Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - True Meaning of Love Part Two

Greetings Fans, welcome to the Six Sentence Sunday.

This week, I'm previewing my sequel to True Meaning of love.

I featured it in the Sip yesterday, and now here are my Six Sentences. Some angst here with Brandon and his ex, Tyler.

Tyler grinned, strolling back over in Brandon’s direction. “Sure, you and a thousand others might look good to him,” he chuckled. “I just don’t wanna see you get hurt, babe and…I know what we talked about but, damnit…I…I miss you, baby.” He kissed his lips, gripping Brandon’s slender thighs in his palm. “Besides, we’ve got history and…”
“A good one being just friends.”

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Lisa Worrall       Catriana Sommers

Sue Brown          Julie Lynn Hayes

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Lisa Worrall said...

Oooooh - sounds fab :)

Rawiya said...

TY Lisa.

I'm glad they have more story to tell so I can put out a more complete book.

An Open Book said...

Very sensual yet I can feel the sexual sparks- great SSS
Dawne P

Carolyn Rosewood said...

Nice six!

Sam Crescent said...

I thought these were sweet, I enjoyed reading them

Rawiya said...

TY all very much.

I love this sequel so far, tells a lot more than the first

Kally said...

Nicely done, Michael!