Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday---Updates 5/30-6/3

(Chris Salvatore, Gay actor and singer, just because hes hot!)

Good morning, friends!

Welcome to another weekly update at Michael's.

This is the last official one for a while. Rawiya will be having both our updates at her place.


Because June will be HUGE!

Almost everyday for June, which is PRIDE, I have a guest and or giveaway.

Check out the list on the left!

No worries, the regular staples will still be on the blog. They'll just be posted secondary to that day's guest. 

The Taboo Tens month has become LARGE!

Details are still forming as we go along but I promise you, it will be a treat.

Now, for the update.

Today, I blogged about getting a not so favorable review.

Please visit, Taboos and Perversions to view.

This week, We'll be having a blast as the Taboo Tens starts...

At the end of the week, I have SL Danielson and Erastes on to blog but I will have be posting myself tomorrow. I also hope to have a couple of surprises along the way.

Just stay tuned!

As usual, the WOW on Wednesday and Mi Familia on Friday. WOW will be posted at Menspirations with a link back to this blog. 

At IRM today, I have another pic from Kevin Slack but I'm also talking a little about Binding Justice

At Menspirations, the manlove abounds!

Hope you enjoy your holiday and please visit me here to my for a post by yours truly,

Until then...

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