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Day 2 of Chasing the Dream Guests GA Hauser

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Welcome to Michael's for day to of the Chasing the Dream days.

Today, GA Hauser steps up to the plate talking about her short, Nasty Boys!

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Nasty Boys-
Short story from Chasing the Dream Anthology-
When I was first invited to join the five authors who took part in this antho, I thought, what on earth should I write? I suppose it’s only natural to want to add a story that has enough heat to melt the reader’s hands, or e-reader whichever the case. I’m sure all my cohorts in this book felt the same. Heat-
So, where does one begin a short story to compliment the work being done? I thought of my character Clyde. At that point Clyde was just a guy, a gay guy, a tattooed muscle-bound gay guy, who aspired to be the next big thing in gay porn. Chasing his dream.
But as with a lot of my novels I love to take and play with my universe and mix and match my characters. So in this short, you who read my books regularly will know immediately who Clyde meets during one of his evenings entertaining the gay men of West Hollywood. I won’t spoil the secret. But writing about Clyde and also Sam who we met in Going Wild, gave me the inspiration for Down and Dirty. So for those of you who have read D&D or will read Nasty Boys in this anthology, here is Clyde.

When Jean met Harry’s gaze he tried to convey his shock. Harry smiled wickedly, working him with the dildo and tugging on his balls at the same time.
‘Who is he?’ Jean mouthed silently.
‘My brother.’
“What?” Jean choked and Clyde sat up.
“Did I miss something?” Clyde asked.
“No.” Harry grabbed Clyde by the back of his neck and pushed him down to continue.
Jean didn’t know if he could climax. His brain went into overdrive trying to think. I don’t want to think. I want to come.
Relaxing and bringing his focus back to the act, Jean raised his hands over his head and crossed his wrists, imagining he was bound. Harry immediately took notice. He stopped short, leaving the dildo where it was, removed a belt from the dresser and looped it around Jean’s wrists, tightening it.
“Now we’re talking.” Clyde grinned. Clyde sat back, gripped both Jean’s ankles and raised them to meet his wrists. Harry hogtied Jean with the belt.
Jean began panting in his excitement. “Fuck me.”
“I am fucking you.” Harry returned to the dildo.
Clyde pulled Jean’s cock through his thighs so he could still stuck it. Jean bent his knees and straddled so Clyde could continue.
He looked at his bound limbs and a surge of pleasure washed over him. Two men, big rough gods, performing carnal acts on him delighted him.
Clyde rubbed the root of his cock and drew faster suction. The dildo rode over his prostate making his groin burn and tingle.
“Oh, yeah.” Harry chuckled. “He’s riding the edge.”
Jean rocked on his back, into the rhythm of both men. He interlaced his fingers and started to go into an orgasm. While the waves of pleasure began, he met Harry’s steely gaze.
“Come, you cocksucker.”

   If you like him here, you’ll love him in the short story. I hope you investigate all of the heroes and dream chasers in Hauser’s Erotic Universe. And welcome to a novel filled with hot passion by hot ladies.
Enjoy! GA

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Whew, I loved GA's story as I loved the others. Down and Dirty was quite a book too. If you havent read, you must have a look!

Remember, if you'd like a copy of this fab anthology, please leave your email address and comment.

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Thanks for being here GA

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GA Hauser said...

Thanks for having me! I'll be here today if anyone has any questions for me. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Loved Clyde. You fooled me with his hookup in Nasty Boys though! I hadn't guessed until the last page! You "Shedevil"