Thursday, September 8, 2011

Free Read Mi Familia Part XXVIII

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RECAP: Jared has left, seemingly for good. What will happen to the 3 amigos now?

This is part one of a two part. The second half will be posted Late Saturday Night

Jared McKnight had finally made it to the bigtime, or at least what he thought. Two weeks after his departure from the apartment with Diante’ and Vince and he was already getting offers left and right.

Geena arranged so many connections with some of the biggest in the industry, who looked for new talent. They filled up his head with all kinds of promises, letting him know he’d be the next big star on the small erotic scene.

In that span, he’d signed on to do three straight movies, two bi, and two gay movies as well as a few photo shoots in some of the top adult magazines. Seemingly, everyone wanted a piece of the new stud and of course, Jared willingly obliged.

All this caused him to wonder about the porn exec who talked with him a few weeks ago, informing him to do “gay for pay,” movies. Why was it so easy for Geena to get this done for him as opposed to the other one who had her own company?

The wrong person?

Maybe she just didn’t know enough people. She as part of a startup company after all. Geena seemed to know everyone from agents to stars gay and straight, and she was a smooth talker. Making her his prime agent was the best move he’d made so far in his young career and now he’d be reaping the benefits.

With this newfound busy schedule, he really didn’t have time to reflect on being away from his friends, especially Diante’. They’d talked a few times but in all honesty, he was avoiding the both of them like the plague. He knew if he went back there, all the feelings for young Morillo would creep up again and he just didn’t want that. Jared felt this to be the best solution for all of them right now, meaning all three men would be able to coexist without all the problems that occurred, driving them further apart.

Jared knew someday he would go back and make the peace but for the time being, the separation still remained the best idea, forcing Jared to focus on his career and not the failed attempt of becoming Diante’s lover.

Besides that, there was the new attitude Jared had towards his new partner in business and love. Geena proved to be a great source of inspiration and distraction for Jared as he continued to find his orientation. She solidified how he was still heterosexual with love for only one man, Diante’. 

This was evident when he had his first two gay moments on camera. He really had to turn on his skills to fool the camera, to let the audience know how he was enjoying it when he truly wasn’t. No question he was aroused but in all honesty, only having sex with Diante’ excited him more.

She’d done so much to help him and he couldn’t have been more grateful. Just what he needed right now as he attempted to become relevant in the world of porn. A very competitive and high paying industry.

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