Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Sips - BLMorticia The Desire to be in Control

Good morning!

Welcome to a Saturday Sip at Michael's.

Our lovely host, Michael, is at three different places today. IRM, Tara Lain's, and Bianca Sommerland's so that leaves me, BL to take over since Rawiya is taking a holiday.

Lucky her... *snicker*

Anyhoo, he said I could pick what Sips I wanted to show for myself and him! WOOT!

First off is mine. A short that I'm working on, novella size tentatively called, The Desire to be in Control.

It's about a woman who wants to show her manly side and take advantage of some unassuming hunk.

Ready for the twist?

Here we go!

Once I placed the ad on, the responses came in fast and furious. I let them know I was a black female looking for a companion. I specified that I wanted a white male since that was my main attraction, as well as my requirements for height, weight, and the things I liked to do. Not even mentioning the fact that I wanted to ream someone with my new toy.

Only a day or saw afterwards, I had over sixty emails with requests to take me out on a date. I’m a good looking black woman so this wasn’t a surprise. I did get some notes from men of color asking me why I made that decision to suggest my preference, which I deleted without reply. I like what I like. I have no need to explain myself.

On my lunch hour, I looked through the messages. Some of the men, looked pretty good, some of them married which I promptly discarded. Others asking to meet right away. My reply, “No way, we need to talk first.” Then there was one that made me sit up in my chair. He was a gorgeous Caucasian man, in his mid thirties, a full head of hair and a winning smile. His occupation, a writer which would mean he had an open mind and a sense of humor, at least I hoped he did. More than that, there was something in his expression that said he may be the one to accept this and like it. I had to find out so, I decided to write him back.

Later on in the day, he sent me another message from his own email, asking if we could meet on the site chat room for a private talk. I never really liked those things because cyber was just a tease but he seemed so nice, I decided to go for it. After all, we were only meeting virtually. If he turned out to be a prick, I would just leave the room, no harm done. We’d only exchanged emails.

When the evening approached, I sat by my computer, waiting for the note from “Booklover” that he was on. I’m glad that we only had code names at this point since this would be our first meeting. Mine was “LawGirl” since I wanted to let the men know that I was connected with the law. Only when I talked with him, I would mention that I was a police officer. Hopefully, if he wasn’t intimidated and things progressed, we’d be able to exchange names.

As I surfed the net in my pajama bottoms and tank top, I got an instant message from him. I smiled, opening the box. He said he’d created a private room called, “Worlds of Wonder.” Looking at that, I grinned, pressing the link to his lair. The moment I did, we exchanged pleasantries and it started out as a normal conversation. We talked about our occupations, what we liked about them and not. When I said I was a cop he replied, “Ooh a woman in charge, intriguing.” That immediately told me that this one might be the one to go with. Would he be accepting of me taking his behind for a ride? I probably wouldn’t know for sure until I actually tried it, but our chat seemed to point towards him being an open minded individual. If this were true, he’d have no issues with it. Only time would tell.


Hope you enjoyed.

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