Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Read Friday

Good morning fans!

Wow, this is different. A Friday without Mi Familia being posted. Whew. 

Not saying i'm not going to do anymore free reads though because I love them and think they're an excellent source of entertainment for fans of whatever genre they like to read.

The wonderful thing is, I have bunches of stories that have never seen the light of day as well as some that I have on sites like Literotica, Every Night Erotica, or GayDemon that are pretty popular and won't be published in any books.

Today, I'm bringing you an old favorite. It's my only story on ENE called Conserving Energy which was also entered into the Literotica contest for Earth Day reads but it didn't make the last cut.

Still, a pretty good story.

Starting next week, I'll be doing a prompt and a pic for my free reads. I had one ready for this week but no story yet. LOL i'm busy finishing up, My Sexy Vampire. 

As far as Mi Familia, please have a look at the left if you missed any of it. It will be disappearing in about 3 weeks since it will be published through XOXO. 

Hope you enjoy my piece this week and make sure you look in on me every Friday for a free read!

Ironically, I used the same two models I used in Mi Familia for Conserving Energy!



Conserving Energy

Every Sunday morning, Adrian and I took advantage of our only day off during the week. Since he works at a major hardware retailer and I'm a contractor who usually has projects Monday through Saturday, this was the only time we had alone without interruption.

For a change of pace, I suggested we spend the day out of bed to enjoy the great weather outside.

“David, I know it’s gorgeous out but I had other plans for us sweetheart.” Slightly, he frowned, as he rubbed my biceps.

“Adrian, it is springtime. We’ve been cooped up all winter in here. It’s time to get outside and throw things on the grill, play Frisbee…” 

That minute he put his finger on my mouth.

“Say no more nature boy. I know once you get worked up, there is no way to change your mind.” His expression softened as his hazels met my blues.

I knew he would give in…

“Besides baby, it’s too early to run the air and the breeze is perfect. Saves money and energy…”

“Okay Mr. Infomercial I get it. What are we cookin’ on the grill and are we inviting people over?” Adrian pinched my sides.

While I flinched under his touch, “No baby, no one but us today.” I enveloped his lips with mine. “Steak, maybe a little kabob and corn?”

“Okay, sounds good. I guess I'm on my way to the store.” He smiled.

Again, we kissed before he headed for the door. Excited, I went into the kitchen to start preparing the food we had.


About an hour after Adrian got back, I finally got the grill to stay lit. We were outside on the patio underneath the umbrella seasoning the steaks and chicken he had bought.

“This is gonna be really good.” I muttered while shaking pepper over the meat.

Just as I went to put it on the fire, I felt raindrops on my forehead. Once the third hit my eyebrow, I looked up at the sky.

“What the hell, no way. The weatherman didn’t say anything about rain.” I walked back under the covering slamming the dish on the table.  Within seconds, we saw the rain quicken making the flames go out.

“Shit! After all that time trying to get it goin…” I folded my arms watching the downpour from the clouds.

Adrian stepped next to me and massaged my neck. “David, even though the fire on the grill is out, there's still somethin’ burnin’ that needs to be extinguished.” He smiled before engulfing my lips with his.

Once we stopped kissing, he led me from under the umbrella onto the grass. While enveloping my mouth, he unbuttoned my shirt before taking it off. Quickly, he moved his hands down to my crotch where I had a raging hard on waiting for him.

“Adrian…I wanna take care of that fire for you.” I whispered.

As he dropped my pants, I pushed his joggers down to his ankles.

“Now David, don’t tease me,” he cooed as I reached around fingering his caramel colored ass.

I chuckled and bent down getting my wallet out of my back pocket. After I retrieved a condom, I put it back.

“Adrian, I’m ready to put out those flames.” I opened the wrapper.

That minute, I picked him up and laid him on the ground. Although the grass was wet and it was pouring at that moment, we didn't care. I knelt over him, stroking my moist, hard cock before arming myself with the rubber.

“Fuck David…” he laughed. I did make him wait a little longer knowing he was hot for me.

I angled downward, penetrating that space between his thighs. “Mmmh…Adrian…shi…” I breathed as the flames within took over my body.

While he wrapped his arms around my neck, he bound my lower back with his legs. “David yes…oh God.”

Seemingly, the rain started to speed up as I drove faster into his tight hole. “Shit Adrian…” I yelled as I continually pounded him into the soil.

“Oh David…damn baby,” he said softly. The steady flow of precipitation collected on my back and shoulders keeping him dry. Even though I was wet head to toe, the fire inside me was burning out of control; my groin ached, needing to release.

“Oh, Adrian. Yes.” One last thrust and my seed spilled into that latex barrier that separated us.

“Baby…uh…shi…” Adrian’s dick shot several blotches on his skin and mine as we slowed down.

After he trembled a minute more, I ran my finger through the puddle on his stomach tasting it. “Mmm… passion juice.” I smiled down at him as he stared at me with a look of pleasure on his face.

Adrian laughed and waved his arms telling me to come closer. When I did, he dragged me into him, forcing his tongue into my mouth, which I happily accepted.

As the water continued to fall from the sky, there in our backyard we stayed relishing in the weather. After all, we were enjoying the outdoors while conserving valuable energy in the most pleasurable way.

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