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Saturday Sips - Lessons in Ink

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Today, I'm featuring, Lessons In Ink, once again, a story I took over for Rawiya since she'll be focusing more on the fem part of our stories.

Please have a look at last week's post when we first featured the tale her for more info.

Right now, here's a snippet more


After I grabbed a few hours sleep, I couldn’t resist calling the newest object of my desire. He did say I could call him for anything, so of course I wouldn’t pass up that chance.

Still in bed, I reached over to my nightstand, grabbing the phone with Amiri’s card next to it. It still smelled of his cologne. I took a whiff and immediately, I was intoxicated.

I’d spent about fifteen minutes staring at it before sleeping, debating to just leave him a message just to say hi. I was that hooked and I’d just met him.

Finally, I dialed, leaning back on my pillow, letting my mind take over as I waited for him to pick up. Thoughts of the man were lingering in my brain, making my cock rise underneath the material of my boxers. I clutched my shaft, stroking lightly, recalling when he slipped off his jacket, showing those lovely arms.


With the eruption in my groin very apparent, I knew I’d need to take care of this real soon.

The third ring sounded, then the voice bringing me out of my trance. “Hello?”

“Hey, Amiri!”

“Hiya, Zack…” I could hear the happiness in his tone. I smiled like a Cheshire cat. “I’m happy to hear from you.”

Listening to him say that surprised me. Was he expecting my call? If so, then I shouldn’t worry about being forward. “How you holding up…the tattoo I mean.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to this kind of pain now. I’m actually looking forward to my next one.”

“And…you’ll be coming to see me real soon then?”

“I will, Zack. I was hoping to start work on the follow-up this Saturday.”

“Great…” I raised an eyebrow, wondering if I should go on and ask him out or wait. I decided the latter even though it was obvious he was interested. “Do you have an idea what you want?”

Amiri was quiet a moment. “Um, no, I don’t. I was hoping you’d decide for me. I’ll send you the pictures of the others I have already. I’d like you to pick the next one yourself. Whatever you feel would tie in with what I have is what I’ll get.”

The moment he finished his statement, I smiled to myself.

He wants me to pick it?

“Amiri, how am I…”

He interrupted. “You’ll know by the photos I send you. I’ll text them to you later. Just make sure they’re all themed by Chinese symbolism. If you recall, Zack, that’s all I have. Remember what I’d told you earlier about me while looking at the photos. Follow my instructions and you’ll know exactly what to do.”

I chuckled a little as did he. “Okay then. This is definitely a challenge but…I guess I’m flattered you’d ask me to pick your next piece. As soon as you send me the pictures, I’ll get right on it.”

“Good. Hey listen, I have a customer here. I’ll give you a call back, okay?”

“Alright…will do. Bye Amiri.”

“Goodbye Zack.”

As soon as he finished, he hung up. I pressed the disconnect button staring at the wall, looking curiously around my apartment, grabbing my shaft once again. Softly, I jerked it, invoicing pre-cum from my slit.

Bringing me out of my reverie was the thought of what he’d just asked.

Why was this man allowing me to pick the artwork he’d have to live with?

I’d never had this kind of client before but I liked the challenge. It was definitely, different and more exciting than doing tattoos of band logos or skulls and flowers. Not to mention, the person I was inking was holding my interest. That, in itself, was a good reason to go along with his little game.


Hope you enjoyed. The tale will be edited and sent out to a publisher soon.

Please hit this link to view Rawiya's sip.

See you tomorrow for Six Sentence Sunday!

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