Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome Ashley Marie Lucas

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Welcome to Michael's! Happy to see you here as I intro a new author to you today in a great interview.

Ashley Marie Lucas is one of my co-writers in the Tina B XOXO GLBT anthos 1 & 2 and we will be writing a book together soon.

She's featured today at Rawiyas as well with some info about her m/f story and I'm happy to have her here for a virtual sitdown.

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How long have you been writing?

Three months published. But all my life I have written.

What made you decide that you wanted to put yourself out there to publish?

Another author asked me to help them out and it just went from there.
Since you write, m/m, m/f, do you find it difficult to switch back and forth?

No I believe love has no boundaries. The characters tell me what they are.

Your first published book?

Revenge is best served hot in Tina B Anthology Vol 1

I’m of the opinion that erotica doesn’t have to be real all the time to make a good story, what are your thoughts?

You need the story to feel real to the reader as they are reading it. I think books are an escape but you still need the reader to believe what you are writing.

What are you working on now?

How I got my Pet Zombie it is a comedy PI story.

When creating your characters, do you have models in mind or are they totally fictional?

I just write they form themselves

If you write gay romance or erotica, just how descriptive are your in their sex scenes?

Semi Graphic. I like to walk the fine line.

Recently, a writer sabotaged her career by answering a bad review on a blog. How would you have handled this and do you think authors should answer their reviews?

I have yet to be reviewed but I can say honestly it is their thoughts at the time they read my book, I respect that.

Fun questions pick at least 3

Do you feel that celebs who are gay or bi should come out the closet?

I think it is their choice. I do not think anyone should be forced. Respect the privacy in this area.

For the men in your books, commando or underwear?

Hmm depends on personality, But I can tell you Jamie is commando.

Favorite character in one of your books?

Phoebe she was strong loving and fun to write. If not a little pushy too!

I have facebook Ashley Marie Lucas please add me I do answer fan mail too.

Her post at Rawiyas

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