Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Read Mi Familia Part XVII

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Recap: Vince and Diante' are allowing Jared to join them in a moment. Will this disrupt the relationship that the couple have built to this point?

The three of them went into Vince and Diante’s bedroom. Jared came in last, shutting the door, keeping his eyes fixed on the couple who sat on the bed and began kissing feverishly.

Vince stopped devouring Diante’s lips. “You been looking at us, now just jump in when you feel the need. Is that cool?”

Jared nodded, “Yeah, that’s fine.” He leaned against the door, staring at them while rubbing the hardened flesh between his thighs. He’d been erect for several minutes. 

He wanted to keep it at least until he could join them on the mattress. “Fuck…”
Jared ogled Vince and Diante’ as they continued stripping. His eyes went to Diante’s crotch, admiring the impressive hard on, dripping pre passion juice. He sighed, desiring to taste him even if it was only for a moment. Jared licked his lips, unzipping his denims, stroking his own dick as he watched Vince jerked Diante’.

“Uhhghhh…” Diante’ groaned. His hand atop Vince’s head as his lover started licking his cock and the pink spot between his thighs. “Ooh shit…Vince…”

Vince moaned, pressing his finger inside his partner. “Damn you’re still so tight. Oh fuck!” He kissed it once more before grabbing the latex and lube off the nightstand.
Jared’s eyes met Vince’s. He grinned and nodded. “You gonna just stand there?”

“Yep, for now. Don’t let me disturb you. Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.” He moistened his lips again.

“It’s weird having you there, ya know.”

“I get it, just go on and pretend I’m not.”

“I will.” Vince pressed his sheathed cock into Diante’s tight orifice. “Ooh God, baby!”

Jared’s gaze stayed on the Vince as he thrust himself into Diante’. He stepped out of his shoes and pants, leaving them by the wall. He strolled over to the bed, crawling over Diante’, taking his cock in between his lips. “Mhmm…God, you taste good.” And he did. It was the first time Jared ever tasted a man and it was better than any woman he’d sampled. He gripped his own manhood, feeling the pressure on his groin.

“Ooh yes…Jared…God that feels good.” Diante’ reached for Jared’s head, tugging at the strands.

Jared licked along Diante’s mushroom head before swallowing his length completely. He gripped himself, feeling the explosion very near. His nipples tensed and the goose pimples formed on his body. The sensation of being in bed with his two friends excited him to no end. “Damn, Diante’ cum for me, love. Come on!”

Diante’ panted and trembled, clutching the sheets with his free hand. “Fuck… yes, Jared!”

Jared gulped Diante’ juices down quickly, moaning while pressing his own crotch into the sheets. It didn’t matter that he had no where to put his at the moment.

Maybe next time
* * * * *

Vince smirked, still penetrating his lover. He was close to cumming but really hated seeing Jared giving his lover head. He wished they hadn’t agreed on this and decided to do what he could to get it over with. He’d make it up to Diante’ when they were alone. Vince picked up the pace. “Yes, Diante’, oh shit, I’m so close!”

Diante’ grasped tighter, gritting his teeth, still pushing Jared’s head into his crotch. Before he could make another sound, Jared covered his lips, giving him a taste of his own natural wine.

Vince began to hyperventilate. His jealousy and juices boiled inside him. “Ooh fuck!” He pushed harder, shooting a load into the latex. His body shuddered, teeth chattering as he eyed his lover and friend. “Okay…Jared…you good?” He huffed.

They continued embracing. Jared didn’t respond. He grabbed Diante’s dick in his palm.

Vince shook him, chuckling. “Let go on my man, please. Fun’s over.” He hovered over them, pulling Jared by the hair, separating the two.

Jared laughed. “Wow, aren’t you territorial.”

“Yep…you enjoyed it? Are you bi?” Vince already knew the answer but he wanted to hear it straight from Jared.

Jared grinned. “I would say I’m just attracted to the two of you which is fine.” He kissed Diante’ again before sharing a quick one with Vince…the next time…”

Vince held up his hand in front of Jared’s face. “Whoa, nooo, no…there will be no next time, okay? You said, once.” Vince couldn’t believe what he’d heard and wanted to squash any desires Jared might have had.

“C’mon, you wouldn’t let me be a part of the bigger picture? I mean, I only had a taste of Diante’ which was good but, I’d like to be more in the middle.”

“Hey, I told you to join in…”

“Yes, I know…but…you were already where I wanted to be, dude. Inside Diante’.”Jared sighed and winked at him.

Vince shook his head, drawing up his lips. “We’ll talk later just leave me and Diante’ alone for the moment, okay?”

Jared got up from the mattress, dressing quickly with his eyes still fixed on the two lovers. “Okay…okay.” He held up his hands before picking up his shoes to walk out.

Vince smirked, watching their older friend leave and close the door behind him. It was very unsettling to hear Jared talk about a next time. He thought the three of them had an understanding.

Only once…no more…no mas!


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