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Taboo Tens: Day Eleven Catriana Sommers

                                                   Greetings fans!

Welcome to another day of the Taboo Tens.

Today I have dear friend and fellow IRM'er, Catriana Sommers. She and I met on Livejournal in my not so active slash group called Tabooslash. We started reading each others fan fiction and enjoyed it.

She asked me about being a published author and I gave her a bit of advice as I would anyone. However, Catriana was so special, I knew she wouldn't need much because even thought I wasn't into the fandom she wrote, I knew she'd make it because she's a fantastic writer. 

Now look at her! Only a few months later, she has two novels coming out with Silver publishing as well as another story coming out in a moth or so.
What a success story. Well deserved!
Give my friend your attention! She'll be here twice this month and both ties, she's giving away one of her books. We'll do the first one Call on me today. Appropriate, since she's interviewing one of her characters.


Hey there folks, Catriana Sommers here. Today I've brought along Salvatore Rizzo, the main character in my upcoming release, Call on Me. He's agreed to sit down and answer a few questions for us. Thanks for coming, Sal!

Salvatore: Good to be here, Cat.

Catriana: So tell everyone a bit about yourself.

SR: *coughs* Uh, well...I'm thirty-three, m'kinda tall I guess. Okay build, I keep myself in shape, y'know? Was born in's a town in southern Italy. Got some brothers I don't like talking about, my Ma died some years back. Came to the states when I was about twelve or thirteen. That good?

CS: Mmm, maybe you could tell us some of your hobbies? Favorite food? Astrological sign?

SR: *laughs* Okay, okay, I get it. Hobbies...I like long walks in the park *chuckles at Catriana's raised brow* Kidding. Honestly, I don't have much for hobbies besides maybe looking at old cars. I'd like to have a collection someday, but that kind of stuff ain't cheap. As for my favorite food...anything Dar makes, really. The guy should have been a professional chef instead of a damn businessman. And I'm a Scorpio.

CS: Alright then, speaking of Darshan...

SR: *laughs and shakes his head* I knew this was coming. Go and roll 'em.

CS: Well, since you put it like that...When did you meet Darshan and when was the moment you knew it was love?

SR: Oh, wow, that's kind of a tricky question. Well, the first part is easy, anyway, I met Dar my second year of middle school. They held me back a grade because my English wasn't so hot and I kept getting into fights because kids teased me about my accent - it was really bad when I was younger, could barely understand me. So anyway, this kid comes up to me one day, all arms and legs with a big head, smiles at me and asks if I want to hang out that weekend. Thought he was bullshitting me, so I punched him in the face.

CS: *gasps* Seriously?

SR: *chuckles* Oh yeah. Thing is, this gangly kid just laughs, lip bleeding and all, and asks again. Cuz he had been laughing I took it the wrong way and gave him a shiner on his left eye. By then Fitz jumped in and man, he was ready to kick my ass, but Dar stopped him, said I was going to be his new best friend. Fitz was pissed, but when Dar said that...I don't know. I knew he wasn't joking, and I felt real bad after that. Back then though, I was mad at the world, hated everyone, so I didn't apologize until years later. Never held it against me, that's just how Dar is.

As for falling in love...I don't really know. Maybe since that first day I loved him and didn't realize it. I was real jealous when Fitz and Dar started dating, and even more pissed when Fitz cheated on him. One day, I think I just woke up, saw Dar at school and knew. I didn't go through that whole "Holy shit, I'm gay" phase I hear people talking about, because at the time I had still liked girls, I just liked my best friend more. My biggest fear had been losing our friendship, which is why I kept my mouth shut. I never actually had a relationship before Dar, though. I didn't really want to be tied down, especially with the way Dar's life went. I wanted to be there for him without any baggage, so nothing went beyond casual flings.

CS: So, what are your plans now?

SR: Now? Maybe put my bachelor's degree to good use and get a job working at Dar's company. Heard they need an IT guy.

CS: What did you get a degree in?

SR: Computer Science with a minor in History.

CS: What do you do now?

SR: *shifts uncomfortably and then sighs* I'm a bouncer at a strip club. It's...personal.

CS: You don't have to discuss anything you don't wish to, Sal.

SR:'s cool. It happened so long ago but yeah, it does still bother me. Anyway, when we first came to America, we had absolutely nothing but the clothes on our back. My Ma got into stripping because it paid well and she didn't have to speak to do her job. She wanted the best for us and that's hard with a bunch of boys. What she didn't spend on food or rent she saved.

I only saw it happen twice, but Ma came home and well...I won't get into specifics, but she got taken advantage of. I was the oldest, so I took care of her both times, never said anything to my brothers, but I think they knew. The moment she could, she stopped working there and got a decent, if lower paying job. When I got old enough I was working, so that helped too. But you know, a lot of those girls don't feel as if they got a choice when they do that kind of stuff. They need money, and stripping pays more than a nine to five. They don't deserve the kind of crap guys give them and I get real personal satisfaction out of 'taking care' of those bastards who think they can do whatever they want to a woman like it's their God given right. I gotta quit soon, though, now with everything that's happened between me and Dar.

CS: Well, Sal, I think that's enough questions for this round. Thanks so much for coming here and opening up to the readers a bit, I really appreciate it.

SR: Yeah, no problem. Anytime.

Thanks for reading, folks! I hope you enjoyed the small look into my character and I definitely hope you'll purchase a copy of Call on Me coming June 18th!


Where to find me:
Silver Publishing (Call on Me, Destined):


Coming June 18th, through Silver Publishing!
Pre-order available!

Blurb: Salvatore Rizzo has been friends with Darshan Lyang since middle school and has been there for him through thick and thin. From Darshan's coming out, to being forced into a marriage with a woman he didn't love, to the birth of his daughter Sarai. Sal stayed by Dar's side through it all; not just because they're best friends, but also because Sal is deeply in love with him. All these years he's been too afraid of damaging what they have to go further, but this Father's Day, fate is finally intervening.

When Jin Ae, Dar's ex-wife, jumps back into his life to deliver some shattering news, he breaks down, leaving Sal to help pick up the pieces. Little Sarai has her own plans to cheer up Dar, involving a special gift, and a certain 'Uncle' whom she believes is the perfect man for her perfect daddy.

Excerpt: "Little girl, what you know about your daddy and boyfriends?" Sal tried hard not to croak the words out. Okay, so he hung out more often than a normal guy would at his best friend's house while Sarai had been growing up. And maybe he had flirted a little bit every now and then, knowing Dar wouldn't catch on. There also could have possibly been those few times while drunk Sal had accidently-on-purpose copped a feel, but this cute little demon child couldn't possibly have caught on. No way. If nothing else, Salvatore Rizzo knew he was a smooth operator, even during moments of weakness with Darshan.

Said cute demon rolled her eyes at him, as if dealing with a stubborn child. "Uncle Sal," Sarai chided "I'm not a little girl anymore. It's okay if you like Daddy because I already love you lots. Besides, if you and Daddy get married, then you'll always be around to buy me really cool presents if I make good grades!"

"Uh huh." Now parked, Sal got out of the car, stretching slightly before walking over to let little Miss Priss out. With a hop, she landed gracefully on her feet and smoothed out her hair—which was really nothing but a mass of curls. Crossing her arms, she continued to give him a look. "I see you thought this out."

She happily took his hand when he offered, skipping lightly as they walked towards the elevators. "Mmhm. See, Daddy will be happy, you'll be happy, and I'll be happy. Everyone's happy!"

Here comes the catch. "And Sarai walks away with more Barbie stuff than she can handle, right?"



What a great character interview, blurb and excerpt!

I can;t wait to get this one and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Join us tomorrow where I hope to get some of our authors to do a Six Sentence of their latest novel's WIP's, 
or shorts. I'll be doing one from my next short to come out with XOXO, Photogenic.

Until then...


Rawiya said...

TY for the visit Catriana!

Catriana said...

Thank you for having me and thank you so much for the kind words. You've been a wonderful friend/mentor to me, I'm so very glad to have met you! ♥

Lucia said...

Wow, you really have luck with covers, they both look great! I really liked the interview, Salvatore sounds like a great character.

Angel Martinez said...

Dang it, I keep telling myself I'm not reading any more contemporaries for awhile - and then see characters like Sarai. Oh, she's just too adorable.

Looks great Catriana (though I would've liked to have heard about the other book *points up* for which Rawiya posted the cover...)

Catriana said...

@ Lucia: Thanks! Destined's image was a commission I got by the artist PhoenixLu on the website DeviantArt and Call on Me's cover was done by Reese Dante. Both are Silver Publishing releases.

@Angel: I LOVED writing her. I'm giving away a free copy of the book, so maybe you'll win and save yourself some money, lol! As for the other book, I'll be around here again and next time I'll be talking about Destined.

Thank you both so much for stopping by!

Rawiya said...

Hey everyone thank you for visiting.

Cat, you deserve all the success you're getting. You are truly talented.

I'm glad we met also!

waka-sensei said...

Wow, great interview! Sounds really good.I loved the plot and Sal seems to be a great man, a loyal friend and probably a hot lover. I'll be looking forward to reading the whole story. Congratulations, sweet Catriana! You deserve it because you're a wonderful writer.

Btw, I'm wakasensei from Y!Gallery. *hugs*

She said...

Good interview. What a way to be introduced to your best friend. Call on Me sounds good.

Catriana said...

Alright, put the names in a hat, shook it up and drew a winner! Waka-sensei, you'll be getting a free copy of Call on Me! Congrats!

I'll be here on Taboo Indeed again and next time, it'll be a free copy of Destined!