Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Sips - True Meaning of Love 2

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Today, I want to give a sip of my sequel to my first book from XOXO publishing, True Meaning of Love.

The wonderful thing about getting to do sequels is that you get to continue the story from the first's ending point. In my case, it's actually a chance to give you the beginning of the relationship between London and Brandon before the accident, before Christian, etc.

How did they meet and where? What were the first tribulations they had as a couple? Everything leading up to their union then going beyond.

So, that being said, it will be longer than the first. *laughs*

Here's a snippet.

Brandon had been chided by his close friends about his feelings for the club owner that was nearly twice his age. Brandon still wanted to get to know him better even with the huge age difference.
If only I could get close to him. 
“Brandon!” the call came from the door. His mate, Tyler had picked up his mail for the last three days. McFerry hadn’t left the house as of late.
“In here.” His hazel eyes didn’t leave the canvas. He traced the lines of London’s face with his nail. “God, you are…” he stopped short, recalling the newscast of seeing the businessman well dressed in a black Oswald Boateng suit. “Beautiful, man…” he smiled.
Tyler tapped him on the shoulder.
“Damnit…” he’d gotten lost in a trance, not even recalling that Tyler was coming in.
“Dude, you really need to cut this out, right? You need some air.”
Tyler Hainesberry had been best friends with Brandon for about ten years. They’d done the dating thing once but figured it wouldn’t work so they immediately called it off.
Brandon got up from his chair, giving Tyler a half hug, taking the stack of bills.  “Thanks mate,” he winked, walking across the room in his pajama bottoms and a wifebeater.
His pal watched him and shook his head. “Dude, don’t you think you need to get out the place?”
Brandon tossed the envelopes in a bag by the trashcan. “No, I’m good. I need to finish this sketch. Remember, I wanna have it ready for him once his place opens.” McFerry took a drink of the water sitting on his counter. He frowned because it was warm. He grabbed another one out the fridge.
Tyler shook his head, moving his straight black hair out of his line of vision. “I know that, but…no one’s been seeing you ‘round and they’re starting to worry that you’re becoming a recluse.”
Brandon finished his beverage. “If I am, so fuckin’ what? I have an ambition to finish this painting so I can take it to him, impress him and hopefully charm the pants off him. I’m sure he’ll appreciate my fine work. Hopefully, he’ll do more than just give me a handshake,” he winked making his way back over to the painting taking a seat on the small stool.
Tyler sighed, “Man, I know what you’re tryin’ to do but, everyone misses you at the old pub, ya know?” He stepped closer to Brandon, rubbing his bare shoulders. “I miss you the most, mate.” The taller man leaned in, planting a kiss amongst Brandon’s messy curls.
No, no…cannot do this!
The feeling of Tyler’s hands on him caused a stir in his trousers. The more the man rubbed, the more sensibility started to fly out the window. Brandon groaned, gripping onto the sides of his seat. His breaths started to labor, he felt his nipples hardening under the cotton. “Fuck, no…Tyler, no… we been there, done that.” He shoved him away. Promptly, he got back up. “Besides, you said, no more of this friends with benefits, BS. We’re too old for this shit, Tyler. That’s one of the reasons I want him.”
“But you may not get him, Brandon? Have you ever given a thought of just how many blokes have tried to get close to him? He’s rich, he’s very handsome, intelligent. Until he came out, he was the most eligible bachelor in Britain. What do you think he’ll see in you?”
Brandon knew what he’d see but didn’t feel like carrying on this conversation any further. He hoped London would give him a chance when he saw the work he’d put into the painting.
It was off to a good start. The sketch looked like a photo of London.
Now to add the color. Then the first part of seducing London will be swinging into action. 

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