Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Sips - Sweetest Taboo

Good morning! So I'm the second half of this sip. WOOHOO!

Great to have an M/M audience since a lot of my writing has been geared towards m/m or m/m/f.

The story, Sweetest Taboo, I actually finished back in February. Due to other projects I'd started and or finished, once it was rejected, I put it on hold. Now, I'm about ready to dust it off again and make changes.

The tale takes place in our home of Chicago, where our female, Mara Devine (Model Nia Long) works at a bar in the downtown area part time with her friend Angie. Both women are looking for that special partner, however, Mara wants more than just a man. She wants a man that's open minded enough to be with another.

Confident that she'll find what she's looking for, she pretty much stays alone until Bryan Finley walks into her workplace. Is this the one she seeks or is he just another guy that has looks and not much else?

That's only an off the top blurb. Here is a snippet of their meeting. Unedited.


Once she rounded the corner, she went into the private office to go into her purse. Frederick was just coming out of there with his phone in his hand. He stopped talking once he spotted her.

“Lovely, why don’t you and Angie take off, hmm? After you get your workstations clean, okay?”

Mara grinned, “Cool, thanks Frederick. I was just about to ask you about cuttin’ outta here a little early.”

“I’m sure you were. Make sure that wherever you go that you try gettin’ a little loving tonight, yes?”

Mara glanced upwards, giggling. “I dunno how I’m gonna do that since I’m hangin’ with Angie but okay.”

Frederick exchanged the laugh while walking out into the corridor as Mara went in, going to her locker to grab her purse and jacket, along with Angie’s belongings. Once done, she strolled back to the front of the bar with everything in hand, throwing the pill down her throat prior to swallowing more water. As she took that sharp turn again, she glanced behind the bar, looking for her friend who she saw talking with a man.

Who is that?

Mara proceeded to the back area, glancing at the gentleman sitting on the stool, chatting with Angie. She licked her lips, catching sight of his short brown hair, broad shoulders, and when he looked up, his chocolate eyes. “Damn…” she mouthed, straightening her shirt skirt while going closer to Angie and the guy sipping on his Redheaded slut.

“Um, Angie, Frederick said we could take off as soon as we get our workstation clean.” She gazed at her friend then to the handsome stranger downing his beverage.

“Last call…” they heard Frederick shout. It was now one thirty, only a half hour till closing time.

Angie looked at Mara who immediately drew the attention of the nice looking gentleman. “Um, Mara, this is Bryan. He just stepped in from work, needing a drink. Bryan, my friend and coworker, Mara.” Angie waived her hand.

“Hello,” he said with a sweet smile, extending his palm for Mara to shake it. Immediately she accepted, grinning at him, enjoying the sight in front of her.

“Hi, looks like you came in time just to get one drink. Pity…” She shook her head, their gaze was not broken, he had not let go her hand.

Bryan drew up his lips. “Yeah, I guess I’ll have to drink elsewhere, hmm?”

Angie noticed the connection between the two and decided to begin cleaning. Mara moved in a little closer to the bar, still staring at Bryan. “Well, we’re just about to go to another place. Do you wanna to join us?”

Bryan finished the rest of his drink before placing the glass on the wood, he moistened his lips. “Sure, where you headed?”

“To a place near Roosevelt called Mystique. They’re having a Fuck Valentine’s Day dance party. We’re on our way over there now.”

Bryan chuckled, “Sounds like a great time. Tell me, does the name mean that you are guaranteed a fuck today or does it call for somethin’ else?”

Mara grinned, “Well, I believe the answer is the latter but if you play your cards right, it may just be lucky for both you and me.” Mara drew up her mouth, her gaze still affixed to his light brown orbs. In that small moment, she was studying his features. He was so damn hot; a chiseled face, perfect dimples, and smooth skin, white as porcelain.

“Is that so,” he raised an eyebrow which made Mara feel a little wetness between her thighs. “In that case, I’m game. Are you girls drivin’ over there?”

Mara shook her head. “Nope, we’re gonna take a cab since we thought we might be having a few more drinks. Are you?”

Bryan shifted on the chair, “No, I walked over here. I work at the Water Tower at a consultants firm. I just left and decided to leave my car there so I could enjoy a few libations. Mind if I tag along with you two in the taxi?”

“Not at all. If you try anything funny, we can take you. Would you like another one before we hit the road?”

The corner of Bryan’s mouth turned upwards. “Maybe just water will do, Mara…and your last name?” He held out his hand once more.

Mara took it. “Devine, Mara Devine…”

“Such a perfect name for a very, attractive lady. If you’re interested my last name is Finley.”


Intrigued? I surely hope so. Like I said, it needs work and now that my part of the workload is only focusing on m/m/f, it will be easier to work on it and complete. Hope you enjoyed that and see you on Monday for the Update!


Jean said...

Sounds good. Looking forward to reading more.

Rawiya said...

Thank you Jean. It needs work but Im looking forward to dusting it off and resubmitting!