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Taboo Tens: Day Twenty Eight Catriana Sommers

Greetings fans!

Welcome to day 28 of Taboo Tens month.

Only 2 days remain and I'm sad to see it go at this point. I'm thrilled by all the attention we've received on the net and proud that it went so smoothly.

Today, I welcome back, little sis, Catriana Sommers! She's on fire!

She had her first release, Call Me come out about a week and a half ago, Destined came out Saturday and now, she has this story from Untreed Reads, here called My Will. 

Shes giving away a copy of Destined to a lucky commenter!

Here she is with a post to support her release!

Out of all the releases I've had come out this month, the most difficult one for me to write was also the shortest one. Probably because the story is fairly bittersweet. A woman loses her love but gains another, and not in a romantic aspect.

To be honest, I prefer HEA endings because I'm a big softie at heart, but I did nonetheless enjoy writing My Will, as there is a happy ending, just not a conventional one. This was also my first time writing F/F and I have another in the works now. I might turn it into a holiday story, it'd certainly be fitting.

Writing My Will proved to be an enlightening challenge, one I would not mind trying again sometime. To take a typically sad scenario and turn it into something where the reader can still smile and find touching at the end of the day is an interesting change from the typical HEA romance stories. The fact that My Will isn't a romance at all is also something I'd like to try again in the future. I adore romance, like I said, I'm a big softie, but trying a different avenue is something I feel all authors should take a crack at, if only once.

For writers: What's the most challenging piece you've ever written? Something completely outside of the norm for you, but still something enjoyable? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks once again for allowing me to stop by!


Blurb: Cynthia felt the time had come to tell the young boy the truth of his name, and of the fateful day of his birth. Time to tell the story of her beloved Olivia, a beautiful and vibrant woman full of love and happiness. Friend, lover, wife, savior - she would have been a great mother had she survived. So, Cynthia pulls her little boy onto her lap and recalls the day ten years ago; of Cynthia's pain, Olivia's parting words, and a baby's powerful will to live despite his small and frail body. Today, the boy will learn why Mother's Day means so much to Cynthia.

A short story from Untreed Reads's Nibs literary line.

Excerpt: “Come here, I have a story for you.” Smiling, Cynthia motioned for her son to join her on the couch. Her arm wrapped around his little shoulders as she pulled him closer, planting a kiss on his forehead. Wide hazel eyes—so much like hers—blinked up with childlike curiosity, a smile perking up the corners of his lips.

Today Cynthia would finally tell her son about his mother and her wife, Olivia. Cynthia’s chocolate-colored eyes closed briefly, recalling soft throaty laughter and gentle touches. Even now, if she delved deep enough into her memories, she could smell Olivia’s spicy scent of cinnamon and cloves. As Cynthia recalled those beautiful years, she threaded her thick fingers through her child’s golden brown curls. The ten-year-old leaned against her while his little arms moved around her full middle in a comforting hug. Neither exchanged words, but a comfortable silence filled the room. The boy snuggled closer as if he sensed her melancholy and wanted to provide comfort.

So much like Olivia. All the more reason to love him with all of her being.

* * *

The hospital room quickly became flooded with organized chaos. Flashes of white, pale green and blue danced across Cynthia’s vision. The world moved in slow motion for Cynthia, and had ever since Olivia smiled her smile, the one that said it’s going to be all right.

Olivia only smiled like that when she lied.

“Ma’am. Ma’am, we’re going to have to ask you to leave the room now. Ma’am?”

The nurse’s words fell on deaf ears. All Cynthia could focus on was Olivia, her beautiful girl who had taken her from Hell and showed her Heaven. She was the same woman who had been there when Cynthia had finally come out and who had remained to guide her to bed when she had finally confessed her feelings.

They had known the risks when Olivia first brought up having a baby. Cynthia had protested the idea from the start, due to her love’s heart condition. “The risks aren’t high,” the doctors had said “but we still have to consider her a high-risk pregnancy. As long as Olivia takes care of herself, she should be fine.”

Liars. She’s dying. She’s dying and I can’t…oh God, Olivia don’t leave me, please! Don’t leave me like this!

Something gripped her arm. A hand. “Ma’am, please. We’re going to have to ask you to leave. The doctors need to…”

Cynthia choked back a sob as she heard the heart monitor beep erratically. Her hand flew to her mouth and bile rose up in her throat. The doctors said Olivia would be fine, so why were things going so horribly wrong? Did the doctors lie to them about Olivia’s health and chances of a successful pregnancy? If they did, she would sue every last one of them if Olivia died.

No, she’s not going to die. She’s not going to leave me. I need her. I love her. It should be me on that bed!

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My Website: http://www.catriana.net
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What a powerful excerpt to the story. I have yet to write a difficult one professionally but I did a fanfic one that was interesting. It turned out to be a bittersweet ending but it's a favorite amongst the people who've read the story so I guess its all good.

You're right, as long as it brings out the positive, thats all that matters!

TY Catriana and of course, much more success. Make sure you comment readers to win a copy of Destined.

Join us tomorrow where I'll talk about GLBT rights and then we'll finish up this awesome event with Karenna Colcroft!

Thanks everyone for the support as always! 


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TY Catriana for the great post and as always much love and success

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Thank you so much for having me not once, but twice! ♥

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What a beautiful excerpt. Not sure I could read the story as I'm in tears with just that little bit of the story.