Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday 13 - Our Favorite Models

Good morning!

Welcome to Michael's where we're doing the Thursday 13 about our favorite Models!

The gals and I along with the head, always find pictures to look at and enjoy putting them in a story. 

We love it, especially when its one we are using for the first time.

This one, Anderson Dornelles, I'll be using in a story about a Brazilian all male love tribe that turns hetero men gay. *laughs* I don't have all the details, haven't even wrote it down, but I do know this one will be in it.

So who have we already used? Let me show you our faves from 13 to 1

* * * *

13. Anderson Cooper - Used in Binding Justice as Gabriel, Sire's friend, most recently in You Dont Ask by BL as the General and he'll be the gay senator in The Incumbent. A story that I've wanted to write for a while and my next story Captain of His Heart.

12. Adrian Paul - So far, I've only used him in African Sun as the new Doctor, Devlin Masterson 

11. Bobby Momenteller - So far, BL has used him in a story called Panties in a Bunch that was recently submitted but as you know the muses love more tales. He will be used in my Brazilian love spell story. 

10. David Gandy - I used David for African Sun as Frederick, my heroine, Sakina's new lover but he is also Dari Kirk in BL's You Don't Ask. 

9. George Clooney - I used George in African Sun as my other heroine, Rhoda's love interest, Philip. He was killed off kind of quickly since he was a double agent. *snicker* His next story is The Incumbent. He'll be Anderson's character adversary.

8. Marcus Patrick - Marcus is in Rawiya's upcoming story, Smooth Like Latte and in a short she is planning on writing called Slow Hand. I know I'll have a use for him too.

7. Simon Lebon - Simon I used as Sire Jacobs in Binding Justice and I use him in Walking the Plank as a pirate. Yar! *grins* It's the beard! He's also in a story Rawiya is writing. A May/Dec story and he is Charlie in African Sun series.

6. Dave Gahan - Dave is the evil Maddox in the African Sun Series, he's also in BL's You Don't Ask. He'll also be in my upcoming story, Through the Darkness I Found Love as a serial killer. *whew*

5. Boris Kodjoe - He's one of our faves definitely. He's in BL's My Lieutenant, he's Derwyn in Rawiya's Masquerade, he's opposite Anderson in The Incumbent and don't let me forget, in BL's You Don't Ask as first in command, Darios Bright. 

4. Jason Momoa - We use him alot! He's in BL's You Don't Ask, He's in Mi Familia as Diante' and Rawiya will be writing him in a story called Rescue Me. We love the man! There are other stories he's been in too.

3. David Taylor - Again, we use David a lot. He's in my new story, My Sexy Vampire, in Vertigo, Mi Familia, BL's You Don't Ask. *Whew* Its the eyes and that gorgeous face.

2. Greg Plitt - I used him in Mi Familia as Vince, BL Used him in You Don't Ask as Captain Morrie Dirksen. Of Course, in A Different Kind of Family Portrait. I'll also be using him in Captain of His Heart as Anderson' ex.
1. John Taylor - Even though he's not the head's fave Duran, he is the number one muse. All his looks over the years seem to fit a story. He's William in My Sexy Vamp, he's my Doc in Vertigo, he's Adrian in Lose Myself, Nathan in BL's My Lieutenant, Matthias in Rawiya's Masquerade, and of course, Parker in My Professor. Oh he;s played many more parts but if I mentioned them all it would take the rest of this page. *laughs*

There are others and if you look through the blog, you'll see them. 

Being a writer is so much fun when you can pick up pictures or gain inspiration from songs or movies. We take it to a new level with picking characters and we enjoy it almost as much as writing. 

Hope you enjoyed this lovely fun post. Be sure to join BL at The Romance Studio and Coffeetime Romance today with the rest of the Rebel crew. 

Have a great Thursday!

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