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Day 3 Chasing the Dream Patricia Logan

Greetings fans!

Happy Thursday to all and welcome to day 3 of the Chasing the Dream promo!

I'm very thrilled to have on Patricia Logan, who is the writer of the fab book, Captive Lover from Rebel Ink Press and the Armadillo series from Torquere.

She writes my 2nd fave tale in the book, Chasing Deuce!

All I gotta say; Gay cowboys and menage! What more could you want?

Here is her story

* * * *

The idea for Chasing the Dream was born one day as I sat chatting on email with Sue Brown. I had just finished reading Nanny for Nate by the very talented Lisa Worrall and the week before, I had finished Nothing Ever Happens by Sue Brown. I thought both authors were marvelously talented and so I asked Sue if she thought that a publisher would look at a fully assembled anthology. She said that she thought so and would be happy to make inquiries with her publisher. I really wanted to hand pick the authors that I wanted to participate. Sue agreed first, then Lisa, then SammyJo and finally, I took the leap and asked GA Hauser. I never thought she’d go for it because she’s such a busy, talented author, churning out a full length novel every month. Was I ever shocked when she readily agreed.
We settled on having our completed stories over to the publisher by July first and that was that, Chasing the Dream became a reality. What I love most about the book, is that all 5 authors turned in amazingly different stories. We have one vampire tale, one cowboy ménage, one ghost story one sexy go go dancer story and a coming of age ménage where a man comes to terms with his own sexuality in just the most endearing way. I find the heat level to be somewhat different as well. Some are sweet and some smoke right off the page. All are very very sexy. That’s the kind of variety that a reader loves to read. Please pick up a copy today and enjoy the M/M and M/M/M man love that we all like to read.

Here’s an excerpt from my story, “Chasing Deuce”, a sexy cowboy ménage:

“Hey Colt,” the deep baritone of Slade Devlin’s voice slid up Colt’s back, ending in a shiver as the sound circled his body and gripped his cock. Colt, at six foot one actually had to crane his chin upward another several inches to meet the eyes as black as obsidian. He was sure they were some sort of brown in color but they were so dark and piercing that Colt shivered when the man looked down into his. As tall as Slade was, he was also strikingly built. His muscular body was one of the first things that Colt had noticed about him and had been attracted to. Slade was a master plumber, the best that Austin Plumbers had and his work clothes consisted of navy or black muscle T-shirts and khaki’s or faded blue jeans. No plumber’s crack here, no sir. The man was all man, from the tip of his closely cropped head with the devilish widow’s peak, to the bottom of his steel-toed Wolverine’s.
Colt cleared his throat and deliberately took a sip of the hot coffee he’d just poured as he stood in the break room Monday morning. He looked up at the olive-complected man in front of him. “Morning Slade,” Colt answered smoothly, breathing deep to slow his suddenly rapid heartbeat.
Slade smiled, and began a slow loop around Colt, looking him up and down as if to admire the goods. Colt tried and failed to stop a shiver that coursed through him. When Slade stopped in front of him, he advanced on Colt, causing Colt to stumble backwards nearly slopping his coffee as his butt hit the counter behind. There was nothing he could do but stare up into the dark eyes of the larger man. Colt’s lips opened slightly and he huffed out a breath as Slade leaned forward. He was inches from Colt’s face and he placed both hands on the counter behind Colt, effectively trapping him between thick biceps on either side. The smell that hit Colt’s nostrils was one of pure testosterone covered weakly by a spicy soap, clean and tangy. Colt’s cock thickened painfully and unable to reach down and adjust it, all he could do was stand there as a crooked grin spread across Slade’s face.
“How are you, sexy,” Slade purred. He just loved watching what he did to Colt. The man had been fighting the attraction to him for years and Slade adored making him uncomfortable. He knew he shouldn’t be going after a man with a partner but the guy was just such a complete and utter turn on, Slade couldn’t leave Colt alone. He had become Slade’s drug of choice.
“Ah… I’m fine Slade,” the man answered lightly. Slade stared at his lips and then raised his eyes to gaze into two of the most beautiful blue eyes he’d ever seen on a man. He immediately sensed that something had changed. He saw not only interest in the familiar eyes this morning but also a deep lust and a little humor. He was so taken aback by it that he straightened to his full six foot five inch height and looked down at Colt.
“Yeah, somethin’ you want to tell me Colt? Did you finally dump that boyfriend of yours and decide to take me up on my offer?” He watched as Colt’s lips turned up at the corners and he almost creamed his jeans. For a guy who’d just lost his boyfriend, he sure seemed pretty happy.
“No, no, Deuce and I are still very much together and as a matter of fact, we’re very happy together. I was going to talk to you though. I’m kind of glad you found me first,” he said. Slade was floored. He’d been getting rejections from Colt for so long; he never thought he’d actually get a positive response from him, if that’s what this was. He folded his arms across his muscled chest and waited.
“So what’s goin’ on Colt? Why’d you want to find me?”
“Well the offers that you’ve been making to me all these years, they would include my partner Deuce, right?” Colt stared at Slade with those beautiful eyes and Slade was gob smacked.
“Wow. Really, you’re wantin’ a threesome with me?” His cock stiffened and pushed against his zipper. “Jesus! It’s my wet dream come true.” Slade reached down and smoothed his palm over his thick erection trying to straighten it from where it ran down one side of his pant leg. “Shit just thinkin’ about fuckin’ you has got me harder than a brick.”
Colt dropped his eyes to the impressive thickness running down the right side of Slade’s jeans. He looked up at the taller man. “Jesus, that’s a beauty Slade.”
“And believe me it’s all yours and your boyfriend’s,” he moaned, rubbing harder. He was going to come in his pants before they ever got out of the break room. Colt was dangerous to Slade’s sanity.
“Then that’s all we want,” Colt replied. “We want a little fun and games and I can’t promise you anything other than one unbelievable night, but we’ll sure as hell make it count.”
“Wow. Okay, well when?” Slade knew he sounded like a needy little bastard but he’d waited a very long time for Colt’s ass.”
“How about Saturday night? You can come over for an early dinner and get to know Deuce. Then, if the mood is right for all of us, we’ll do this.”
Slade leaned forward and put his hands on Colt’s hips so fast, the man probably never even saw it coming. He took a step forward and connected their groins as he dove in for Colt’s lips. Colt gasped as Slade took charge of the kiss. Slade moaned and shoved his tongue inside Colt’s hot open mouth. It had been so many years of chasing and now catching was something Slade was going to savor. He fuckin’ loved Colt Anders and felt like he’d just been given the most precious gift of his life. Colt’s coffee flavored mouth tasted exactly like Slade had hoped. He was lost almost the moment their mouths connected.

Thank you Michael for letting me talk about my brand new book. I know your readers will enjoy it.

Patricia Logan Bio
Patricia comes from small town America where people still believe in true love. In a house filled with family, friends and pets, she sometimes laments the lack of time just to sit down and write, though surrounded by those she loves, she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Patricia falls in love with the heroes she writes about each and every time she puts their lives down on paper. She loves sexy men and hates her villains more than the reader does. It helps to hate the bad guys. It makes the story so much richer. She realized a very long time ago that the world is filled with people who live diverse and amazing lifestyles and she tries to capture the beauty of such diversity in her writing.
Patricia has had a diverse career life. She’s been a jeweler, an AIDS hospice nurse and a “dreaded” mortgage broker. She hopes that the various walks of life she’s taken come out in her work. A busy mother of four and a “stage mom” for her youngest, she always seems to be in motion.
Come join Patricia Logan on her Face Book page!/ploganauthor or blog at or write to her at She’d love to hear from you and will respond to all emails

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Awesome Patty! Thanks so much for being a guest.

Hot story, right? You know you want to buy the antho but seriously, if you comment, you can win a copy. You have till Monday!

We're going to take a break from the antho to welcome Andrew Grey to the blog for Friday but Sue and Sammy Jo will be back to close out the weekend. Hope you'll join us!


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