Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Sips - Taming Wild Horses

Oh yeah! Michael is showing his wild side.

Does he have one? Sure he does!

Well, currently, Michael is busy writing his next three novellas but this one might be a tad bigger.

Taming Wild Horses is a modern day cowboy story with 4 hot men trying to live in the homophobic state of Texas and manage to stay sane.

One of the men, MC Dolby Tate, is the owner of Tate's Trail. His boyfriend, Duncan Moorley, has been by his side for years but because of Dolby's accident, the two haven't explored the sexual side of their relationship.

This novel touches a lot of subjects and I believe will be Michael's best yet. It has it's funny moments, erotic, romantic, as well as some snark which Michael sorely needs.

Loosen up a little babe!


Okay well, here we go, just a little sip of Taming Wild Horses. (Unedited)


The air blowing through the window was refreshing since most of the day the heat had been unbearable. The breeze complimented the warm bath Duncan was giving his partner.
The clawfoot tub resembled one of the classics in older houses, built specially so Duncan wouldn’t strain himself picking up Dolby when they finished. It was so much more romantic than the shower, especially since his man could only sit down.
He rubbed the sponge across Dolby’s chest as he hovered over him, soaping up every crack and crevice.
“Mhmm…Damn baby, been awhile since you did this.” Duncan moaned, leaning his head against the bath pillow.
Duncan grinned, “I know, babe and…I’m sorry. It’s just that…” he paused, squeezing the sponge. “I was worried about hurting you and…I been so bothered by what happened.”
“I know, luv.” He moved slightly. “I kinda figured that but hun, I’m still tough as nails. Just because I can’t walk anymore don’t mean I’m a softie.” Dolby reached for Duncan’s chin. “Stop treatin’ me like some outsider, huh? I’m your man!”
Duncan started sobbing. He rubbed his eyes and nodded, “I know, baby. It’s just been so damn hard knowin’ that we…”
“Stop that now,” Dolby yelled. “I know we’ve been given a raw deal but that don’t mean we can’t love each other any less, Duncan. We been through a lot. Let’s not allow this to come between us, m’kay?” He caressed Duncan’s face.
“Kay, baby…” he sniffed, picking up the sponge again. “I just love you so much and I was too ashamed to tell you how I was feeling.”
“I dunno why. We been together too long to start keepin’ things from one another. Now.” He took the sponge from him. “Let’s promise to always talk things out and communicate, okay? We’ve done that the whole time we been together.”
Duncan bent his head in agreement, leaning in to give his man a kiss. “Yes we have and it will continue.” He hugged his man’s shoulders, still embracing him. Duncan felt Dolby wrap his arm around his waist. He sighed, feeling his fingers tickling his sides. The hardened muscle between his legs throbbed with need. “Let’s get out if this tub to try that position, huh?” He gave Dolby a wicked grin.
Dolby chuckled, “Babe, we don’t have to move. Just raise your ass and sit.” He patted his thighs.
“Hunny, there’s no…”
Dolby put one finger on his boyfriend’s lips. “You haven’t even tried to do it yet, just ease on down, babe.”
“We don’t have anything, hun…”
“We don’t need anything…” His eyes narrowed. “We been dating long enough to be married which will be the next thing,” he added. “C’mon man, get you cute butt over here.” He held out his arms.
Duncan wanted to give in but he knew they hadn’t tried doing it without protection. “Baby, lemme just get us off then we can get out.” It frustrated him to say that but he just wasn’t comfortable without the latex.
“Fine.” He rolled his eyes.
Duncan moved closer, taking both their cocks in his hands. He rubbed them together, thumbing the heads while jerking the foreskin. “Ooh shit…”
“Ahh…” Duncan eased back onto his pillow. “God…baby…that’s good but I need your ass! Promise me in a little bit, huh?”
He glanced at his lover. “Yes, of course…” he breathed. “When we get out, I’ll be happy to give you what you want most. Lord knows I want it too.” Duncan continued to rub them off. Within seconds, Dolby yelled obscenities while Duncan quickened the pace. “Yess…oohh…”
It was his second favorite way to climax and he knew this would at least tide him and Dolby over until they returned to their bedroom.
Hotness! Told ya' he was getting a little wild. I must be rubbing off on him. *wink*
Hope you enjoyed! Please comment!

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