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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXII

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Recap: The three friends are still having issues but Vince and Diante' are not allowing that to stop them from enjoying their relationship. Jared hates being on the outside looking in. Will he allow this to continue?

Jared watched with widened eyes. His cock stirred in his jeans, eyeing the man he wanted more than anyone about to pierce Vince.

That could be me.

Yes it could be but Diante’ was clearly smitten with Vince and vice versa. How would he infiltrate their seemingly unflappable relationship? He had to interfere to even have a chance.

Jared sighed and moved on to his room. He leaned against the door, placing his ear there, trying to listen. The older man knew both of them would have an issue with him standing there observing. He wished he could join in again.

Only for him.

“Damn…” He grabbed his crotch through his jeans. It got stiffer with every moan and grunt from beyond the door. His balls drew up against his body, nipples hardened like glass and small breaths escaped his mouth. “Oh God, Diante’.” Jared continued to rub himself. “I want you so badly…I need to show you how much better of a man I can be.”
* * * *

Vince looked at his gorgeous partner, staring into his light brown eyes. Diante’ was his and only his. Seemingly, their older friend had understood there would be no sharing here. He reached out for him. “Mi amor.”

“Si’.” Diante’ stroked himself and Vince simultaneously. He felt the pressure in his groin. He clenched his lover’s jewels before moving downward, fingering his perineum.

Diante’s partner groaned, enjoying the feelings of his affections. He spread his legs wider giving him easier access. “C’mon D, I’m ready…”

“Yeah?” Diante’s breaths labored. He ran his slick index over Vince’s pink bud. Carefully, he slipped a portion of it inside.

Vince eyed the ceiling then closed his eyes tightly. He moved against his man’s hand as he played with his anus. “Mhmm…” He bit his own lip. Vince had never wanted to be penetrated so badly until now. “Ughh…oohh…Diante’. So good…please, baby…inside.”

Morillo grinned and pressed another into him, slowly spreading his walls for his sweet invasion. He continued jerking his own cock as well while gingering his own balls. He inhaled. “Oh God…yes…I don’t know how long I’ll last.” He slipped the condom on.

“Mhmm…try babe. “ Vince sucked in some air and tried to prepare himself for Diante’s penetration. He relaxed and pushed out.

“Ooh yes…oh God, Vince!” He threw his head back. Only the head of his dick was within his partner. “Are you alright?”

It hurt like hell but Vince wouldn’t allow the pain to ruin this moment. He took another breath and pushed, “C’mon, baby…go on, love…give it to me.”

Diante’ did as asked but still at a methodical pace. Once he had himself all the way in, he looked back at Vince who only closed his eyes. Morillo leaned down. “I’m hurtin’ you aren’t I…I’lll…”

“Nooo…please…I’m fine. I’ll be better when you loosen me up. Go on, D…move. Don’t be scared. Do it, please.”

Diante’ kissed Vince’s head and built a rhythm. He slid inside again, over and over with his lover’s ass cradling his cock. “Ooh shitt…I’m so close, Oh Gooddddd…VINCE…”

“Mhmm,” he began to hyperventilate and grit his teeth. He could feel himself loosening. Vince pulled Diante’ in for a long embrace, forcing his tongue deep into his mouth. The action he initiated  made him forget about the pain temporarily. 

“Oohhmmmm…” He felt the moisture between them. He gripped Diante’s back, digging his nails into his muscles. “Ooh shit, Diante’!” Finally, he felt his anus stretching to accommodate his lover as he wanted.

“Damn…oooh God, Vince. Yes…” he trembled and muttered inaudible words.  He angled himself and leaned in again, pressing into Vince once more.

“Yesss…Diante’…I love you. God, I love you so much.” He raked Diante’s long curls through his fingers. The shakes were wearing down and the musky air filled his nostrils. Vince never thought he’d want this but now being in love changed all those things. He had his man and nothing was more pleasurable than enjoying him one on one.

“Mhmm…Vince, shower now, right? Please. Too hot today and besides.” He licked the sweat from his lover’s brow. “I want you to pierce me.”

Vince connected with his partner’s lips once again. “Yes…and I wanna be there, Diante’. Believe me, I do.”
* * * *

Diante’ enjoyed the moment being on top for once. In their relationship, he always felt like the weaker vessel, like a woman sometimes. Vince made him happy, allowing him to exchange roles. Even though he as happy being the one that was always protected, there were times he wanted that control as well.

He got up, holding his hand out for his lover to take. When he did, he pulled him up and held him tightly against himself. Slow kisses and gropes of Vince’s buttocks made both of them breathless. He signed into his man’s mouth. “Te amo…mi amor.”

“Te amo…”Vince smacked Diante’s hips, hard. He covered his lips again

“Mhmmm…” Diante’ led Vince to their bedroom so they could enjoy the rest of their afternoon alone.

Everything is perfect…almost.

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