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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXV

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RECAP: Now what? Things are on the brink of failing between the closely branded friends due to jealousies. What will happen now?

This is part one of two.

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“No, you know that’s not it,” Diante’ chided. I want this for all of us to be together again, Vince. We been friends for such a long time and now,  you and Jared cannot stand the sight of each other. I want peace, I want love between three men who’ve known each other for ages. Don’t you get that? I want to love both of you. Mi Familia, my family, Vince. All for one, one for all.”

Vince nodded and kissed his lover’s head. It was true. The relationship between him and Jared was way beyond strained. He did care about Jared he just didn’t want him with Diante’. How would he get over this jealousy? What would it take for him to accept this? “Mi amor. I will tell you now, I will try my best, okay? I want what you want but as I told you a few days ago, you’re all I have.”

“You have Jared too, Vince. What did I just say, Mi Familia. Your father and stepmom may be gone but you have us. Your best friends, homies, lovers, and brothers. We both care about you and I know when you speak to Jared he will tell you the most important thing is our friendship before sex. Why do you think he’s kept quiet for the most part? In order to keep the peace no?”

“Yeah, so we won’t end up in fistacuffs again, basically.” Vince knew this to be true. Jared knew he’d have a fight on his hands each time and in truth Vince didn’t want to hit him again.

It did sort of bother him that he was no longer close with his older friend. Love for Diante’ had gotten in the way. How could they patch up their relationship now?


Jared woke up and glanced around the room. His body felt sore and mouth as dry as a desert. Diante’ had truly worked him over and then some. Seemingly the man had become so strong by working out with Vince. No longer a pipsqueak, more like a man.

A hot man.

The hot man he wanted to be with long term but that’s not what Diante’ had talked with him about. Yes, it did bother him a little that he and Vince had such a rift but in his mind, he believed Vince was to blame when he became more territorial.

Besides, Jared felt that Vince should be the one apologizing for their fight. If he hadn’t overreacted and maybe talked about what he’d seen, things wouldn’t be so strained.

He got out of bed and slowly strolled to the bathroom. Another shower was in order or perhaps a bath to relieve aching muscles. He wished Diante’ had stayed in there with him but he was sure Vince was most likely home by now and they were settled in together.

Jared turned the knobs and stepped in as soon as the water was to his liking.  The spray woke him from his haze. He opened his eyes and ran his fingers through his sandy blond hair as the drops cascaded down his back. He leaned against the tiles and thought about what had occurred between him and Diante' It was a beautiful thing. How would he continue to have these feelings and not act on them after what had happened?

More importnatly, did Diante’ really threaten to move out? Was he serious?

Nah, he’d never.

Morillo loved the both of them too much to make such a move. He was just trying to scare them into what he wanted.

It was obviously time for them to sit down and talk this out. They all needed to lay everything on the table and chat about feelings and where they’d go from here. Maybe he needed to be the one that made the move to make things better between the three of them and at the same time, really find out if he were gay or bi once and for all.

* * * *

To the present

Diante’  stood at the stove, making a quick meal for his husbands while in the only an apron. Cooking had not really been what he wanted to do after a tough day at the center but after the three of them had enjoyed another moment on the patio, it softened his mood.

Jared and Vince sat at the table and ogled him from behind. Vince massaged his man’s shoulders while planting light kisses on the side of his face. “He is all man now, isn’t he?”

Jared grinned and agreed. “He’s been all man, Vince from day one. We just didn’t really notice it. It’s a good thing we finally wised up and listened.”

Vince wrapped his arms around the older man’s chest. “True, I have to say though, it was what you did to make me and him realize what we had done. I’m sorry, Jared. I shouldn’t have caused that much trouble.”

“You didn’t, Vince. It was all me. I was the pighead, the one who couldn’t make up his mind. If only I had listened from the start, if…”

Vince cupped his hand over his lover’s mouth. “If we all had taken a moment and not made rash decisions. However, that’s what has made us closer. Those incidents along with our love and belief in one another. It’s what made us…”

“Mi familia…” he finished the statement and kissed Vince’s palm. “All for one and one for all.”

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