Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Truly AMAZING Month of August - From the Head

Good morning!

Today would usually be Thursday Thirteen day but in all actuality, I don't have anything to write.

It might be because my brain is so focused on writing fiction and the blog post to come up with 13 wonderful things in one topic is a huge feat.

I don't usually put things like this on the promo blogs, I keep my accomplishments and musings for my Livejournal Taboos and Perversions but I had to share how amazed I was at what I did in August.

This past month I decided to join a challenge with fab erotica author Shoshanna Evers and others in a writing challenge called the August 40k. I'd done this with her in May as well but it was 50k.

I had in my mind to do 2 short stories and 2 novellas in one month. 

Well, I made those goals seemingly pretty easily. By 8/10, I was done with True Meaning Two and by the 23rd, I was done on first draft for The Professor

I also scattered those two shorts amongst my work, along with the free read Mi Familia and my novel series, African Sun. Most of my days, I did between 2-3k but my best day, since I tracked it all was the 22nd where I did 6689 in one day only on The Professor.

The following day, I finished the first draft.

A truly remarkable thing considering I have 2 kids and I'm a housewife. Needless to say, a lot of major housework went undone. *laughs* but I'm very happy with what I did. This taught me I work a lot better with a deadline or a few, *grins* and focusing on one muse means more productivity.

Michael and BL were the only muses at work, mostly Michael since the 2 novellas were his and I'm very excited to see if the hard work will pay off with new contracts.

We shall see. 

Thanks for listening to my rambles today.

Mi Familia will be posted later on today and hopefully my brain will want to do a Thursday 13 next week. 

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