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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXIV

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Recap: Diante' has made things even tougher for Vince to accept? Will Vince allow these moments with Jared to continue or will Diante's actions break them apart?

* * * *

Diante’ left Jared in bed and left to go take a shower. He’d called Vince to let him know everything was done and that he could come home so they could talk. The student was really interested in having a threesome but he knew it could only happen if all three agreed to do it.

In his own way, he thought, spending time with Jared and letting Vince know ahead of time would test his level of jealousy. He figured the more comfortable his lover got with the idea he would eventually end up wanting the menage as well. 

He’d changed his thinking from before when he'd said how he only wanted Vince to be his partner. Diante’ Morillo wanted love and friendship from both his best friends and in order to get it, he’d have to play a little hardball.

The youngest went into the bathroom, stripping himself completely before stepping under the hot spray. The warm liquid cascaded down his body, making his nipples  and cock erect. The sensation made him tingle and it felt amazing just to sit underneath and allow the water to do the job. After placing his now, shoulder length hair under the rain like drops, he rubbed his chest and arms while wiggling his toes. 

“Mmph…” he groaned at the thoughts of the past hours events, shaking his head and letting his hand drift to the hardened muscle between his legs. Jared was really a good bottom and top. He had to be part of their union, why not? They had been friends forever, all for one, one for all, why should they allow something like this to ruin their friendship?

He opened his eyes while giving his dick another tug. He sensed someone was in the bathroom with him but he couldn’t see due to the haze from the running water and steam that clouded up the small space.

In moments, he felt a hand on him, a soft one, caressing his lower back. A small kiss was planted on his shoulder and rigid flesh rubbing against the crevice if his backside. Strong hands grabbed his chest, gripping his well defined muscles and the long fingers pinched his pecs. “Damn…” He leaned back into a strong body and gripped onto the wall in front of him, bracing himself for the sweet invasion. The minute he felt the thickness go inside him, he relaxed and the adrenaline flowed through him, sending shocks to his nipples and hardness. “Ooh yes, Vince.”

“Mhmm…” His lover bit his shoulder lightly while grabbing a handful of his hair. He covered Diante’s ear with his mouth, nibbling and sucking on the skin, getting his tongue tangled in the small hoop that was attached.

“Yes…Vince…Oh Godd,” he moaned, pulling on his cock again while rubbing the head with his thumb. Small spurts of his cum began to ooze from the slit, coating his inner thighs. “I love you,” he breathed, rocking against his partner’s length while clenching his buttocks tightly together. He knew that Vince was trying to make a case for things to stay the way they were but he’d stand firm on his decision.

“I love you, too,” Diante’. Mi amigo, mi amor, te’ amo…”

* * * *
Once Vince felt Diante’s ass encompassing his rigid cock, the trembles started taking over his body. His breaths quickened and he picked up the pace when he felt his lover’s thighs drawing him in. Vince grasped the man’s shoulders and gripped them, digging his nails into his lover’s brown flesh. He bit a part of his bicep when he sensed the surge going from his hardened muscle to the other erogenous zones in his body. “Ooh shhh…Diante’!” He threw his head back and allowed the shuddering to continue. It felt so good to be in here with Diante’, making love as they were meant to be. Now, if only he could convince him that their love was the most important thing. He’d be friends with Jared but he’d make sure that Diante’ knew love for partner first.

After washing each other to clear away the stickiness, the couple retreated to their bedroom, fully relaxed. Vince took his place on the left while his smaller lover lay on his chest. Both were still slightly wet from the shower but it was still warm and they didn’t mind leaving a little moisture on the sheets.

The assistant trainer hugged his man and brought him in closer. Scents of Diante’s shampoo and the body wash they used infiltrated his nostrils, sending signals to his semi flaccid cock. He smelled so good that Vince hoped once they’d finished talking more lovemaking would be on the agenda however, right now, he wished to make his desires known.

“Diante’, I love you, so much,” he sighed and caressed the space under the nape of his neck. He planted a kiss on his head.

“And, I love you too.” The student traced his nipples with his nubile fingers.

“So, you have to understand how hard this is for me to accept. That you want another lover in our bed.”

“That lover is our best friend, Vince. He’s not just some ordinary fuck we pulled out the street. I’m tired of seeing you two at odds and Jared cares for us.”

“He only wants you, Diante’. That man is not concerned about being in a relationship with me. If he agrees to it, it’s only to make you happy.”

The young Latino rose up. “Isn’t that what you’re doing? Only to appease me?”

“Well, I’m your man. It’s a little different.” He straightened and pulled him up to face him directly. Vince ran his hand through the long brown strands, twisting the curls around his fingertips. Gazing into those light brown eyes made his already hardened muscle stir slightly.

Damn, you’re so beautiful.

And he was. Diante’ Morillo was always gorgeous in Vince’s opinion, but now, even more so because the hot body seemed to be taking a liking to the weight training and exercises they had done. “That’s what lovers do. They do things that the other wants even when they aren’t too happy about it.”

Diante’ sighed and shook his head. “Why are you makin’ this so difficult, Vince? This could be happiness and bliss all rolled up into one. Us as lovers, partners, a family, Vince. We were friends first before we started figuring out our orientation. Why can’t we continue being the close knit pals while loving one another?”

“Why do you want this, Diante’? I’m not good enough for you?” Vince started getting frustrated. Why was his man changing his mind?

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