool blog.

Winona xo

Rawiya said...

TY Winona! It was great having you here!

Ike said...

I keep a special whip around to keep those unruly characters under control.

Unfortunately, they outnumber me, and I'm the one who ends up with a red....


Rawiya said...

LOL Ike. Thank you for visiting.

They gang up on me too

Sarah J. McNeal said...

I wish you every success Winona.

Author Anna Keraleigh said...

Well said! At least we're not considered 'looney' because we have voices in our head. lol. I always consider that a plus with writing.

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