Friday, June 3, 2011

Taboo Tens: Day Three SL Danielson!

Hello everyone! Welcome to day three of the Taboo Tens.

Today, I have fellow IRMer and great author SL Danielson on with a post regarding her newest release and its prequel, "For the Heart of Philip."

She is also giving away the latest, "Refugees" to a lucky commenter!

Take it away SL!

Sequel to “For the Heart of Phillip”. This tale picks up where the other left off; except following the two men who were left behind with broken hearts, Robert and David. 
Robert, who lost his battle for the heart of Phillip, and David, who lost out on his chance with Andrew.
Can they bond together over their shared pain and heartbreak or will the ‘old feelings’ come back to haunt them again after a crisis happens with one of their exes?
Buckle up for a dramatic ride in these two men’s lives who go from strangers to friends to lovers to who –knows-what!

A post from each characters POV:

"I always thought Phillip was the one for me. After all, I was the one who he asked out first! It should've been me!"  Robert lowers his shoulders and takes a deep breath.
"Sorry. This whole experience has me reeling. My father is livid, of course. Did I mention he went over there to punch him out? Phillip's a cop! He could've been arrested for even making the mere mention of it! Dad...I love you, but you're driving me insane!" He grabs at his hair again and pulls out a few loose strands and looks at them as they fall to the floor.
"I'm shocked they aren't gray with all I've been through. I know that things didn't work out, but he promised they would this time! What the hell does Andy have that I don't? I'm hot, aren't I? Blue eyes, good build, what more could I offer to a man that everything I am?"

David finally calmed down after discovering the ring. "He left me with the weakest dear David note I've ever seen in my life!" He balls his fist and hits the floor with it.
"He never wanted to be married to me; he always wanted his precious policeman. Fine. I'm not here to be used again or destroyed! Connor did that to me already and it really sucks!"
He wipes away the last few tear trails from his handsome face.
"If someone out there can't see me for me and love this person...I think I'm moving away from here for good."


Great post. I really like hearing things told from the characters POV. I definitely will check out the sequel. Have to read part one first.

Thanks SL. Hope you enjoyed and comment to win. 

Join us tomorrow for gay historical author extrordinaire, Erastes!


Rawiya said...

TY Steph for being here today

ladyauthorsld said...

Thanks for having me here!

timothy said...

sounds wonderful hon! xoxoxoxoxoxo

ladyauthorsld said...

Thanks, Tim!!

Angel Martinez said...

Poor David :( Though, knowing Steph, I'm sure everything will turn out fine for him in the end!

ladyauthorsld said...

I do love a HEA, Angel...

Rawiya said...

Thank you all for visiting. I'm looking forward to reading both of these books!

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Wow, this sounds so familiar lol

Best of luck with Refugees, SL! I'm partial to a HEA myself, although sometimes you gotta torture your characters a little along the way!

Lucia said...

They both sound to sad, sounds like they deserve their own book to become happy :)

ladyauthorsld said...

This book will 'take care' of both these men...I had to help the poor dears...

Pender Mackie said...

I like the premise. Sounds like a good read. :)