Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome Back Edward Kendrick!

Greetings Fans!

Welcome to another guest post here at Michael's and folks, I'm happy to have back my good friend and great author, Edward Kendrick. 

We were virtually introduced to one another by great writer Mahalia Levey when his first book, Everyone's Man was first accepted by Silver Publishing.

Now, Edward and I have become pals, talking through email and FB all the time and he is one of my co founders at Its Raining Men. He's also one of my beta's (proofreaders) and I do so for him when he asks me as well.

I'm very happy to have him here again as he promos his second release. This is a swap so visit me at his place as well. Please give him your undivided attention!

* * * *

'Lies and Misunderstandings' has arrived at Silver Publishing 

Émile has loved Peter since the moment they met. Unwilling to share his emotions for fear the younger man will never reciprocate his love, Émile settles for their deep, bonded friendship.

Peter, a magnificent artist, becomes enamored with a muse in the form of a woman living in the home behind theirs. But the illusion of love is shattered when he discovers that the beautiful Accalia is much more than she appears.
When Émile and Peter are viciously attacked, they must band together with two unlikely allies to remain safe from the one responsible for their attack and for the disappearance and possible death of their mentor. Will Peter and Émile find love despite the lies and misunderstandings that surround them?


Chapter One

"Someone's cruising for a bruising," Émile growled, whapping his sibling upside the head rather more forcefully than necessary.

"Hey now, what was that for?" Peter leapt to his feet, fight-or-flight warring for supremacy.

"You were supposed to let me know when you were going out. Somehow you seem to have forgotten."

With a shrug, Peter rubbed the side of his head. "So I wanted a bit of time to myself. Shoot me."

Émile snorted. "As if it would do any good." He plopped down in the chair Peter had been using and kicked his feet up onto the edge of the table, his hands laced behind his head. "So where'd you go?"

"The museum."

"Again, Peter?" Émile said. He hoped his dismay didn't show on his face.

"I like to look at my father's paintings. Sue me."

"Sue you, shoot you. Make up your mind, youngster," Émile told him with a laugh.

Peter rolled his eyes. "Either-or, just quit smacking me every time you get pissed. You almost gave me a concussion this time."

"Your head's too hard for that." Émile turned grave then. "Some night you're going to run into one of the guards. Then what?"

"I avoid them? It's not like I can't, you know."

"True enough I guess. I just—I'm responsible for you with Jonas gone, like it or not, and I take that seriously."

"When are you going to accept I'm more than old enough to take care of myself, thank you very much?"

"Never," Émile muttered softly. And he wouldn't, because he wanted nothing more than to keep his sibling close to him forever. Letting him go was not, as far as he was concerned, an option: now or ever.
* * * *

* * * *

Sounds like an awesome book. Thank you Ed! fans, go out and buy the book! As per usual, Ed has another complicated storyline with lots of tension. Should be a rousing success as was the first one.

Join me tomorrow for my own tension filled saga, Mi Familia that has gotten pretty popular ever since I began. See what the buzz is about!

Again, I'm at Edward's today with a post about Beta's and at SaltonLee's with an interview


Rawiya said...

Thanks so much for being here, Ed!

Edward Kendrick said...

Thank you for having me. I'm honored.

Jaime Samms said...

This seems interesting. I have a question: Are they friends, or brothers?