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Taboo Tens: Day Sixteen Tara Lain

Greetings fans!

Welcome to the halfway point of our celebration!

It's been so fun. We've had a lot of activity and great authors and today is no exception.

Tara Lain is one of my faves. I'm happy to call her a friend since she has always given me such great advice and has helped me along as i try to become a good author.

Tara has a background in writing non fiction and a promotional background so she already had some experience before she decided to try her hand at fiction writing.

Today, she is one of the most respected and popular. Her first book, Genetic Attraction was a fabulous debut that gave us memorable moments and characters and now, she has just recently did a prequel to that book called The Scientist and Supermodel.

Please give her your undivided attention!


The Eternal Allure of the Beta Hero

I am delighted to be celebrating this wonderful milestone with Michael. In his honor, I want to share some heroes. I’m all about heroes. Makes sense.  I write mostly M/M and ménage romance so I get to create a lot of yummy men. But while the vast majority of women drool over the big-muscled alpha males, I sigh for the slender, pretty, misunderstood beta boys. That’s not to say I can’t work up a sweat for an alpha. LOL. My hero, Jake, in my new M/M book, The Scientist and the Supermodel, and in the M/M/F ménage, Genetic Attraction, may be a geneticist but he’s a top, a dominant described as “half-geek, half demigod.” But the real crush for me in those books is the supermodel, (upper left) Roan Black, who is called “the most beautiful man in the world” by the press, but has a gentle, submissive, family-loving nature that defines him as a beta. I also love putting alpha male hearts in beta male bodies. My hero David Underwood in Volley Balls (coming out July 1) is an effeminate man with the heart of a lion.

But lest I hog all the beautiful beta awards with my boys, let me share some of my all time favorite M/M heroes . In some cases, they are “beta” only in the sense that they are pretty and sensitive. Their power, intelligence and self-understanding are at least equal to any guy with bulging biceps.

      One of the most seriously misunderstood of the beta males is in Jet Mykles recent release, A Rose is a Rose. Carson, a transvestite stripper, is beautiful and deeply self-absorbed, a characteristic he learned at his mother’s knee. Jet does an amazing job of redeeming this seemingly unlikable man and turning him into a loving self-actualizing person. Living inside Carson’s head was so fascinating to me, he joins my list of favorite Jet Mykles’ heroes at number 2, behind my passionate love, Shasertai , in my favorite of Jet’s books, Sursein Judgement.

     This one is cheating because Tristan (Sparky) in Z A Maxfield’s Crossing Borders is not truly a beta male, in fact he tops his partner frequently, but I adore him so much I have to tell you to read this book if you’ve somehow missed it. Sparky is pretty and young but he is quite dominant and self-assured while being a real caring person. He is just lovely!
 n   Edward. Sigh. Everyone who knows me hears about Lynn Lorenz’s terrific book, Edward Unconditionally. This wonderful character was one of the first overtly gay heroes I read and I was utterly charmed. He is theatrical, smart, loving and generous. Don’t miss him.
      I’ll wrap up with a mention of Matthew, the beta in the M/M/M ménage, More, by Sloan Parker. Though the other two men are strong, dominant and charismatic, the gentle Matthew is the heart of their relationship and the heart of the reader.
I’d never try to wile you away from your handsome alphas, but I hope I’ve prodded you to give my beautiful betas a try. You’ll love them.  :  )


The Scientist and the Supermodel

Tara Lain

Genre: Contemporary Menage; please see Publisher's Note

Length: Short Novel

Price: $5.99

Geneticist Jake Martin has brilliant scientific vision, but he's blind to his own nature. Despite his flagging interest in women and his past experience with a man, he's convinced himself he'd be happy if he could just have his older boss, Emmaline Silvay, as his lover. Living in his closeted dream world, he's unprepared for the powerful attraction he experiences to supermodel Roan Black, "the most beautiful man in the world."

Jake can't resist the gorgeous, androgynous creature. Who could? he thinks.But Roan refuses to accept him until Jake admits that it's a man he wants and this man in particular. Jake tells himself it's just sex, but his refusal to understand what he really needs threatens the best chance at happiness he's ever had. Is there a future for a PhD scientist who refuses to see and a high school dropout supermodel who understands all too clearly?

Publisher's Note: This book is predominantly a romance between two bisexual men and features primarily male/male sexual practices; however, it contains m/f and m/m/f scenes and is therefore classified as menage, not strictly LGBT.

Read an excerpt at

Excerpt ADULT: Tara Lain The Scientist and the Supermodel M./M erotic romance

Roan pushed Jake back on the sofa cushions and had his belt undone, fly down, and briefs and trousers at his knees before the man could even gather the wind to protest. Oh yeah, he’d been right about the big and beautiful. Jake’s cock was really long, almost as long as Roan’s, but not as thick. It had lovely veins and a sleek, flaring pink cap that was wet and glistening with precum. Roan licked his lips. No slow buildup tonight, sports fans, or the sweet straight boy might change his mind.
With one move, he grasped that beautiful cock and licked it up one side and down the other, then circled the head with a flat, wet tongue. Jake almost elevated off the couch. “Oh shiiiiit.”
 Roan got serious. Slipping Jake’s cock past lips and teeth, he let it slide deep into his throat, then tightened his lips and sucked hard as he pulled out all the way to the tip, back down, and then another sucking exit. Finally, he wrapped two hands around the base and began to suck that big shiny rod in and out of his mouth like his own private licorice stick. Jake was shaking and moaning, but there wasn’t a protest to be heard. Yeah, the boy sure liked his cock sucked.
And, wow, did Roan love doing it. Jake filled him, mouth and soul, with heat. Feeling the young scientist thrust into his mouth sent fire straight to his balls. He knew how Tom must have felt -- destined for heartache at the hands of a guy who would let you suck him off repeatedly and only think later that you might love him. But how could you say no? This boy was special -- and he tasted good too.
Jake’s hips were bucking wildly. “Shit, Roan, God, don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Roan knew just what he meant.
Then the gasps began. “Fuck, Roan, pull away, I’m gonna come. Oh yeah, please, I’m gonna --” And with a breaking cry, Jake thrust as far into Roan’s mouth as he could get, and Roan felt hot, wet cum sear the back of his throat. Hot throat, warm heart.
Roan felt Jake’s body trembling and glanced up. Jesus, were there tears on his face? His blowjobs weren’t usually a cause for weeping. But he got it. Somehow this had been more than a quickie for him too. This guy was special.
He pressed his cheek against the scientist’s thigh and felt the man pull his leg away. Damn, he had a bad feeling about this. He felt hands pushing against his head, and he sat up. Jake was clearly trying to do several things at once. Put distance between them, adjust his clothes, and wipe tears from his face. Yes, this was a fucking bad sign. “Am I too heavy?”
“No…yeah. I don’t know. I just think I have to sleep now…have to be alone.”
Roan sighed. It wasn’t like this was the first time some guy had accepted a blowjob and then pushed him away. It was his damn fucking face. Guys got mesmerized and just forgot they were straight -- until they came harder than they ever had and then freaked. He had hoped this guy was different. Shit. “Yeah, I can see I am too heavy. Don’t panic, straight boy; I’ll be out of here in a minute.”
For an instant, the blond looked remorseful, or so it seemed to Roan. But then he kind of shook himself. “Yeah, it’s best if you go.”
Roan stood and walked to the door. It felt like a long fucking way. He glanced back and saw Jake trying to cover his naked cock, which was lying in sated satisfaction on his thigh. Asshole.
Roan smiled tiredly. “Good luck with your science, Doc. And don’t worry about Tom. He got his money’s worth.”
And then he left.

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Wow, what a great blog, blurb and excerpt! I'm with Tara. I like my guys to be beautiful. My own pretty boys are Adrian from Only When I Lose Myself, Dr. Hayden Curry from Vertigo, and Dr. Nicholas Fairlight from African Sun. They are all the sweet betas but they have the hearts of a lion. 

I love the muscular like anyone but I'm especially attracted to the overly pretty!

Hope you enjoyed. Please comment so you can win a copy of this book and if you haven't bought, Genetic Attraction, Tara's MMF, please do! It is AMAZINGLY hot, funny, and a great story!

Join us tomorrow for new author Lisa Worrall.

Until Tomorrow...


Lisa Worrall said...

Wow - OMG - with a double extra of hot!

Rawiya said...

TY for the early visit Lisa!

Genetic is a really good book. I have SS already and will be reading it soon.

TY again Tara for being a guest on my blog!

Tara Lain said...

Hi Rawiya/Michael -- I'm delighted to be here. Thank you for your very kind words and for being such a grand host. Congratulations on this terrific milestone. : )

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Ivelisse said...

Great excerpt, Congrats Tara on having the Best Book over at Whipped Cream.

Phoenix Lyons said...

The excerpt was great. Who could resist 2 sexy guys like these 2? I know that if I was a character, I'd definitely join in lol.

Rawiya said...

TY Tara and thx to all who've visited.

This has been awesome having all the great writers on my blog. :)

Terra Pennington said...

Hey Tara,

Had to stop by and let you know I love this book. It was great to see just how my to main men met and ended up together. Love the smart-mouth punch lines and I will never look at a Hoover the same after reading this book.


Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

What an excerpt! This is going to be a greatr emotional read indeed. Wow.
Thank you Tara. I now have several good title to add to my gotta have asap list too.
Thank you for the great contest and goody excerpts...*S*


Rawiya said...

From Teresa K

Hi Michael & Tara,
I always love ready the excerpts on the Scientist and the Super Model. Jake & Roan are so hot.
As far as the piece on Beta's. Just because there Beta's doesn't make them weak. Most Beta's have a Alpha heart. Especially when the things love are threatened. I really believe most Beta's are Alpha's that don't want the responsiblity. There perfectly happy being who they are and going along in life with a normal life and no major responsibility's. Besides that Beta's are just forceful enough where it counts.
Teresa K.
tcwgrlup(at) yahoo dot com



Tara Lain said...

Hi everybody --Great to see so many friends all in one spot. Can't wait to give somebody a copy of the book. Thank you for all your great comments. : )

Tara Lain said...

BTW, i think some of you aren't posted over at Beautiful Boys Books yet. go on over and leave a comment and you may win two books! : )

June M. said...

Great excerpt. Thank you so much for sharing. Wow!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

What a great post, and thank you both for adding some new stories that I can't wait to read.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com
cathy m

Tara Lain said...

Thank you Cathy and June. Really appreciate you coming by Michael's place for a visit. : )

booklover0226 said...

Hi, Tara. Loved the post and the excerpt. I look forward in reading your works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail com

Tara Lain said...

Thank you, Tracey! so glad you came by. : )

Anonymous said...

ty tara for the posts I am glad the prequel (ok not sure if that is the right name) is out to read

She said...

Great excerpt! Hot and shows Roan's sensitive side. Beautiful!

JoAnna said...

I love Teresa K's comment! I love Roan and if he's a beta then I'm a fan of betas!
beckerjo at verizon dot net

Sherry said...

This was such a great post and I loved the excerpt and can't wait to read this book.


Di said...

I enjoy following authors to new sites & Tara is one of my favorites - had a fun visit!

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marybelle said...

Can you be overly pretty? I love HOT & funny. Great combination.


flchen1 said...

Very lovely post, Tara! Thanks :) And mmmm...

f dot chen at comcast dot net

Tara Lain said...

Wow. So many friends visited after i last checked in!! Thanks so much you guys. You're all entered in the drawing. : )

Jen B. said...

Darn, I think I missed the drawing! Anyway, the Scientist and the Supermodel sounds hot. It is definitely going on my wish list!

Tara Lain said...

Hi Jen-- Thanks so much for coming to say hi! You're on the list for the drawing at my book blog. The drawing is today -- Saturday. : )

ladyauthorsld said...

Love the case for the beta male...I'm a huge fan of them myself (and some of mine aren't exactly skinny).
I go for the alphas sometimes...but those brainy betas, love 'em!

Like the excerpt, I wish you success with the books!!