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Day 4 Chasing the Dream Sammy Jo Hunt


Welcome back to our Chasing the Dream promo.

Today, I welcome back fabulous author and friend, Sammy Jo Hunt. I adored her story The Soul Awakening. A hot vampire story always appeals to me.

Please give her your attention!

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Thanks for having us here, Michael. For our anthology, my story contribution is entitled The Soul Awakening. It’s an old-school vampire romance combined with erotic love scenes and vivid imagery, all in the male/male genre. It’s a reflection of my love of black and white vamp movies from the 1950s and ‘60s. In this case, the characters are inspired by traditional vampires and lore, but with the sexy, dark good looks of men such as Pierce Brosnan or Adam Lambert. I think there’s nothing better than a hot, gay vampire.
As a kid, I grew up watching old horror movies on Saturday afternoon movie matinees during my adolescence. It’s definitely a departure from the modern pop culture we’re so familiar with now, which revolves around vampires  in such a popular fashion today. Call me odd, but even though the series are well done, I generally don’t follow such programming as Vampire Diaries or Twilight. They’re less appealing to me than the shows I grew up with, such as Dark Shadows. Remember that one? I absolutely loved Jonathon, the elegant, gentleman vampire. For me, that’s the type of story I gravitate towards. Hence, the resulting story written for our anthology is a little along those lines. It’s serious, dark, a little gritty, and heavily romantic. I truly hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the official blurb:

“While on promotional tour across Europe, Michael Nolan’s rental car encounters engine trouble and leaves him stranded in the dead of night. The offer of help from a tall dark stranger sets him upon a life-altering course of events. It could lead to love…but more likely, his own private hell.”

Mature – Adult Excerpt:
Zandor guided Michael beside the bed and began to undress him, leisurely taking his time and enjoying the blush that crept into Michael's cheeks. That dreamlike quality still lingered, and before Michael knew what had happened, Zandor was pressing their nude bodies against the pillows, the slippery satin of deep red sheets sliding against their skin. It was the perfect seduction, and Michael had no will to fight against it. His arms snaked up around Zandor's neck, drawing him down on top of him, the firm, comforting weight of his body and cool skin sending shivers along Michael's overheated flesh. Feeling feverish with need, he sighed deeply and opened his legs wide. They fit together perfectly.
Without words, they were kissing again, Zandor grinding down into Michael's hips. Their skin scraped as they rubbed against each other, their desire apparent as hard lengths met and strained. Then Zandor was on his knees, angling himself down inside and pushing deep within. Michael's breath caught hard in his chest. It hurt, and felt incredible, a kaleidoscope of color exploding behind his eyes as he was filled full of huge, pulsing cock. Michael wrapped his legs tightly around Zandor's back, and then the man settled himself down on top, rocking their bodies together in a slow dance of intense rapture.
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You can find SammyJo Hunt at the following websites:
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Thank you SJ Hunt for that blogpost. Hot story, right? Now, again, you can buy it  or you can comment a win a copy! All you have to do is leave your email address in the comments and you are entered.

Winner will be notified on Monday.

Hope you enjoyed. Please join us tomorrow for the final post from awesome author Sue Brown.


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:D Thanks for the visit Lisa and thanks SJ for the fab post!

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Wow! what a fantastic excerpt! I have the book on my Kindle and can't wait to read it. All the best with it.

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Mmmm the blurb sounds super hot. Its always those dark strangers I tell ya.

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I like the sound of 'a tall dark stranger'...thanks for the excerpt and the giveaway :-)


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Thanks for having us here this week Michael! Great to visit with you again.

Also pleased you enjoyed the excerpt, and I'm so glad you liked all of our stories!

Best of luck to all those entered in the drawing!

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Wow seriously steamy stuff :-) definitely on my TBR list!

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I definitely need the rest of this story!!!!!

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Aww, thank you ladies! Hope you'll check out the book. My story isn't the only hot one. ;)

Hugs & thanks for stopping by!


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Holy Hell! that was deliciously HOT!!! I will defiantly be adding this to my reading list!

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Looking forward to checking these stories out.

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Oh! Is there still time?
If so i'd like to enter for chance to win this book! The blurb sounds awesome! :)