Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BL's New Cover

Greetings all!

BL has a guest today but she couldn't wait to show off her new cover from Rebel Ink Press!

Here is the cover for You Don't Ask We Don't Tell Book One Basic Training.


Overall Blurb

A gay curious young man who has fell over the fence more than a couple of times is seeking the armed forces to become more of a straight man under the duress of his family. He leaves behind his on and off again lover, Dari Kirk.

At the local recruiters office, he meets Corporal Justin Belvidere who can tell that he’s hiding something. Running away from something he needs. He knows just what training facility to send him to. The one part of the army that everyone knows to be one of the finest and most upstanding platoons in the armed forces but they have hidden secrets.

Captain Morris Dunst runs Army company 9669. A proud group of men known for their tenacity, wit, and strength. He’s produced some of the best soldiers in his ten year tenure, teaching them how to be real men.

That take it all like men.

Cody is unaware he’s stepped into the platoon that makes the gay man realize his true potential as a well adjusted uncloseted male in the homophobic society. Morrie makes sure of that along with his right hand man and boyfriend, Lieutenant Darios Bright.

Cody will walk out of company 9669 with a new outlook and respect for his newfound manhood. The men in the platoon will see to it.

All information in the book about army life is factual while the company itself is all fiction as well as the characters. Its intent is to be humorous while showing the growing pains of a young man as he learns how to accept his homosexuality and the relationship with his lover without fear.

Book One
Basic Training

Book one begins with the introduction of Cody McCayne and his childhood friend Dari Kirk who have been having sex on the down low for a while until they are found out. This scares Cody and he decides to cease their relationship.

Due to the constant taunts and chiding of his father and peerss, he decides that joining the army is the answer for him to “get right” in his words. He thinks this will dispel his gay persona and make him a real man.

However, during his ten week tenure he’ll meet the characters at Fort Jackson of company 9669, the only all gay and lesbian platoon who operate as straight soldiers by day but play and teach at night. This section is run by Captain Morris Dunst and his lover, first Lieutenant Darios Bright.

Congrats BL, my wicked Sister! You're on a roll!

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