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Taboo Tens: Day Ten Patricia Logan

Greetings fans and welcome to day ten of Taboo Tens!

WOW! What reaction we've gotten from the gay fiction community! The blog has been jumping with comments on every blog.

I thank all of your for that! 

We celebrate TGIF with one of my faves, Patricia Logan.

She's a star, writes hot m/m fic with the bondage twist and she's one of the sweetest, kindest people I've met in the virtual world.

A true gem and I'm glad to have her.

Take it away hunny!


I wanted to speak today about generosity. It’s not really a Male Male topic but it does involve other authors and is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. We authors are an unbelievably generous bunch of people and I’m blessed to know so many wonderful souls. When I began writing, I was not on Live Journal or Face Book or My Space or for that matter, did I use any forms of social media except email. My scope of friendships was limited to those I worked with outside the house and with my family. I always found it easy to make friends at work; I’m a funny and friendly person and I attract people. This brings me to my point. Sometimes I attract the wrong people. Not people that would do me physical harm in any way but people who tend to suck all the energy out of a room just by entering it. This type of person is commonly referred to as a drama queen.

Because I’m so kind to people, there are those that take my niceness and walk all over it. They constantly dump their doo doo at my doorstep. I can’t really understand people who constantly turn every conversation that one has with them into an “it’s all about me” conversation. Maybe, the social skills that these people lack come from the fact that they rarely are responsible for anything more than themselves or the occasional pet. They always seem to find a way to make me know that their lives are so much more important to talk about than mine. They rarely have time to discuss me and my issues whatsoever, not that I need a lot of that. I have learned that I must cut these “energy drains” out of my life as soon as I realize that this is who they are. Generous people are few and far between in this world and since becoming an author of Male Male, I’ve met an incredible group of people that fit that bill to a T.

As authors, we give freely of our time to charitable causes, free reads, our books, and our time reading and reviewing other author’s work and posting reviews for them. We give space on blogs like this one that Michael has kindly donated today just so that we can help to promote other authors and their work. As I write this blog today, another author is guest blogging on my blog Naughty Passions. We are an incredibly generous lot and I am proud to know this ilk of men and women. As an author of Male Male romance, I am honored to know so many authors of like mind, and the female authors are all gay men in women’s bodies. When my girlfriend first gave me that handle, I laughed and then once I met other female authors in my genre and was startled by their generosity, I realized that yes, there are so many other women of like mind.

One of the things that surprised me when I began contacting and making friendships with other authors was the amount of time that we need to spend promoting our work and our books. I find that there are an amazing amount of hours required to promote my books. My author friends are a great help with this. They eagerly repost my blogs, my book covers, and my blurbs on Face Book and Live Journal and their own individual blogs. Very kind people and very generous. I am honored to be a part of these people and I am grateful and I only hope that I don’t let them down.


Blurb taken from Torquere website:

Horribly scarred, Trace Martin has returned from an Iraqi prison camp a tormented man. He struggles to cope with PTSD and alcoholism, nearly burning down the family home. Brodie, his twin, turns to her best friend Kyle Kincaid for advice on how to help. Kyle, also a former Marine, has been expelled from the military under the DADT policy. The two men dislike each other immediately, but when Trace cleans up, they begin to see an attraction.

Shortly after the two men begin an intense relationship, Brodie’s life is threatened by a monstrous serial killer. The men are thrown into a new role for which they’ve been well trained; protecting Brodie’s life. Add in the irresistible Ryan Harris, Trace's nurse from Walter Reed Hospital and their relationship is further tested. Join Kyle and Trace as they battle for their lives and their families in this exciting conclusion to the Armadillo Series.

Buyink :


What a great blog and I cant wait to get into Patty's series.

Yes the author community is very generous. I'm so glad to be part of this wonderful group of talented and sweet people.

Thx Patricia and remember fans, you can win a copy of this book, from Patricia! So please, comment away.

I hope you enjoyed. Make sure you join us tomorrow for my good friend and budding new star, Catriana Sommers. She is giving away her first 2 books. SO DAMN GENEROUS!

Until tomorrow!


Rawiya said...

TY for visiting Patty!

Sue Brown said...

You're a star, Patti. Generous to a fault and loved by us all. *hugs you tight*

Lucia said...

And I as a reader am so happy that authors are so generous, beause by folowing one author, I get to learn about a lot of other great authors too!

Lisa Worrall said...

After reading that piece - there is very little I can say other than "I love you batty Patti!" I don't think I've ever met anyone as generous with their time, advice and love as you and I am grateful every day that I get to call you my friend *hugs you so tight your head pops off*

She said...

Well said, Patricia. We often forget the generosity of people each day. With so much going on, I know that I tend to get caught up in my own life and forget that others also have lives and interests they want to share. I have to learn to shut my mouth more and listen more. Authors are very generous with their time, talents, and works. As a reader I like your generosity. I know between writing and promoting you take a lot of time away from your families. Thank you.

Rawiya said...

TY all for the visits. I'm hoping you all enjoyed the post

LaviniaLewis said...

Sorry, sorry sorry, I'm behind with my blog reading so this is late. But great post patti, and you're right you are generous to a fault(as are you Rawiya!) It never fails to amaze me just how open, generous and welcoming all my fellow authors have been since I started writing, so thanks go to you all!