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Saturday Sips - True Meaning of Love 2

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I'm here to share a little from the sequel to my first novelette, True Meaning of Love. 

It's more of the full story behind Michael's first characters and how they fell for one another and fought distractions along the way to be the perfect couple. 

It's going great so far with the MC's having plenty to say. Here is a sip.

Cool breezes hit Brandon’s face as he got out of London’s luxury vehicle. His eyes darted from left to right. A mixture of nerves and excitement overtook him.

London came around to open the door for him and offered his hand to help him out. Brandon nodded, getting up and immediately, his hazel orbs fixated on the large white house with its perfectly manicured hedges and green grass surrounding it.
“Wow,” he mouthed, letting London take him by the hand, leading him to the mansion. “This is beautiful.”
“You like it?”
They travelled up the concrete stairs to the large set of double doors with a stain glass oval window overhead.
“I love it, it’s amazing.”
London opened the door and gestured him inside. “Thank you. It’s a little late so we’ll save the grand tour for after breakfast, hmm?”
Brandon allowed the words to settle in his brain. After breakfast? Was London asking him to stay all night? Of course he was. After all, the time not was nearly one a.m. He couldn’t possibly be talking about taking Brandon home at this late hour.
“Are you okay with that?” London gave him a concerned look.
“Yes, oh, of course. I wasn’t expecting to go home.”
“I hoped not,” he gave a wicked grin. “I mean, we had such a good time at the club tonight. We shared a kiss which…” London made the space smaller in between them. He took Brandon’s face into his hands. “I hope we can continue.”
Brandon breaths quickened as well as his pulse. His cock began to strain against the zipper and the goose pimples started to develop on his flesh. “Yes, I…I was hoping the same thing,” he chuckled nervously.
God I want you.
That was true. He wanted London so bad he could taste him. Earlier he tempted him and flirted with light kisses and subtle touches. Now, where was that spunk he had to continue that especially now that the two of them were alone?
Oh yeah, liquid courage.
“C’mon, love. Let’s go into my sitting room and have a drink. That’s where the painting I believe that’s yours is stationed. You can confirm whether you did it or not.” He planted a peck on top of Brandon’s head.
Brandon nodded. He lifted his nose slightly, taking in the scents of London, making himself dizzy. The young artist would go anywhere with London Davies and not even think about turning him down. The club owner was that special to Brandon. He’d do whatever it took to get closer with his desired man.
Again, London took his hand and Brandon continued to look around as if he were a tourist. The hallway was dimly lit but he was able to see the walls that were pained in a coffee colored hue. The crown molding which was a thing of beauty as well as the shiny hard wood floors that matched the walls and panels to a tee.
Being an artist, Brandon always did appreciate colors and designs. He could tell London had his place professionally decorated. The place looked exactly as he’d imagined it. Everything perfect, looked rich even smelled like money. The scent of clean and new, like he had someone that scrubbed every inch of it everyday. Maybe he did, who knew.
Once they made it to the last door on the right, London opened it and led him inside. “Wow, this is…”
London turned on one of the lights that came up dim. “You like?”
“Yes I love it.” The library or the sitting room was gorgeous. More great décor, simplistic with a leather sofa, love seat, three recliners and a small wet bar off to the left. To the right, the French doors leading to what Brandon guessed to be his backyard. Atop those doors as the beautiful stained glass. “You’re a big fan of those?”  Brandon pointed at the window.
“Yes, I love ‘em. I like how the light hits it and brings out all the vibrant colours. Have a seat.”
“Oh thank you.” He took the space on the couch and continued to take in his surroundings.
I could really get used to this.
Brandon appreciated the beautiful house he was in and even more so the fact it belonged to his desired man. He was totally impressed and hoped he would be intriguing to London that he’d want to be his partner.

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