Friday, April 8, 2011

Free Read Mi Familia Part VII

Past chapters at left

Recap: We have met our characters went from their present back to their past. Right now, Vince and Diante' are sharing a moment. How far will they go?

“What…mhmmm…” Diante’ was shocked by Vince’ reaction. Why was he kissing him? Was it one for pity? “Ummm…” Vince did not let him go, all Diante’ could do was accept. He wanted to anyway. “Ooh, Vince…”

“Yeah.” They stopped a moment with the two of them looking into each other’s eyes.


“Shh…” Vince put his lips atop Diante’s again.

“Ohh shittt…” Diante’ felt his pants tighten in the groin area. He reached out for his friend, wrapping his arms around his waist. He loved this moment. He never wanted it to end. “Vince…”

“Shh…” Vince continued to quiet him.

Diante’ was more aroused than stunned. Why was Vince doing this, he didn’t know but, at this moment, he didn’t care. It was more action than he’d ever seen. He’d never had something like this with anyone as of yet and he wanted to savor it, especially since it was with his best friend, the one he cared about more than anyone.

Chapter Four

Once nightfall came, Vince and Diante’ lay in bed, side by side with the still passed out, Jared at the foot. The two of them had enjoyed the session they’d had of kissing, petting, and groping until they both came in bunches. The twosome was so excited about it they went to sleep until Vince woke up, needing to go to the bathroom.

Now, he was back in the spot next to Diante’, taking his head, placing it back on his shoulder. He planted a light kiss on Diante’s head, combing his curls with his fingers. They had not talked about anything while making out. Vince was eager to discuss it since he discovered his feelings did run deeper for his best pal.

He wondered whether he should wake him right now. The time was after nine but he didn’t want Diante’ to go back home. Vince guessed that Diante’s father may be waiting to hurt Diante’ some more and that he just was not able to deal with. Besides, they needed to get this conversation about what had occurred out in the open.

How would they tell Jared? Would they tell him at all? Where would they go from here? Vince wanted them to continue but in secret. He refused to believe that he was a complete faggot. He still liked girls but he had curiosities about boys just any other adolescent. Although he’d never felt any attraction to anyone but Diante’ and maybe Jared but he knew the older man wanted nothing to do with him in that manner.

“Diante’.” Lightly, he shook him. He felt they should talk this out before Jared decided to wake up. Not to mention, he couldn’t go back to sleep. He wanted to enjoy more alone time with Diante’ after they’d discussed the current situation.

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