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Free Read Mi Familia Part XV

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Recap: The relationship between Diante' and Vince has become even more serious. Jared wants in but doesn't know how to tell them. What will he do? Find out!

Diante’ and Vince were on their way home from the grocery store where they’d picked up some dinner. After Vince got off of work, he met Diante’ at his job so they could go together and so he could protect him just in case anyone tried to bother them.

The news had gotten around the ‘hood about Diante’ and Vince being more than close. Vince didn’t deny it to his ex friends who promptly dismissed him as a faggot. They knew not to mess with him because Vince was a rogue. Although he wasn’t in any gangs, he had a reputation, whereas Diante’ was always the one they picked on anyway. The idiots had made some snide remarks to which Vince replied, try something and you get hurt or worse. They backed off but from that day forward, Vince knew he’d have to adjust everything so he could be there for his man.

As they proceeded down the block, a couple of Vince’s former friends were waiting for them just a half block away from their apartment. The couple stopped abruptly, with Vince dropping all the bags in his hands. Diante’ didn’t move.

“Get behind me,” he yelled at Diante’ but again, Diante’ stood still.

“My amor, vamanos!” Vince yelled again.

“No, I won’t, Vince.” He dropped his bags as well. “I’m not running just as you aren’t.” He rolled up his sleeves.

The two guys laughed. “Aw, isn’t this cute. The two little fags wanna get jacked together.” They stepped closer to Vince.

Vince took off his jacket.  He frowned at the two men. “C’mon, I’m ready for you fucks. You know betta than to try anything against me!” He motioned for them to come at him.

One shrugged his shoulders. “Vince man, you used to be cool and shit. Now, you ain’t nothin’ but a cocksucka. I can’t stand the fact that you used to be ‘round me, man. I can’t have that on my rep. I used to be friends with a fag.”

Vince chuckled, “Whateva, Mark, c’mon. You got the balls to try it, then c’mon.” He put his fists up. Vince wasn’t afraid. He’d been preparing to fight for a while.
The one called Mark stepped to him, throwing a punch.

“Vince!” Diante’ screamed as the other guy started to wrestle with him. Diante’ held his own, kicking the man in his crotch. The guy fell to the ground, cursing.
Diante’ went over, punching Mark in the back. “Get off him, asshole!”

Mark rose up and turned on Diante’. Just as he was about try something a flying fist came his way, knocking him out cold.

Vince pulled Diante’ in, kissing him. “You alright, baby?”

Jared shrugged his shoulders. “Goddamnit, you two. You couldn’t wait to get out this hellhole until you started spewing this gay shit?” He shook his hand.

“Fuck you. I was holdin’ my own, man.” Vince yelled, picking up the bags.

“Man, you and Diante’ coulda been seriously hurt. If I hadn’t a came down here…”

Vince glared at Jared. He couldn’t believe what Jared was saying about keeping things quiet. “I woulda handled it but thanks anyway, okay?”

Jared shook his head. “Yeah, okay.” He turned to the one Diante’ kicked in the balls, pulling him up by the collar. “Who sent you, fuckface! Huh?”

Vince watched the bigger Jared who’d been pumping iron like a madman, handle the man like a sack of potatoes. “C’mon love.” He told Diante’.

Diante’ straightened. “Jared, you called the cops?”

Jared was still accosting the man till he took off running. “Biatch!” He looked at the other on the sidewalk. “Yeah man, I did. Since you two wanna be out, I guess I better tell Tessa we need to move sooner than later. Until then, I guess we need to drive you to school and work then.”

The younger Morillo shook his head. “No you don’t. I’ll start carrying something. Vince taught me how to cut and slash if I needed to!”

Vince exhaled. “No, bebe, on this account Jared is right. No more walkin’ for you. 

They know not to mess with me alone but they will try you again. Let’s go.” He walked past Jared, leaving him.

Diante’ left as well.

Toliver appreciated that Jared came out to their defense but he resented the fact that Jared urged them to stay closeted. Vince thought it was unfair of him to ask them to stay silent about their relationship. He knew it his friend was trying to save them from trouble but since he was their friend, he thought Jared would understand.

Once they made it in, Vince turned to Diante’, dropping the bags and kissing his lips. “You okay, babes?”

Diante’ grinned. “Yeah, I’ll be glad when we get away from this place. Those fools don’t have anything to do with what we do in our bedroom and yet they have a problem with it. I don’t get people sometimes.”

Vince nodded in agreement. He ran his hand across Diante’s cheek. He enjoyed the feeling of his skin and just being with him. Vince had to admit he was more than in love, he was whipped by his friend. They’d known each other a long time, been through a lot together. It seemed totally natural for them to be lovers.

“Mi amor…” he smiled, pressing his body against Diante’s. “Let’s go upstairs, hmm?”

“Yeah, let’s. I’ll cook dinner for us. When I talked with my mom last night, I picked up some new recipes. We’ll need to start eating at home more now that we’re moving to San Diego.” Diante’ returned the embrace.

“Okay, I’ll help, after I get a little lovin’, huh?” He picked up the sacks again, pecking Diante’. Vince started up the staircase again.

“Yes, sir. You know I won’t turn that down.” Diante’ followed. He smacked Vince on the buttocks.

“Oh, that…oohh…that will get you in trouble, mi amor. You like that kink stuff, huh? I do too, baby!” He started running with Diante’ right behind him.

Vince was really enjoying being in this relationship with Diante’. He’d never felt so strongly about one person in his life. He was very happy he told Diante’ how he felt and shed his fears about coming out.

Despite the loss of his mom, stepmother and Dad, he knew he still had someone that loved him and cared for him. He never would’ve expected that person to be his best friend, Diante’ Morillo. Now, Diante’ was his family, his lover, his confidant, and his life.
* * * * *

Jared had given his statements to the police regarding what he’d saw. He told them, he heard the yelling since they lived less than a half block away and immediately came to their defense.

The police told him his friends should keep their “gay activity” behind closed doors if they didn’t want any more trouble. He only nodded, even though that statement didn’t sit well with him. Jared really wanted to tell the cop where to step off, but he didn’t feel like having to fight with anyone over this. He did just tell his friends the same thing.

Now, he had to get up the courage to tell him about what he’d been thinking of lately. He knew he still liked the girls but he just wanted to try it once with them, t see if he liked it. Jared hoped they would allow it.

After standing outside his door a moment, he walked into the apartment, finding Diante’ on top of Vince, kissing him profusely. Just the sight of it made his cock strain against his trousers. He sighed, tiptoeing in, not wanting to disturb them. His finger’s drifted down to his crotch, continuing to ogle their movements. Jared’s hand on his dick mimicked the thrusts of Diante’ on top of Vince.

“Mhmm…” he left out a soft moan. His other hand brushed his nipple. It tightened underneath, sending even more blood to his groin. “Oh God… you two…” he whispered, strolling to the recliner to take a seat on their left, giving him a clear view of what was happening. “Damn…”
* * * * *

Diante’ sensed Jared watching them. Although he was kind of nervous about being watched, it turned him on to have his other best friend in the same room with them as they made out.

Morillo continued grinding his sleek body into his man’s torso. He leaned down, covering his lips, tangling his tongue with Vince’s.

Vince smacked his buttocks through the denims, gripping them hard.

“Oh shit…you…” Diante’ bit Vince’s bottom lip. He made a trailed from there down the side of his neck to his naked shoulder. Lightly, he nibbled on his man’s skin, leaving a noticeable red mark.

“Ooh shit, Diante’, yes, I’m yours baby. Mark me.” Vince ran his hands up Diante’s back, clinging to his flesh.

Diante’ did as Vince commanded, marking his territory. He moved further down, moving Vince’s arm to lick his armpits. The taste of his man’s sweat drove him wild. He nuzzled the fine hairs, taking the small amounts of moisture between his lips.

“Fuck, yes, Diante’!” Vince yelled at the top of his lungs. He tugged on the back of Diante’s hair. “Oh jeezus, yes, I wanna be inside you baby!”

Diante’s eyes widened. He stopped abruptly, moving upwards giving his man another smooch. He moved closer to his ear. “Not yet, love. We got company.” He covered Vince’s mouth so he wouldn’t say anything. He didn’t want Vince to startle Jared. 

“Shh…let’s try to sneak away, babe.”

Vince snickered, “Hunny, if he wants a show, let’s give him one. Maybe, this will get him to admit he’s bisexual.”

Even though Diante’ was aroused, he wasn’t ready to go that far just yet. Making out was one thing but fucking was another. “No, baby. I’m not ready to be on display yet. He does this sort of thing for a living. I don’t.” He looked at Jared laying back in the Lazyboy, enjoying the feel of his own cock. Diante’ shook his head. “Jared…no use in hiding anymore, hmm? I know you been here watching us.” He noticed his friends hand was covered in his own juices.

Jared looked up, smiling. “Okay, fine, so I have. Thanks for the visuals guys. Now, it’s time to chat.”

Diante’ watched Jared leave the room, most likely going to clean himself up. He knew Jared was embarrassed that he’d be caught again but couldn’t help thinking, what could he have been talking about.

We’ll know soon enough.
* * * * *

Jared walked back in the living room, eyeing Diante’ and Vince. He sighed, knowing he wasn’t quite ready for this but needed to tell them anyway. Within moments, he was back in the recliner. They both gave him blank looks.

“Hey, um, okay, so…I’m sorry I didn’t let you guys know I was watchin’ again, but…” he gripped onto his water bottle making it crackle. His bit his lip. “I got more than curiosities, okay? Maybe I am, um…” he scratched his head.

“Gay,” Vince finished it for him, taking Diante’s hand into his.

“No…” he glared at Toliver, shaking his head. He sat the bottle down on the table. 

“I’m most likely bi. I like the girls, a lot. I ain’t no full faggot. I still like some tits and pussy. Not giving that up for no dick at anytime soon, my man.” He took out a cigarette from his shirt pocket.

Vince rolled his eyes and Diante’ blew raspberries.

“What’s your deal, huh?” Diante’ scoffed, his eyes peered right through Jared.
Jared put up his hands. “Look, sorry, I just know that I’ll ever be able to give that up, okay? I’m just not…”

Diante’ rolled his neck. “A fag… is how you continue to put it. You know, I really hate that you, who’s supposed to be our friend, keeps callin’ us that derogatory term. You just can’t come to grips that you might like cock.”

“No!” He smoked quickly. “I can’t! I’m not sayin’ it to hurt you two. I just call it like I see it.”

“Fuck callin’ it like you see it, man. You keep spewin’ a word that’s hurtful, you know? It’s almost as hurtful as nigger to me, you know? Or Spic!” Diante’ got up off the couch.

Jared had never seen Diante’ this angry. He had to admit it might’ve been mean to always say the word in front of his two best buds. “Okay, okay, man, sorry. I’m not homophobe, okay? We been usin’ that for the longest…”

“Yeah well, it might be time for you to let go of the stupid habit.” He fell back on the couch. “Nothin’ wrong with bein’ a homo.” Diante’ took Vince’s hand again.

Jared sighed, putting his Marlboro out in the ashtray. He glanced back at his friends who were giving him mean looks. “Okay, okay…right. Sorry. Didn’t know the two of you had become so damn sensitive.”

“Bullshit, how would you like to be called a dago,” Vince added with a smirk.

Jared laughed. “I ain’t no dago! I’m a son of one but…look,” he threw his hands up then sat next to his friends. “I said I’m sorry, okay? I…I really thought it was not a big deal but okay, so it bother’s the two of you now…fine. Let’s talk about somethin’ more important. When you gonna let me join in?”
* * * * *

Diante’ and Vince glanced at Jared wide eyed. Both not thinking he was serious.
Vince frowned, no believing what he’d just heard. He knew Jared was just kidding. Or was he?

Part Sixteen

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