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Free Read Mi Familia Part XIII

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Recap: The boys are still discovering things about themselves, especially Diante' and Vince. Will all of this drive Jared away?

Jared shuddered, looking into the wild eyes of Vince who looked at him with shock. “What the fuck! You couldn’t do that in your own room and who the hell told ya’ to come in here!”

Jared only shook his head, trying to gather his thoughts on what to say. “Sorry, I…damn, man…” He ran out the room, still not able to tell Vince what was going on with him. He plopped on the couch, with his face in his hands. The reaction from Vince was why he didn’t tell them what was going on with him.

“Damn…fuck…” Jared punched the cushions of the sofa. As he began to cry, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Look, I’m sorry, I…I shouldn’t have went off like that, dude. I didn’t think you were into us like that,” Vince apologized. “It just surprised me that you were over us, man…”

“I know…I…” Jared sniffed. “I got curiosities, too, dude. Just because I’m a year older than you two fucks, don’t mean I don’t wonder, ya’ know…” he wiped his nose. “I mean, I know I ain’t gay. I only like seeing the two of you cause’ you’re my buddies ya’ know.”

Vince came around the couch, sitting next to him. Jared watched, licking his lips, seeing Vince only wearing his boxers. “Hey, you don’t hafta explain. Diante’ just cursed me out for that shit, too. No worries. Anytime you wanna watch us, it’s cool. Just let a fucka know…”

Jared laughed, “Yeah, I guess I should’ve…”

“Why didn’t you tell us that you felt that way, man? You had a fuckin’ conniption when we didn’t tell you. Why hold out on us?”

Jared shook his head. “I dunno, man. Stupidity, pride, whateva! I just…”

“You just like us, and besides, what’s wrong with being gay?”

Jared rubbed his nose, looking at Vince strangely. “What’cha mean, man? You can’t be out these days, especially around here. Fucka’s will be ready to kill yo’ ass sayin’ shit like that!”

Vince nodded, “I know but damn, you act like YOU have a problem with it. I mean, I know what you said to Diante’ but, you keep sayin, I ain’t, I’m not…”

“Cause I’m not!” He got up from the sofa. “Don’t start that with me, Vince. You was havin; the same damn problem admitting it.”

“Yeah, but the right word is, was. I just realized somethin’ friend, For the first time in my life I actually LOVE someone. I ain’t never loved any girl the way I love Diante’.”

“Seriously?” Jared looked at Vince, raising an eyebrow. “You whipped, dude?”

“Yep! Girls don’t even phase me anymore, man. Diante’ is all I need.”

“What!” Jared laughed, not believing what he was hearing. He folded his arms, clearing his throat. The erection between his legs softened. “So you’re sayin’ that you don’t even wanna feel a girl’s boobs anymore? The tight feel of pussy around your cock! C’mon man…I think I need to get you a girl and fast!”

“I don’t want one! I told ya’, I got Diante’. I love him with all my heart, man. I’m committed through and through.”

Jared sighed, smiling. “Damn the sex was that good, huh? Tell me about it…” he went to the recliner, propping his feet up on the table. “Was his ass that snug?”

“Yes, it was just that tight, man but…” he hesitated.

“But what, my friend. You just said some pretty gnarly stuff. Don’t hold back now!”

“Um, we didn’t get that far, Jared. It was too painful for him so we stopped but afterwards, wow…heh,” he chuckled. “He gave me the best blow of my life. It was amazing!”

Jared eyes bulged. “You mean to tell me, you’re givin’ up women just on the premise of a blowjob?”

“And some hot stuff that went along with it, man. Diante’ is my boyfriend. I can’t wait to get inside…”

“I mean, dude. He was that good at everything else that you’re givin’ the finger to fuckin’ girls?” Jared sat up in the chair.

“I am…” Vince said proudly. “I am happy to be gay!”

Jared looked stunned at his friend and his admission. He was saying that he was homosexual. This he had no issue with but he wondered if Vince was only saying this for Diante’s benefit. He knew Diante’ needed love with all the crap he’d been through but, he wondered if Vince was doing this as sort of a mercy thing. “Look man. Are you doin’ this because you feel sorry for Diante’ or…”

“What!” Out of nowhere was Diante’s voice as he stepped from the bedroom. “I don’t need no mercy fuck’s Jared. Vince has told me that he loves me and he means it. How could you say such a thing?” He sat next to Vince taking his hand. “Besides, again, the question should be on you, Jared! Why were you above us jackin’ off, dude. You like seein’ us naked? I ain’t no exhibitionist…”

Jared leaned back. “I just told Vince I got my curiosities, okay? I only like you two. No one else. I don’t have any attraction to anyone other than you two and it may be cause we’re so close.”

“What would be so wrong if it were more than that, amigo?” Diante’ retorted.

“Nothing,” Jared answered. “Just not for me. I like pussy and fuckin’ it way too much to be gay!” He got up from the Lazyboy, walking towards his room. “I’m glad you two are so into each other, ya’ know. It will fulfill my gay fantasies just to watch the two of you go at it…” he chuckled, going in, shutting the door by leaning against it.

He kicked the door, hard. “Maybe someday I’ll join in…”


Diante’ and Vince both let out sighs, looking at one another. Diante’ kissed the back of Vince’s hand. “That was so wonderful what you said, Vince. I swear, I feel the same, mi amor. We have to wait before we start walkin’ out holding hands and stuff though…”

Vince pulled Diante’ into him. “Why should we, huh? I mean, just because some other fuck’s don’t like the fact we’re gay?”

“Yes, and as Jared just said they will want to fuck us up, baby. We live in the wrong hood to be pullin’ this shit! Wait till we make enough to move to Frisco,” he chuckled.

Vince shook his head. “No. I don’t wanna. Someone come my way with some shit, I’m gonna beat their ass. I love you, Diante’.” He stroked Diante’s chin. “I want everyone to know it too!”

Diante’ met his gaze. “Te amo, my amor but…”

Vince placed his finger over Diante’s mouth. “Shhh…escucha, bebe! I love you, and nothing is more important to me than you. I don’t care what anyone else thinks or says anymore, Diante’. If you’re not quite ready for it, I understand but, I just want you to know, I am.”

Part Fourteen


Edward Kendrick said...

Now I'm going to have to play catch-up because this tweaked my interest.

Rawiya said...

I'm glad it did.

I realize the story may me a bit raw but the story is turning out well.

When its done, I hope to self pub it on Smashwords.