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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXVIII Final

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Recap: Diante' has tried without success to get in touch with Jared to bring them back together. Has Jared given up on the family.

After a long day of work, Jared made his way back to Geena’s place, worn out from his third movie and photo shoot with Men4Men  studios. He’d done very well with the shots it was his more experienced partner that seemed to have issues. Seemingly, the guy couldn't sustain the hard on needed for the shot even with the fluffer. It took them a lot longer than Jared wanted but there was nothing he could say since he was the newbie.

The sex with this man was okay, not great. He was older than Jared and very handsome. Jared knew this was a big opportunity so he tried his best to enjoy it. The only way he could do it was to imagine it being Diante’ on the bottom which worked.

When he walked up to the building, his eyes met the light browns of his good friend, standing by the entrance. Jared adjusted his bag on his shoulder and blinked. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you mean? I came to see you since you never came back to the apartment. Why did you make promises to do that and not keep them?”
Jared glanced in the sky. “Sorry, Diante’, I just been real busy with work and…”

“Too busy for your friends,” he interrupted.   “We were supposed to get together to talk things out, to make amends.”

“Yeah, and…” he looked away. “We will but I just need time.”

“How much time! You’ve been gone for almost a month,” he yelled and threw up his hands. “Mi amigo, you can continue your work, doing what you love but please come back and stay, okay? I miss you, Jared. I miss the camaraderie between us, how we used to hang out and be friends.”

“We can be pals, Diante’, just let me stay here. It’s better this way.”

“No it’s not!” He shook his head and stomped his foot. “Look, you are so far away from us, working all the time and all, we’ll never stay in touch. I won’t try to force you to be in the threesome anymore, okay, just come back, please. I miss you.”

Young McKnight drew up his lips and sighed. “I miss you too I just think this is for the best. I promise I will be more diligent about staying in contact. I’m starting my life with Geena, Diante’. I’m tryin’ to be a man about this…”

“What? No you aren’t! You barely know her. We’re your family, mi familia is breaking apart! The three of us made a pact to be together, all for one and one for all.”

“We can still be that and live apart, Diante’.”

“No we cannot, Jared!” The tears started to flow down his face. “You are my brother first then my friend. Isn’t our relationship important to you?”

“Of course it is this is why I’m doing this!”

“No, real families do not break apart to solve their problems. They make things right, they go through the good times and bad times together. They stick by one another. I’ve never had contact with my real father, mi madre is back in Mexico, Juan hates my guts and always has. I didn’t have any siblings, the only people I had was you and Vince. No one liked me in school but the two of you. You stuck by me then, why can’t you do that now?”

Jared remained silent, gazing into his friend’s face that was full of moisture. He looked so pitiful, sitting here begging him to come back to the apartment and be a family again. It was true, he did miss Diante’ and hanging around Vince. He hadn’t fallen in love with Geena or anything but he did have deep feelings for her. Could he satisfy both of them by living back with Diante’ and Vince? Would he be able to get over the jealousies being in the same house?

He’d try for Diante’.

The older man leaned forward and took Diante’s arm, pulling him close. Young Morillo wailed on his shoulder and held on to him as if he were a life raft. Diante’ had made some very good points about himself but it applied to all of them. They all came from broken families in one way or another. Jared was the only one that left his because things were not to his liking. He up and left his parents because he didn’t get what he wanted and now he was doing the same to his best friends; leaving again due to the feelings of envy and resentment, not sticking it out and talking it over, making a compromise. Jared needed to stay with Vince and Diante’ to make the family of friends stronger to make up for what they’d lost.

“Okay, okay…shhh…I’ll come back but we will be friends. I’ll continue to see Geena as I want while the two of you are together.” Jared rubbed his friend’s head.

“Fine,” he sniffed. “Just come back, Jared. Be part of this family again, okay?”

“Okay,” he nodded, noticing Vince coming up to him and shaking his hand.

“Dude, are you comin’ home? Please? We do miss you man. I promise I’ll stop being jealous!”

Jared smiled and held onto Vince’s hand a little longer. “Yeah okay man. Let me talk to Geena, alright and get my stuff.”

When he finally let go, he jogged upstairs to Geena’s place, knowing his gal pal wouldn’t be happy about his decision. She’d just need to understand about the friendship or rather the family he had with Diante’ and Vince. It was a strong bond despite the fact it had been tested over the last few weeks and it needed mending right away.  The only way that would happen would be for all of them to make peace between each other and be close once again.

* * * *
To the present…

The sun went down leaving a beautiful orange color in the skies. The cool breezes, the choppy waves provided a beautiful backdrop for the McKnight/Tolliver/Morillo house that sat on the beach on the west coast.

The three men had enjoyed a lovely dinner while they watched the view together and held hands. They’d done this with regularity but because of their love for one another it never got stale.

The family had made it through the trials and tribulations, struggled to be stay close for almost two decades. Jealousies and ill feelings almost broke them apart but thankfully their relationship withstood the test of time.

Their love for one another was sustained and all was right in their world.

Forever, they'd be a family...

Mi familia.  One that defied the norm.


I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for reading. It wasn't perfect since it was self edited. I hope the story was still enjoyable. It will be submitted to my publisher for a book and some parts will be added to it that weren't in the free read as well as a professional editing job *laughs*. Make sure you look for it. 

Stay tuned to for the info.

Thanks you again!


Anonymous said...

It was a very good story. I like how you kept the Spanish phrases/endearments. I look foward to seeing professionally published! Blessings

Rawiya said...

TY very much!

I'm thankful I could end it for now. I appreciate the comments

Anonymous said...

I noticed this story on Literotica before discovering you had a blog. I have patiently waited for the ending of this story. I feel totally let down by the ending. I did my best to keep up with the jumping from the past to present. However, my biggest complaint would be the ending. I feel like you just put something together just to finish this story. I think everything went south for me when Jared discovered he had feelings and wanted to explore his sexuality with Diante. I got that they were friends. I got that Vince discovered that he loved Diante. I don't think you developed the conflict between the 3 friends after that point when they had one night together. It became very messy with Vince trying to console Diante who I felt was so much stronger after the fight. Now Diante is a weeping, crying mess all the time and he's the glue to hold this trio together. Hopefully the published version will flesh out more about how they work to resolve this and return to each other. Oh, and the age issue. They start off in high school and Jared is older. Diante goes off to college and Vince gets a job. Early on I got the impression that Jared was older by a year. Diante and Vince were the same age. Your descriptions seem to keep them teetering around the high school playground. I don't see any sort of growth or maturity in their character development. Overall, disappointing.

Rawiya said...

Point well taken. I appreciate the feedback.

I did intend for it to develop a little better and when I revisit it I'll know what changes to make.

I do really love that you took the time to read it and I hope to make the published version a ot better.

Thank you