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Thursday 13 - Top 13 Albums

Good morning fans!

Welcome to Michael's! I, the head along with the muses, are doing Thursday 13 today and I decided to do my top 13 music albums. A lot of them might be personal faves of yours too, maybe not. *laughs* but these are the ones I'll always regard as my favorites because I could listen to them repeatedly and not skip any tracks.

This album here is the latest Duran Duran album, All You Need is Now.

It's definitely in my tops but might not be in the 13 yet!

* * * * *

1. The Duran Duran Self Titled - One of my faves definitely. It was their first, songs like Planet Earth, Sound of Thunder, Careless Memories, Tel Aviv one of the B-Sides. I love all their albums but this remains my favorite.

2. Depeche Mode  Violator- I love DM almost as much as I love Duran Duran. So many of their albums are in my top but I love this one the most. From the first song, World in my Eyes which is my fave all the way to Clean, a lot of inspirational music here. I lot of their so called commercial hits came off this album. I was a fan before this one but this is my fave. Every song is fab!

3. Metallica The Black Album - I love ones before it but in my opinion, most of their best songs are on this one.  One, Sad But True, Whenever I May Roam. The last album before they lost focus and went south musically.

4. Led Zepplin Physical Graffiti - Yes, its before my time. I wasn't born when it came
out but I love this record! It contains my favorite songs Kashmir, I know cliche but it is my fave and Houses of the Holy. I just love listening to it. I plan to buy it on vinyl one day. I only have it on cassette now.

5. Megadeth So Far So Good So What  - I love Megadeth and all their albums but this one was my fave. Funny thing is, I hated metal back in high school. o.0 However, once I became a metal fan, this was one of the first I fell in love with. The title song, Set the World Afire, Mary Jane, some of my personal fave tracks. Love Dave Mustaine!

6. Megadeth Rust in Peace   - I put my two fave Megadeth albums together because I can listen to both from beginning to end. 5 Magics, Holy Wars, Take No Prisoners, Lucretia! I love this record! *throws up horns*

7. DD Seven and the Ragged Tiger - Oh looky here, i'm original aren't I? I put my second fave DD album at number 7 and part of the title has a 7 in it. I'm telling you, I didn't intend for it to happen that way!

New Moon on Monday, Reflex, Seventh Stranger, Tiger Tiger, I Take the Dice, and Cracks in the Pavement, only a few highlights on the album I adore by my faves. I can listen to it repeatedly on loop and not get tired!

8. Opeth Blackwater Park - I love this album. For those of you who don't know Opeth, Swedish progressive metal is what they're categorized. I listen to this album regularly. It's one of their first and offers so much if you're a big metal fan or not. His voice, his growls. Tunes like the title, Leper Affinity, Drapery Falls, Patterns in the Ivy. OMG, I could listen to it all day! Again, on the loop.

9.Guns and Roses - Appetite for Destruction - I love GNR and this one is my fave. Its too bad the band couldn't survive their differences to still make some great music because this one was their finest. Sweet Child of Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. Brownstone, Paradise City, Rocket Queen. I don't have a song on here that I don't like!

10. Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood - Yeah, they made more good songs before this but it was their tightest album in my opinion. Dr. Feelgood, Kickstart My Heart, Slice of Your Pie, Rattlesnake Shake. Yes, Im an 80's child, yes this appeals to my glam rock senses! LOL

11. CKTC Keep Your Distance - A lot of you may say, oh you're reaching here but the criteria in picking my fave ALBUMS is records I can listen to without groaning, all the way through.

So, you dunno who Curiosity Killed the Cat is? British band who matched up a little jazz, some fab voice, and some kicking lyrics. Every song on this album I can listen to over and over. Know What You Know, Free, Misfit, Ordinary Day. I love them all. They appealed to my softer side. 

12. Death Angel Act III - Here goes my metal side again speaking!

I love Death Angel. Thrash Band from California. They are one of the metal pioneers and are still touring today. Act III was the album that got them some commercial acclaim. Seemingly Endless Time, The Organization, A Room With a View, Stagnant! OMG! BL is throwing the horns. Its definitely in my tops on the listening list!

13. Prong Beg to Differ - Again, my metal side speaks loudest! I love Prong. Tommy Victor's band from NY is an old fave and along with Death Angel and DRI, one of the first thrash metal bands I adored and still do. Beg to Differ was their first, got them some play on MTV. The bastards even took Lost and Found and made it part of Headbangers Ball. o.0

Anyway, this is my fave Prong album. The title track, Lost and Found, Steady Decline, Take it in Hand, Right to Nothing. Wow, what an album. Makes you want to thrash. Seriously, really does!

And that's it! I know others could have been in here but these are the first ones that came to mind. Do you have some I should have put ahead of these? Let me know. The muses and I collectively came up with them so you might disagree. Its cool, leave us your thoughts! 

Hope you enjoyed. We'll see you tomorrow for the first free read! 

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