Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Read Fridays

Good morning people!

Welcome to free read Fridays.

It's been a while since I've done one after ending Mi Familia now almost a month ago, I've been busy working on other things.

Today though, I've got a little fic for you that might continue. Every week I'll use 3 prompts and a pic for the story and see what I can come up with.

I decided cowboy 2 weeks ago and since I'm passing Taming Wild Horses to BL, now I have to come up with my own.

Here's a small fic I hope you enjoy. And if you'd like, send me some prompts and pics, even though I have plenty. I'd love the challenge to come up with something new based on what you send.

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Prompts Chaps, Boots and A Hose

“Daley, you back there?” 

Daley just finished his morning chores and was cleaning off his boots with the garden hose. “Yeah!” His dick strained against his jeans every time his boss, Greyson, came around him. That old man had so much going for him. He owned a ranch, had money up the wazoo, was a shareholder in the Big Ox Meat Packing business. At forty five, Greyson had all the money he needed. Besides that, Greyson was sexier than any woman Daley had ever seen; long blondish brown hair with a tinge of grey, big brown eyes that looked like huge chocolate drops. Rippling muscles graced his form coupled with long legs that looked amazing in a pair of chaps.

“Damn.” Daley continued to soak his galoshes with the hot water. He took a nearby stick to clean the mud from the soles. It had been awhile since his last screw and he wondered if the old cowboy would give him a try.

Greyson walked in, shirtless with a sly smile and delicious hard on poking through the spot in his jeans. Again, the black chaps fitting nicely over blue denims. Black knee high boots with silver studs on the bottom completed the seductive outfit. “You busy, boy?” The toothpick in his mouth had gotten a work out.
Daley tried his best not to drool. He gave his cock a quick tug and cleared his throat while he came to his feet. “Um, I ain’t now, but I’d like to be.” 


vampiremorbius said...

well written and a good use of your prompts

Rawiya said...

Thanks Julez. :D