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Saturday Sips - Free Read Mi Familia Part XXV part 2

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Recap: What now? The friendship is on the verge of extinction. What will the three amigos do now to preserve it?

This is a special read of Mi Familia for the Saturday Sip. Hope you enjoy it.

Diante’ smiled to himself as he turned over the tortillas he was heating for his favorite fish taco recipe. This was what he wanted from the start and he knew it took them seemingly an eternity to get to this point but it was well worth the wait.

As Vince had stated, they went through the trials to make them closer. A family with a bond that couldn’t be broken. He glanced over his shoulder and watched them embrace once again.

“What a lovely sight,” he mused to himself. “Te amo, mi amigos, mi familia. Forever more.”

* * * *

To the past…

Jared talked it over with his good friends and decided they needed to separate for a while to make things right. Diante’ tried just about everything to sway him to stay but he kept insisting how there needed to be some distance between them before they jumped into a new situation. Not only that, Jared wanted to make up his mind about his orientation. Was he just in love with Diante’ or truly gay?

It had been while since he was in bed with a female and he kind of missed that feeling so, he asked his good friend, Geena if he could shack up with her for a bit. He fully explained the situation he was in and she told him he was welcome at anytime. This was the best decision to be with a woman  he already knew and actually trusted. Plus, she had money and wouldn’t mind spending it on him. She’d always had the offer on the table and now he’d be taking advantage. What better way to figure all this out than to be with a female he could depend on, regardless of the predicament.

After having a short and quiet dinner with his friends, he picked up his bags and took a cab over to her place in San Francisco. There, he’d be able to concentrate on work too since being a porn star was still his number one priority. He’d finally try out for a couple of bi and gay roles and hopefully get casted so he could do bigger ones in the near future.

 Jared had it all planned out. In order to find out what he truly wanted in his personal life, he needed to get his professional life together first.  

* * * *

When Jared walked out the couple sat in silence for a while on the couch. Both of them really didn’t think he was serious but when they saw the bags packed, they realized Jared McKnight meant business. Their friendship was on the verge of being dissolved because of jealousies and emotions that wouldn’t go away. Diante’ felt like he’d lost his other rock to lean on besides his lover and it hurt like hell. Maybe threatening to leave wasn’t a good idea after all. Now, there were only the two of them.

Vince rolled Diante’s hair between his fingers and sighed. “Baby, let’s go to bed, huh? I’m in need of a little lovin’.”

Diante’ exhaled and shrugged his shoulders. “Not now, Vince. Don’t you even give a shit what just happened?” He couldn’t believe how Vince was unfazed by Jared leaving them.

Vince shook his head. “Babe, I do care but what can we do? He said he was doin’ it to clear his head. He mentioned it wasn't all about us, it was…”

“And you believe him?” Diante’ got up from the couch and walked to the window. “I shouldn’t have made that ultimatum on him. I…”

This isn’t your fault, Diante’. He wants time to figure out what he wants. You heard the man!”

“The main reason he is gone is because of us, Vince. He hates that he isn’t involved, mi amor. Can’t you let go of your envy and let our friend in? We are friends first, amigos, lovers second. This path we have taken will be the end of our friendship, Vince. We are in danger of losing our brother! I should’ve never done things this way and you need to patch things up with him.”

“Damnit, Diante’!” He punched a nearby pillow and got up from the sofa. “Look babe, if Jared wants to be immature about this and leave because I won’t allow him to be in bed with my boyfriend…”

“Oohh," he rolled his eyes and laughed. “Look who’s calling the kettle black, as they say. You have some nerve, mi amor, saying someone else is being childish. You, oh Diante’ is mine. You fight with him, you punch him. Who’s the one being an ass, a jerk, huh? Who?”

“Yeah, okay...” he sighed and held out his hands. “I told the man I was sorry for that. He still wanted to leave.”

“Because he doesn’t feel the love, Vince. He’s not gettin’ it from anywhere and now, he’s gone to live with some , floozie.”

“Hey, that bitch is helpin’ us with this apartment!”

“I really don’t give a damn! He’s not here with us as he should be. Vince, he’s our friend and we’ve left him behind. All because of this…”

Vince rolled his shoulder and shook his head. “Diante’ what do you want me to do, huh? You’ve changed your mind like the weather, my love. One minute you’re in my corner about not wanting a threesome, now you want one and you threatened me and him to get it?”

“Because, Vince, I want a family. Just like you lost yours, not in the same way but almost, damnit. Mi Madre has moved far away and my father hates me. This is the closest thing to family I have left. You and Jared are all I have, mi amor. I want that friendship back. That love between all three of us. That’s what I desire, Vince. All three friends to be lovers and brothers, all for one, one for all. Support, love, and friendship, mi amigo. Togetherness!”  Diante’ walked out the room and shut the door behind him. The tears streamed from his eyes and he slid down to the floor, holding himself tightly.

What have I done?

His plan may have backfired on him. He hoped it wasn’t the end of his relationship with Jared.  His ultimatum had put his family in jeopardy.

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