Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sips - Lessons in Ink

Greetings fans! Welcome to a double dip of Saturday Sips with the Triad.

Today, I'm hosting myself as well as Rawiya since she has an important topic going on at her place.

Please drop by and give your thoughts!

For this Saturday Sup, I'm featuring a story that Rawiya started but I'm taking over. It's well done and a great story in the making. An interracial m/m short, lighthearted, romantic and hot. Lessons in Ink

A story about a tattoo artist in search for a partner while working at a shop in San Francisco. The man in the above left, (Our model Tyson Beckford) walks into the establishment, looking for a specific piece of art. Through his choices for body art, he'll connect with the artist and teach him some very valuable lessons about love, patience, and himself.

It's going very well so far with Rawiya doing the first 3500 and me about to close it out with a hot love scene and a happy ending. Oops, gave it away.

A story this romantic needs an HEA. Here is a snippet:

R Excerpt - Warning: Some gay male contact. Unedited.

It took me only an hour to finish this work of art. It was striking in detail. I amazed myself just how well I made it look. The new tat was right below his hairline on the nape of his neck. I never been a big fan of putting them there, but on him, I changed my mind quickly.

When I turned off the ink needle, Amiri leaned back in his chair, tilting his head upwards in my direction. I put down my tool before massaging his arms, lightly caressing his muscles. We exchanged smiles again. He sighed from my touches.

“Mhmmm…” The moan escaped his lips. He licked them, making my already hardened flesh pulsate under my denims.

I want that mouth.

He’d closed his eyes, seemingly waiting for me to make that move. I stared at him, desiring to take those lips inside mine. I kept rubbing, gripping his muscles, making myself drunk with lust.

“Amiri…” I said softly, not knowing what to do.

“Zack…recall what I told you earlier, about waiting, and showing your maturity.” His eyes popped open.

“I…” I was tongue tied, literally. I chuckled nervously, patting his arms, moving slightly, due to embarrassment. I knew what he’d said. Still it didn’t make the hard on in my jeans go away.

“Zack…” He reached out for me, pulling me in closer.

“Um…damn Amiri, hard to do this when you put your lips out like that.” I caressed his cheeks only a moment before he shifted, turning himself around in the chair to face me.

“Zack…it is temptation. How much can you stand before you give in?” He folded his arms.

“Uh…” I laughed again, feeling the butterflies in my stomach. I slowed down because I agreed with his assessment.

“This is a challenge for both of us. We’re testing our limits, Zack. The more we withstand, the more meaningful it will be in the end.”


I didn’t want to just jump into bed with him. I wanted more.

In the past, I would’ve done what I could to fuck him right away but now, being 29, I desired a relationship. “Very true. I agree. It’s still hard to do that when you’re throwing all the signals my way.”

The smile that could light up a small community crossed his face. He continued to touching me, causing my breaths to turn into pants just from his small displays of affection. “Believe me, I feel the same but, I’ve always enjoyed that tension, that pain ahead of time so when it’s time for release, it’s a lot more pleasurable,” he grinned wickedly.

Our gaze met once again. He pulled my hands up to his mouth, placing light pecks on my skin. The desire for him rose even higher, making me rethink everything I just said.

Ohh you’re testing me…

“I know it will be,” I exchanged the smile with him. I sighed, tugging at my own t-shirt.

It was hot in this shop right now, literally and figuratively.

“It will be worth the wait in the end, Zack.” He caressed my pecs through the fabric, causing my nips to harden. He let go of my palm, rubbing the back of my head. He yanked me into him, testing me a little more by crushing his mouth onto mine. The moment our lips met, it sent an immediate rush of adrenalin throughout my body.

Even though I was bigger than him, he truly overpowered me.

I returned the kiss, forcing my tongue deep into his mouth. We locked in on one another, my hands grasping his back through the tight shirt he was wearing.

“Damn…Zaccccckkk…oohh shiiii…” he moaned into my embrace. My whole body tensed. I wanted this man so badly.

What did we say about not rushing?

Feverishly we continued. Both of us gasping for air when we finally pulled away from one another. Again, we stared, grinning. He fingered my blond strands behind my ears, curling them around his index and forefinger. “How much do I owe you, Zack?”

“Nothin’ baby. Buy me a couple of drinks when we get to the bar…that will be payment enough.”


Hope you enjoyed that sip. I'm looking to complete it today, then put it on the shelf a moment so I can complete the last edits on Binding Justice.

Next, a post by Rawiya about her MMF, Sweetest Taboo.


Cassandre Dayne said...

Okay girl - so I like NEED THIS MAN - SHIT - that's all I can say and very hot on the piece too LOL. Whew - cold shower time.

Rawiya said...

Haha! I wish I had him too! isn't he just one of the hottest men you've ever laid eyes on?