Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - Lessons In Ink

Happy Sunday!

Here is the six from I story I took over from Rawiya called, Lessons In Ink.

Its a warm erotic m/m that features a tattoo artist searching for a partner. When Amiri walks into his shop, sparks fly and Zack is being taught some valuable lessons as well.


“Zack," he reached out for me, pulling me in closer.

“Um…damn Amiri, hard to do this when you put your lips out like that.”

“Zack, it's temptation, how much can you stand before you give in?”

“Uh huh, ” I laughed again, feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I slowed down because I agreed with his assessment.

“This is a challenge for both of us, Zack. The more we withstand, the more meaningful it will be in the end.”
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Jean said...

Temptation knocking again? Wondering how long they can hold out. Intriguing post!

An Open Book said...

They won't hold out for long...none of us can when it's this hot
Dawne P

Rawiya said...

@ Jean, thank you. They're trying but we shall see how much longer! TY for visiting.

@Dawne Thanks so much. :)

Cassandre Dayne said...

Okay you - hotness yourself - you gonna give me that picture? I'll trade ya!!

Rawiya said...

Sent Cassanndre

Jenna said...

Somehow I don't think they'll withstand much more. :) Still, I hope it's meaningful. Nice six.

Dee Carney said...

I'm sorry...were there words beneath that pic? I'm still too busy staring at him. *wipes drool*

Liz said...

oo, lovely, very nice post---send more!

Rebecca Royce said...

This is a challenge for both of us, Zack. The more we withstand, the more meaningful it will be in the end.”--Great line!

Rawiya said...

@Jenna Thank you so much. :)

@Dee LOL He is nice isnt he? TY for visiting!

@Liz Thank you Liz. i'm editing now and then I'll send it out into the world. :)

@Rebecca TY very much. I love Amiri. He is my fave character in this story.

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Holy moly! The snippet is great and so is the pic!

Rawiya said...

Thank you very much. I like the pic too. Something tells me I'll be hearing a little more from these two