Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Sips - Under the Gun

Greetings folks and welcome to the Saturday Sips.

This week, I'm sampling from a WIP that has a little ways to go. It was sent in for an antho and unfortunately didn't make it but the characters (David Taylor above  is Camdyn) want more story so it all works out and I look to return back to this story and make it another novel for Michael down the line.

Anyways, its called Under the Gun. 

Here is a synopsis:

Camdyn Hardy is a former cop who has his own private investigator business. Due to a misunderstanding from a client, he gets into an argument with his lover Tay. Right after, they breakup Camdyn is left alone to think about his future as a PI and his love life.

Malik Day was recently discharged under the DADT policy and is looking to get his life on track. The main reason he joined was because he dreamed of being a ranking officer. Now that it’s been taken away, he desires to start his life anew and find someone to share it with.

After two weeks the men meet at a shooting range and find out they have a lot in common. Once they engage in a one on one match, they proceed to a bar to have drinks and get to know one another better.  They both discover their affinity for guns as well as Camdyn’s need for a new partner at Camdyn & Associates. Malik is intrigued but afraid to ask him and decides to wait till they are closer.

The private investigator is ready but shrinks back when he notices that Malik is tense about their conversation. After a couple of more drinks, Camdyn follows him home to his parents house where he’s staying till he gets a job. Once they arrive, the two of them make plans as well as share a hot kiss that leaves both breathless.

Malik informs Camdyn he isn’t one to sleep with someone on the first date but wants him in the worse way. He’s also still not sure about asking Camryn of the opportunity to work with him. Camdyn seems to sense this but in order not to embarrass Malik, he lets it go and leaves for the evening. In return to his lovely home, he wonders if his ex was right about working with a lover. This changes quickly and once he sits on his sofa and smells Malik’s cologne on his jacket, he instantly changes his mind. He wants nothing more than to bring Malik into his life professionally and romantically.

In the meantime, Malik is in his room, thinking about Camryn, pleasuring himself with his favorite sex toy. A gun. He wonders if Camdyn is into that same game and resolves at some point he needs to get enough gumption to talk to him about this and the job he’d like to apply for.
The following day after searching for employment, he returns to the Day household and sees his parents at the table with a stranger. A Female. Because they are completely opposed to his lifestyle, they have decided to try setting him up on a date. This makes Malik very angry and out of frustration he calls Camdyn and tells him what has occurred. Of course, Camdyn is sorry and asks his potential lover to come to his place and see him. There they will finally talk to one another and learn of each other’s wicked fetish.

Small excerpt

Some days are better than others. Most days could be a hell of a lot better but when you get into a fight with your significant of the moment, what else can be done? I wished there was a way to avoid it, but there wasn’t.

My boyfriend and I were working on a case together and almost slipped up because of having a moment while on the job. It was at my insistence too which made it even worse. Our client was not amused when he caught us with our pants down, literally, and almost fired us from the case.
Still, we got the job done but my man continued to tell me to wait until we were safe and out of sight but my horniness wouldn’t allow it.

This episode caused him to start having second thoughts about our relationship. He seemed to think we were losing focus by working with one another and thought we should split up. I shook my head and told him that wasn’t a good reason but he was vehemently against us going on with this work/play scenario.

Even though I promised I’d be more of a good boy he decided to move on, and left his every tie to Camdyn & Associates behind. I knew he still loved me, but I’d also been hearing from people who knew both of us that Tay was on the fence again, spending a lot of time with a female. I had been preparing myself for my down low lover to take a hike so when he walked out, it wasn’t a surprise. This would teach me about being with someone still on the rainbow fence. No more of this nonsense for me. Now I needed someone real and gay like me.

As I drove away from my office, the anger built inside of me. I gripped the steering wheel tightly and made the sharp turn at the corner to enter the freeway. My place was only 15 minutes away but at the moment, I felt the need to press something and the gas was the only option. When I got on to the freeway I put my pedal to the medal and approached 80. With the mood I was in, I dared someone to pull me over.

How would I dispel these ill feelings? I knew of one way but it wasn’t in my best interest to go murdering someone when I was still a man of the law. The other option was sex. Getting it from a down low fuck club I had lifetime membership to called the Pinkhole. I really could have settled for an anonymous lay right now but they wouldn’t have wanted to play that game I loved to play with Tay. The forbidden game that carried all kinds of risks. Let’s just say it involved our love of guns, violence, and rough sex. How did we mix a shot gun into our down low union? You’ll have to use your imagination to figure that out.

Within a few minutes, I made it home. It felt good to be there after such a menacing day. “What am I so upset for,” I mused to myself. This would be a great time to start looking for a new partner in life and business. Tay and I loved each other but weren’t in love. There was always that rift between us that couldn’t be broken down and now that he was gone, I needed to find another that wouldn’t have the same hang-ups. 


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Well, you need to sub it somewhere else so we can read all of it! I like it!

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:D Thx hun! I'll get back to it after those WIP's on the upper right are done.