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Free Read Mi Familia Part XXVII

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RECAP: Jared has left Vince and Diante' to live with Geena. Will this mean the end? How is Diante' taking this? Will his desire for Mi Familia be lost for good?

Vince rolled over and caressed the cool cotton sheets. “Diante’? Mi amor?” He opened his eyes and straightened, glancing around the room, wondering where he was. Their lovemaking had been good but he could tell his man wasn’t into it as per usual. “Diante’?” Sighing, he wiped his face and got up from the mattress. The room was unseasonably cool since the weather in San Diego was always different than any part of California. He strolled in the bathroom. Nothing. Then made his way into the living room, only to catch his lover lying on the couch, curled up in a blanket.

What’s he doing out here?

Vince knew Diante’ was still upset about Jared’s departure but he’d told him to just calm down and the man would return. He was sure of it. Jared would never leave them completely. Despite all the ill feelings he knew his other friend wouldn’t abandon them. Somewhere deep down, Vince felt Jared would see the error in his ways and come back to them. Their friendship had taken a big hit over the last few months but they’d all known one another too long to split up for good. Right?

All for one, one for all.

Slowly, he strolled over to Diante’ and leaned down, planting a kiss on his partner’s head. “Mi amor?” He shook him lightly and nuzzled his cheek. “Why are you out here alone? Come back to bed.”

Diante’ turned over and gazed into Vince’s blue eyes. “I’m waiting for him to come back. I called him, we talked, he said he would stop by after a party he was attending but…”

“But, it’s after three a.m. Diante’. I doubt he’s coming over now.” He extended his hand in Diante’s direction. “C’mon back to bed, love. It’s late. Don’t you have to go to class?”

“Yeah but…” he bit his lip. “I really wanted to see Jared so I might cut today. We have to go get him, Vince.”

“Diante’, let him be. He’ll be back. He just needs a few days to let out some steam, clear his head. Just give him that and I’m sure he’ll return.”

Diante’ shook his head. “You just don’t think this is a big deal do you?” The look of disdain on his face said it all. His eyes narrowed and lip crumpled. “I think you might’ve wanted this all along. For him to be gone, leaving the two of us alone. This is our friend Vince.” The tears started to run down his brown face.

“No, I wanted us all to get along and for him to realize how much you and I are in love. Diante’, neither of us want to be in a threesome sort of relationship. We cannot get over the jealousies and to have that, there has to be an understanding between all parties.”

“Yes, and we can have that if both of you would step down off your high horses. I swear…” he wiped the moisture from his face and nodded, “I wish we would’ve left well enough alone sometimes, never got involved. If I stayed gay by myself, we would still have our friendship which is the most important thing.”

“Diante’!” Vince threw his hands up in disgust. “Damnit, I love you. I always have loved you. Those feelings have been there the duration of our friendship and we’re just starting to explore them. What is so wrong with that? Jared has always understood how close we were. The two of us have known one another much longer so, we would be closer. Why can’t he accept that?”

“Because he was feeling left out,” he shot back.

“Diante’, he’s older than both of us. Why should this affect him? It was a mistake, allowing him into our bedroom in the first place, a bigger one you just made by sleeping with him. We’re a committed couple Diante’! We shouldn’t need a third man in our relationship.”

“This is our friend.”

“I get that! But he knew when we first started dating how serious we were. If he would’ve accepted that and not tried to wedge his way in between us everything would’ve been fine. I started with you, Diante’, why is that so hard for him to understand? We can be friends. I’d love to have what we had back! I miss him too but, he’s the one that decided to leave. Neither one of us made him leave. Babe…” He sat down next to his lover and grabbed his shoulders. Vince raked his fingers through Diante’s brown mane, twisting the strands around his fingertips. “I love you, first and foremost. I love Jared as a friend. If he really cares, he’ll be back to at least talk with us, and tell us how he’s feeling. We can straighten this out and be friends again. Just let him be for a while. This is not some kid. He’s a grown man, capable of makin’ his own decisions. Now, c’mon back to bed, okay?” Vince pressed his lips against his partner’s forehead and rubbed them against his moist skin. He felt so warm and the smell of their lovemaking along with his natural scent was quite a turn on.

Diante’ gave him a blank expression and exhaled. “I hope you’re right, Vince. I miss our amigo. I want things the way they were before. All of us, together, familia, you know? That’s all I ever wanted. Maybe, I have went about it the wrong way but my intentions have always been good.”

“I know, but, what’s most important is right here, love. You and I. This family. We, as a couple. First and foremost, I love you and I want to be with you the rest of my life, Diante’, that’s for certain.” Vince rubbed his thumbs underneath Diante’s eyes.

Morillo grinned slightly and placed his hands on top of Vince’s. “I love you too, I just…”

“Shhh…” he covered his lips, stopping him from making another comment. Enough for one night about Jared and his departure. Vince knew in the bottom of his heart, his good friend wouldn’t leave them for a long amount of time. He’d realize what he was missing and come running back very soon.

Right now, Vince felt this too be a blessing in disguise. The separation between them would only help in the long run. Jared would see that he and Diante’ were serious about being together and would back off, respecting their position and get involved with someone for himself. 

Jared was doing exactly that, but how would it affect their future as friends?

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